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2015-12-29 2:49:36 PM  
Welcome to the final Headline of the Year contest for the Entertainment tab. These are the top five from each quarter, and after the voting entries I'll list the prelim contests and then a few headlines that I liked that didn't quite make the cut this year. Enjoy.

Two more subtab contests coming, but they'll be delayed for a bit. So check back in a few hours.
2015-12-29 2:50:20 PM  
Yes it's true. This cast has no dick

2015-12-29 2:50:23 PM  
Porn legend Asia Carrera arrested for blowing twice the legal limit. There's a legal limit?

2015-12-29 2:50:26 PM  
New documentary "goes inside Kurt Cobain's head." Well, that should be easy enough

2015-12-29 2:50:29 PM  
'Our American Cousin' stages comeback 150 years after Lincoln's assassination. Critics suggest you reserve a booth and give it a shot

2015-12-29 2:50:32 PM  
New Pee-Wee Herman movie coming to Netflix, unlike 25 years ago when he was coming in theaters

2015-12-29 2:50:35 PM  
Happy Birthday to Karen Carpenter, who would have been 65 pounds today

2015-12-29 2:50:38 PM  
Justin Bieber says he wants to live like Jesus. Sales of hammers and nails expected to skyrocket

2015-12-29 2:50:41 PM  
Neverland Ranch is now up for sale. Finally, an end to a touching story

2015-12-29 2:50:45 PM  
The audience makeup for Seven Fast Seven Furious was 25% white and 75% "nonwhite," and the whole reason it was a box office smash is because it was so diverse. Because every minute you watch, diverse it gets

2015-12-29 2:50:48 PM  
J.J. Abrams broke his back trying to help Harrison Ford on the set of Star Wars. This is why you never try to lift Solo

2015-12-29 2:50:51 PM  
A few parts of Angelina Jolie turn 40 today. Happy birthday, lungs, liver and spleen

2015-12-29 2:50:54 PM  
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 trailer has arrived, leaving many wondering if Katniss and Peeta finally hook up to form the celebrity couple: PeeNiss

2015-12-29 2:50:57 PM  
Stevie Wonder has ninth child, the second with his current girlfriend, and assures her that he's not seeing anyone else

2015-12-29 2:51:00 PM  
Brian Williams will be staying with NBC, but no longer on the nightly news, considering a move to BSNBC

2015-12-29 2:51:03 PM  
Lamar Odom reportedly opened his eyes, saw multiple Kardashians and promptly predicted six more weeks of coma

2015-12-29 2:51:06 PM  
Toshiro Mifune to be honored posthumously on Hollywood Walk of Fame with star, letter opener

2015-12-29 2:51:09 PM  
Anne Hathaway says she is losing parts to 24-year-olds. Mostly because those actresses have 24-year-old parts

2015-12-29 2:51:12 PM  
Kermit in yet another relationship that's not kosher

2015-12-29 2:51:15 PM  
Christina Hendricks lands boobies-Mad Men show

2015-12-29 2:51:19 PM  
Sex toy company reaches out to Justin Bieber hoping he'll model for a dildo. Summer's Eve threatens lawsuit, saying they've already used him as a model for their 5'9" douche

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