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2015-12-29 6:17:04 PM  
Welcome to the final Headline of the Year contest for the Politics tab. These are the top five from each quarter, and after the voting entries I'll list the prelim contests and then a few headlines that I liked tat the end. Vote early, vote often.
2015-12-29 6:17:36 PM  
Dan Quayle's mother passes awaye

2015-12-29 6:17:40 PM  
Chris Christie says marijuana tax revenue is blood money: "I experimented with cannabis once in college. I got so hungry I wound up eating a family of four. Bones, hair, clothes, everything"

2015-12-29 6:17:43 PM  
Soviet propaganda videos from the 1980s erroneously portrayed the United States as an oligarchy where the rich get richer and the poor get manipulated by moneyed intere--oh crap

2015-12-29 6:17:46 PM  
Rock and roll, Houthi coup

2015-12-29 6:17:49 PM  
I'm coming (That's what Xi said)

2015-12-29 6:17:52 PM  
President Obama secretly asked Henry Kissinger to meet with Vladimir Putin, because if anyone in the world can reason with a sleazy, opportunistic, egomaniacal war criminal, it's Vladimir Putin

2015-12-29 6:17:55 PM  
Obama to unveil package on Tuesday. Excuse him while he whips it out

2015-12-29 6:17:58 PM  
Headline: "Hillary Comes Out Swinging." Bill: "Good luck with that; I've been asking for 45 years now"

2015-12-29 6:18:01 PM  
Santorum on the lips of conservatives today

2015-12-29 6:18:04 PM  
Scott Walker attempts May The 4th Be With You tweet, gets burned harder than Skywalker's aunt

2015-12-29 6:18:07 PM  
Aaron Schock resigns to spend more time with family and friends of Dorothy

2015-12-29 6:18:10 PM  
"Senator Franken wants to flip the Senate" Maybe he can convince Jill Stein to run for Senate. Then it'd truly be a (•_•) ( •_•)⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Franken-Stein monster

2015-12-29 6:18:14 PM  
Governor of Alabama's wife seeks divorce, says the marriage is broken but the two of them will remain cousins

2015-12-29 6:18:17 PM  
Rick Santorum warns voters that Scott Walker's wife will make him soft on gays. But don't worry, Santorum will remain rock hard on gays. Rock. Hard. On

2015-12-29 6:18:20 PM  
Texas GOP lawmaker: We can't let Syrian refugees into our state, because our lax gun laws make it too easy to... I haven't really thought this whole thing out. I'm going to shut up now

2015-12-29 6:18:23 PM  
Ted Cruz: "Any president who doesn't begin every day on his knees isn't fit to be commander-in-chief." Well, that's one way to repay the Koch brothers' campaign money, Senator

2015-12-29 6:18:26 PM  
Texas Republican warns that kindergarteners are going to be forced to participate in anal sex. Back in my day we just got nap time, but hey

2015-12-29 6:18:29 PM  
Kentucky governor calls Kim Davis' suit against him "forlorn" and "obtuse." Candidate Drew Curtis promises that, when elected, he will refer to all such lawsuits as "asshattery" and respond by deleting the entire court docket

2015-12-29 6:18:32 PM  
Lawmakers renew push for coal miner's asthma benefit reform. Black lungs matter

2015-12-29 6:18:35 PM  
SUPREME COURT ALLOWS HOMOSEXUALS TO DESTROY THE FABRIC OF AMERICAN SOCIETY by allowing them to, you know, settle down, buy a minivan in the suburbs and be boring like everybody else

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