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(CNN)   20 Factors to change PCs in 2002. (400Gb hard drive??!)   ( divider line
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8837 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Dec 2001 at 10:10 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-26 10:22:13 AM  
"What's the catch? Like CPU speeds, today's hard drive capacities already exceed most users' needs."

Umm...Daniel Tynan has obviously never heard of Usenet or peer-to-peer sharing, or he'd know that even 80 Gb is not enough porn...

2001-12-26 10:23:49 AM  
Your Notebook PC specs in 2004:
Operating system: Windows

BZZZT!!! Wrong, but thanks for playing.
2001-12-26 10:26:08 AM  
And digital cameras are far too expensive with ridiculously poor features in terms of optics. I'd like to see a $250 2.2 megapixel digital camera based on the canon line of rapid focus SLRs. But no, you have to fork over at least two grand before you can even get such things. They're milking the digital camera market so hard it's bleeding out consumers like me.
2001-12-26 10:26:26 AM  
400gb hd's are alright, but why not just get a raid system? Who cares if it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars right?
2001-12-26 10:29:28 AM  
I think two 400GB drives would do me just fine. Then I wouldn't have to burn movies to CD all the time@!!!
2001-12-26 10:29:32 AM  
And virtual reality still won't work right.
2001-12-26 10:30:17 AM  
no mention of Burger King's LOTR light up cups!
2001-12-26 10:33:33 AM  
i'm with you, Ryuuseki...i think the "3G input/output bus" is more interesting than the higher capacity drive
2001-12-26 10:34:58 AM  
"Hmmmmmmmm......400gb hard drives"

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-26 10:39:21 AM  
I was robbbed. I had the Weeners on this one and it was erased. I'm going to tell.
2001-12-26 10:49:37 AM  
It was CNN. Thanks for correcting my error in posting, whoever.
2001-12-26 10:52:56 AM  
still no food replicater, so who cares? I want computer-generated coffee, and I want it NOW!!
2001-12-26 10:53:17 AM  
Finally something I can put my 316 gig mp3 album collection on!
2001-12-26 10:57:06 AM  
I wonder if, in 2004 or whatever, we are going to look back at this guy and laugh.

Along the same lines, has anybody ever seen those mid 50's "new tech" films on A&E? They talk about how things are going to be in the future, and they are dead wrong?
2001-12-26 11:00:03 AM  
What is this moron saying there's not much call for 400 gig drives? Of course there is. Apart from all the things mentioned here, movies, pr0n, etc, what about audio sequencing? lots of space = v useful for sampling & digital recording.
2001-12-26 11:07:42 AM  
I predict that by 2004 Linux will continue to still remain 20 years behind the curve.
2001-12-26 11:14:37 AM  
all i care about is how fast will Empire Earth run?!?
2001-12-26 11:20:44 AM  
complete crap. cnn thinks everyone runs windows.
2001-12-26 11:29:14 AM  
TheSnacky: It's okay... I'm sure everyone knows that you're all over the weeners.
2001-12-26 11:30:08 AM  
Doesn't like 95% of the world run windows???
2001-12-26 11:36:59 AM  
that's not what I said....they keep changing it....should be entertaining to see what this post ends up saying
2001-12-26 11:42:07 AM  
As long as they bring back the 5 1/4 floppy, Ill be happy.
2001-12-26 11:42:12 AM  
I hereby declare this list a piece of garbage. The 20 factors that will change PCs in 2002 are: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
2001-12-26 11:43:56 AM  
enhale deeply 'cus this guy is smokeing crack.

Just about all of that is already here
2001-12-26 11:51:34 AM  
In 2002, Fark will become Slashdot...
2001-12-26 11:57:20 AM  
8 inch floppy, bayyybeee.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-26 12:07:33 PM  
Data magnet: Magnetic RAM
What is it? Fast memory that retains data even after you've turned the power off.

Now theres a reason to be scared!! What are all these pictures doing in your memory???
2001-12-26 12:17:47 PM  
Acidbuzz: Uh, yeah, that's kind of the point. It's things that are going to come around in 2002.

That's like, six days from now.

And just in general, Intel has already said that the floppy drive is going to die shortly, so this guy IS smoking crack. I think they said that their motherboards in 2004 aren't going to have floppy drive controllers, and I welcome it. It's hard enough to find anything smaller than a meg and a half that you'd want to put on a floppy anyway, that couldn't just as easily be uploaded to some ftp site or burned on a CD along with everything else you're going to need. And if anybody starts busting out with some crap about how "Not all computers can boot off CDs! Not everybody has burners!" Well, new computers in 2004 WILL have burners. Cripes, new computers right NOW have burners.
2001-12-26 12:22:48 PM  
In 2004 1500-2000 dollar PCs and 2000+ dollar notebooks will have 512MB and 256MB of RAM, respectively?
Yeh. I respect this guy's judgement.
$1200 notebooks ALREADY have 256MB of RAM standard.
And why would desktops have more?
There's no reason why a standard RAM complement for either a desktop or a notebook in two years won't be 2GB or higher.
2001-12-26 12:23:49 PM  
Why are all those linux users so damn angry all the time? You are using the OS of your choice, nobody is forcing you to use Microsoft. You should be happy. Don't get cranky because the world doesn't revolve around your choices. 99% of the pc's in homes run Windows. So naturally most tech articles are going to be about Wintel machines.

You crippled your computer and excluded yourself by choice. Don't be so angry.
2001-12-26 12:37:38 PM  

Why do people say "pr0n"?

it's so stup1d!
2001-12-26 12:42:58 PM  
Build your own PC and you won't have to worry about what crap manufacturers are putting in them now.
2001-12-26 12:44:10 PM  
Why do people say "pr0n"?

I dunno, but my mommy can't figure out what it is. When I was a kid, the cool phrase was L8R. Remember that one? We only had ascII porno though, ok, and a little hi-res.
2001-12-26 12:52:03 PM  
Hehe, floppies. I guess "the rest of you" still use them. Anyway, at this point I've even moved away from .ZIP disks. I just burn whatever. The funny thing is people freak out. When I told someone on Saturday I'd just burn him a disk with some photos, he said, "oh don't do all that, I can just get them off the web."

CD spindles cost less then $15 for 50. So burning is essentually free. But people still freak out like you're doing some big event.

And 400GB is a good size for now. Anything to piss off the RIAA. "But Senator, they have these new big ass hard drives and they are storing and trading more mp3's than ever."

Also, why no mention of mp4 in the article?
2001-12-26 12:54:40 PM  
Geez, this article make me feel so small and slow. I miss when the Apple IIe was a kick-ass computer and cellular phones were just a Dick Tracy fantasy.
2001-12-26 1:00:11 PM  
Jakjak- I remember when I got a hardware upgrade to my Apple ][. I think it was a card which upped it from 13k to 16k, and it had a switch on the back for backwards compatibility. It's kind of cool to think about the old days sometimes, like spending hours programming some dumb lo-res animation in BASIC. Happy new year.
2001-12-26 1:13:31 PM  
I remember programming on my Commordore Vic 20 and running out of RAM (it had a whopping 12K). Those were the days.
2001-12-26 1:24:54 PM  
Admittedly, for many "average joe" users out there, today's current computers are more than enough. One doesn't have to be a "power user" to see great advantages from these improvements, though.

My wife has a computer... she resizes digital camera pics, puts them on her website, and plays on the net; today's technology is fine for her.

I work with digital video, 300+ mb PhotoShop designs, etc., and can use whatever help I can get to move beyond today's technology. I've actually bought several 80gb hard drives and use them as "removeable storage" to keep video around for a few months... it's the cheapest thing for the size right now.

I want a computer with several 400gb drives, and a new kind of "CD" or removeable media with MORE space than my computer has... a multisession removeable media with a terrabyte would be very nice!
2001-12-26 1:30:08 PM  
Note to santa:
"I know its your day off and you would like to rest but for next year I really really want a Holodeck."
2001-12-26 1:31:39 PM  
mp4: Who cares about ripping and compressing your CDs when you have 400 GB (or multiples... 1.6 TB RAID *drool*)? You can fit something like 600 raw CDs on one of those monsters. If you really want to compress them, something like Shorten or Monkey Audio will double that number--without any quality loss. Combine that with an increasing number of broadband connections and watch the RIAA load their pants with a brown, sticky substance (not a stick).
2001-12-26 1:33:14 PM  
12K? We used to dreeeeeeeam about 12K!
I had the factory standard 3.5K.
I had so little processing power I had to disable the video display to calculate 2+2! :)
2001-12-26 1:38:21 PM  
Technically, MP4 is allready here, MPEG-4 is digital video/audio compression. You've probably used it at some point if you've downloaded porn or cracked DVDs, it usually goes by the name "div-x" =)

2001-12-26 1:41:00 PM  
There's porn on the internet?
2001-12-26 1:51:24 PM  
Why are these CDs and DVDs and 400-Gb hard drives still spinning with a motor drive?

People, we gotta think different here.

I want solid-state, non-volatile RAM in Gb sizes.


And cheaply.
2001-12-26 2:12:18 PM  
speaking of the stupid terms like "pr0n", what is the meaning of "w00t"?
2001-12-26 2:12:33 PM  

"Yes, Viginia, there is porn on the internet."
2001-12-26 2:13:55 PM  
Interesting how he says what's going to revolutionize the world in 2002, then talks about stuff that isn't going to be mainstream until 2004. And why didn't he say anything about 64 bit processors?

Four years from now computers are pretty much going to be like cars. Knowing the exact specs is nice, and more horsepower is always better, but price and features will determine everything (at least for the average Joe).

I think the guy just got really bored near the end and pulled numbers out of thin air. 128MB of Video RAM? Is that going to be handle the photo-realistic graphics we'll all be expecting?
2001-12-26 2:25:14 PM  
400GB HDs? No way I would want one. I would rather stick to a few smaller HDs. Then you wont lose hundreds of GBs when your HD dies. And imagine how long it would take to run the disk defragmenter. O_O!
2001-12-26 3:07:22 PM  
I might actually be able to fit my whole pr0n collection onto that.

And for those who say there is no demand for bigger and faster hard drives, well, there supposedly wasn't any demand for 2GB hard drives about 8 or so years ago.
2001-12-26 3:12:38 PM  
You are correct fine sir and/or madam. We need soild state HD memory, defragmenting would not take years, access time would be very fast. Porn would be on my computer in the blink of an eye. Oh brave new world with such things in it, I think I will go write a book that is an ad for Ford!
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