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(San Francisco Chronicle)   Mystery illness among 9-11 rescuers   ( divider line
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2001-12-26 10:17:28 AM  
Inhaling people will do that to you.
2001-12-26 10:25:05 AM  
It doesn't take a brain to figure out that if you inhale that much crap, even with masks on, you're gonna have a cough.
2001-12-26 10:25:26 AM  
Let's see here.......
Dust, smoke, air borne pollutants of various kinds. Hmmmm, what could it be?????
2001-12-26 10:25:32 AM  
More of an 'obvious' than a 'strange.'
2001-12-26 10:25:38 AM  
Another real illness like chronic fatigue syndrome, carpal tunnel, fybromyalgia, etc....
2001-12-26 10:25:57 AM  
screw the mystery illness, i'll take what's behind door number 2!
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-26 10:27:21 AM  
When you work for 12-13 hrs a day around dust and smoke and burning bodies, yes yes I believe you might could possibly maybe get a farking cough!

2001-12-26 10:27:42 AM  
DrDave, know anyone with fibromaylgia or carpal tunnel? Guess not!

I love how they named it the "World Trade Center cough".

I think O'Reilly reported on this months ago... wasn't there asbestos in the buildings? And all the chemicals... and smoke... seems obvious to me.
2001-12-26 10:37:57 AM  
farkina, there was asbestos in the buildings...they got special permission to use it when it was built because it was encased...cept they didn't figure they would be blown to bits.
2001-12-26 10:38:25 AM  
Don't forget all the STDs they picked up from hero-groupies.
2001-12-26 10:38:53 AM  
That sucks.
2001-12-26 10:42:58 AM  
I fail to see how breaking in smoke and vaporised concrete could hurt you.
2001-12-26 10:45:56 AM  
It's all in their imagination. They should just ignore it and it will go away.

Americans from 100 years ago would never have gotten such a dry cough. They were real men.
2001-12-26 10:49:17 AM  
me too, Fb-, meeeee too.
2001-12-26 10:56:15 AM  
seems like there is always a 'illness' or a 'disease' that allways shows up after a disaster or a war.
2001-12-26 10:57:24 AM  
In a word....ASBESTOS! That crap was halfway up both buildings. The upper levels didn't have it, because all the laws on asbestos use took effect during the construction of the towers. If there had been asbestos all the way up the towers, they would have taken almost 4 hours to fall down. But anyway, there was a ton of asbestos dust that got kicked up in the air up there.
2001-12-26 11:04:41 AM  
With asbestos, is it just a one-time inhaling thing that set us up the bomb, or is it long term exposure that does it?
2001-12-26 11:17:17 AM  
a dry cough that "comes and goes".. this tragedy has affected us all
2001-12-26 11:23:34 AM  
I wonder who they are gonna sue.

*cough* i think i have that too. I'll call mine "world trade center television coverage cough". I got it from smoking cigarettes while watching round the clock coverage. weep for me.
2001-12-26 11:54:03 AM  
DrDave, are you a real Doctor? If so, you may want to brush up on the subjects you easily dismissed above.
2001-12-26 12:00:53 PM  
Fire fighters with lung problems!!! Who would have thought??? I have a firefighter buddy and I can not vouch for his source but he claims firefighting does more damage to lungs then smokeing for years ever could. Any stat monkey have anything to throw out in support or to counter this?
2001-12-26 12:24:45 PM  
Patchwerk: The article says they already thought of asbestos, and didn't seem to think that the levels were high enough to cause this. Tests showed asbestos being at high levels only a few times, and they had folks wearing filters.

Still, asbestos is only one of the contaminants that two airliners, two (or more?) buildings, and a few thousand bodies can scatter into the area.
2001-12-26 12:38:06 PM  
damnit, I knew the US army used depleted uranium in the WTC!

okay, kidding...
2001-12-26 12:45:50 PM  
What if one or more of the WTC victims had AIDS?
2001-12-26 1:09:45 PM  
"If there had been asbestos all the way up the towers, they would have taken almost 4 hours to fall down."

perhaps, but most of the fireproofing was in the building's cores, and for years it had been falling off. it is speculated that the impact of the planes knocked a great deal more off the core's walls. the towers collapsed because of the way the floors were suspended from the core. they were designed to be light and thin, and once the fires got going it's this "design flaw" flaw that caused the collapse. of course it's only a design flaw if you're expecting a plane full of jet fuel to crash into it.

as for this cough, what are the chances of a biological or chemical agent surviving the fire and contaminating the debris? that's the first thing i thought of as i watched tower 1 collapse live on t.v. what if the plane was being used as some sort of bioweapon delivery system too?
2001-12-26 1:22:44 PM  
Bunch of slackers.

Stop whining and get back to work.

You still haven't found all the bodies have you damnit?

OK, you're going to 14-hour days, this is gonna take until March to finish!

2001-12-26 1:29:29 PM  
as for this cough, what are the chances of a biological or chemical agent surviving the fire and contaminating the debris?

Extremely unlikely because of the heat of the fire on impact.
2001-12-26 1:36:21 PM  
That is strange. I can't imagine why inhaling asbestos, dust and ash would cause coughing.
2001-12-26 1:51:31 PM  
I've got the runs.
2001-12-26 1:56:09 PM  
in other news a mysterious illness has been found to be affecting homosexual men.
2001-12-26 1:57:14 PM  
In other news a mysterious illness has been found to be affecting homosexual men. Yep.
2001-12-26 2:04:02 PM  
Korzeniowski- Asbestos sucks. Your body cannot absorb it, and the fibers are like skinny little needles. They just move about in your lungs, destroying tissue. Scar tissue gradually replaces healthy tissue in the damaged lungs.
2001-12-26 2:11:26 PM  
Korzeniowski: Just one time is all it takes.

I've had relatives die from asbestos-induced lung cancer.
2001-12-26 4:41:27 PM  
Asbestos is one big government joke. The only way it can hurt you is if you worked with the stuff for 40 years and you smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. If your sinuses work right the asbestos should never get in your lungs to begin with.

Ever notice that government buildings are exempt from most laws. Because most cities would go bankrupt if the had to renovate just one building that had a little asbestos in it.

Its always a lawyer whos behind every new "Sickness".
2001-12-26 5:15:54 PM  
File that one under "Asinine". Imagine all the crap that already lives on NY sidewalks and such, now imagine all that crap getting kicked up when those buildings collapsed.

'Nuf said
2001-12-26 5:46:04 PM  
"still feeling cruddy"...
2001-12-26 6:48:52 PM  
Hoosier you have been smoking something a little more special then I have ever run across if you belive that garbage I can produce tomes on the effects of asbestos... Perhaps you can share with me an anecdotal source or a biased single article published only in teh Weekly world news to back up your claim??
2001-12-26 7:23:21 PM  
Items that can contain asbestos:
Pipe and duct insulation.
Building insulation.
Wall and ceiling panels.
Carpet underlays.
Roofing materials.
Artificial fireplaces and materials.
Patching and spackling compounds.
Brake pads and linings.
Pot holders and ironing board pads.
Hair dryers.
Floor tiles.
Electrical wires.
Textured paints.
Toasters and other household appliances.
Furnaces and other furnace door gaskets.

So where are all the dead bodies? Why hasn't everyone died from asbestos? Because there is a difference between the asbestos found in a home and the stuff used for industrial applications(the bad stuff). Apparently "government gone mad" can't tell the difference.

So you wan't some tiles removed from your bathroom huh? Well thats easy, first your entire house will be encased inside a ballon, the entire block will be evacuated, then workers in space suits...... what a joke.
2001-12-26 10:10:54 PM  
Okay asbestos when sealed nicely is pretty much harmless that I can agree with you on. The problem is not everything stays pristene. The little fibers can flake off and go willy nilly round your sensitive lung tissue. I also notice you did not bring up one source... I am glad you researched this so compleatly and have a wealth of new ideas and FACTS to bring to the debate. A list of products is hardly a supporting argument. Also as far as bodies go not all exposure is fatal and certainly not immediately. facts reports articles please or at least credentials woudl be nice...
2001-12-27 12:31:41 AM  
I have no credentials, just my own common sense mixed with second hand stories from people who worked with asbestos. Stories about how it was treated as an ordinary ingredient in all kinds of products and how workers (with no respirators) would have direct contact while processing it in large batches as a slurry.

Here is an article i found after a quich search. No idea who the guy is but he did quote some Dr's and researchers.
2001-12-27 1:06:52 AM  
12-26-01 10:45:56 AM Korzeniowski

It's all in their imagination. They should just ignore it and it will go away.

Americans from 100 years ago would never have gotten such a dry cough. They were real men.

I am gonna kick your as...oh wait I am gonna ignore trolls for christmas.

move along all.
2001-12-27 1:20:39 AM  
Jet fuel+plane parts+building+human bodies burned or decomposing for days on end+people trying to locate them=strange cough

I don't think it's strange that this has produced a sickness we didn't foresee.
2001-12-27 9:18:04 AM  
Korzeniowski, it depends on how much it is. Often, they replace asbestos from buildings that are standing not only because of the danger if there's a fire, but also because for people who work there the tiny bit of asbestos they breathe every day will, over the years, hurt them. It doesn't harm you to walk into a building like that once for an appointment, spend a few hours, and leave. It's not that different for any type of dust, other types of dust and smoke aren't _healthy_ either. Few people would wear a filter mask if they clean their shed on a sunday afternoon and stir up a little dust once. They might cough a few times during and afterwards, but it's unlikely it will do any permanent harm. Yet people who work in dusty conditions every day will likely be required to wear a mask, even if it isn't asbestos.

The WTC disaster stirred up lots and lots of dust, asbestos, smoke, particles from just about any material including human bodies, and in a very large amount. I agree with most of the other comments, this should be
... also a bid though, those people went through a lot there and I do hope their physical problems won't turn out to be too bad.
2001-12-27 9:21:13 AM  
It's funny that the government is so concerned with asbestos when it's out in a public light. In the enlisted barracks at Quantico (USMC) there's exposed asbestos in all the basements. They say they aren't sure if asbestos is bad or not, that's why they haven't removed it yet. Of course those are just enlisted barracks; they're expendable.
2001-12-27 9:47:11 AM  
They're inhaling ground up human bones.
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