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(Wired)   Scientists to breed fish that change color when water is polluted   ( divider line
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1614 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Dec 2001 at 10:10 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-26 10:14:04 AM  
I thought they did that anyway...

2001-12-26 10:21:27 AM  
Yes they turn green. The will breed a new fish that turns green AND goes belly up.

It's amazing what science can do.
2001-12-26 10:23:21 AM  
And to think we ate German Brown Trout for dinner last night
2001-12-26 10:25:13 AM  
Unfortunately, the color change makes them easily spotted by their predators. It also puts them in horny mode so they aint too concerned either.
2001-12-26 10:43:47 AM  
No more pooping in the aquarium when I'm too drunk to make it to the clothes hamper anymore.

2001-12-26 11:19:13 AM  
I thought that when they started growing 3 eyes and huge amorphous lumps of tumor on them it was sort of a big sign already.

Course, they could always just test the water. Pretty radical idea, I know.
2001-12-26 11:46:29 AM  
Fb-, you seem to be in rare form today. I've laughed at almost every one of your posts.
2001-12-26 12:02:48 PM  
Yeah Fb-, what happened over the holidays? Did you get a gift certificate to pull the switch at the next execution or something?
2001-12-26 12:14:44 PM  
img src=" blinky.gif"
2001-12-26 12:16:01 PM  
2001-12-26 12:20:55 PM  
Wow. They change from Raiders fans to Redskins fans.
2001-12-26 12:42:34 PM  
What this post needs is a picture of those fish from Monty Python's "Meaning of Life".
Hint Hint...
2001-12-26 1:29:45 PM  
Seems a lot of trouble to change a fish's genes.

Guess it's easier than going to the source of the problem of water pollution and motivating polluters to clean uo their act....
2001-12-26 1:48:04 PM  
Yeah, I was just thinking about Blinky from The Simpsons... "And here is pet 3-eyed goldfish, Blinky. Vote Montgomery Burns for Governer."

Guess we shouldn't go to the ol' fishin' hole, eh?

2001-12-26 1:52:47 PM  
This is what trashdogg was trying to do:
[image from too old to be available]

... and slayerswine ...
[image from too old to be available]

I guess I'm the general image biatch today.
2001-12-26 3:27:44 PM  
Thanks Buddy.
I wouldn't call you the general image biatch, I'd just call me "an idiot who doesn't know how to post a picture."
2001-12-26 7:39:28 PM  
That's what the beta release version of the fish do. The full release will spontaneously combust. AND erase your hard drive.
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