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(fnorbes)   Google's 1GB "gmail" not a joke.. I swear... wink wink, nudge nudge   ( divider line
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32536 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Apr 2004 at 2:38 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-04-01 2:40:39 PM  
isThay isway OSay ikelay 3 ourshay agoway....

"Do you has what it takes?"
2004-04-01 2:41:06 PM  
Yeah, and some people say cucumbers taste better pickled.



2004-04-01 2:41:45 PM  
fark gots farked by bea' WHAT THE FARK???

Why not Farked by WEINERS??
2004-04-01 2:42:34 PM  
Sign me up. Now I'll have a place to keep all my porn spam.
2004-04-01 2:42:43 PM  
fnorbes ? So now fnorgby is owner of the Forbes ? Explains why you can only buy the magazine using a $2 bill...

Hail Big Brother!

"Wow, I thought I knew what ridiculous was, until this day."
2004-04-01 2:42:43 PM  

/was chased by a zebra last night so all the antics of today sort of pale in comparison

"So I'm gonna have to jump!"
2004-04-01 2:42:48 PM  
what an odd day
2004-04-01 2:43:05 PM  
It's all part uff a big gofernment konspiracy anyway. Dey gife you plenty uff space to store krap undt den dey go drough it for ze feds et al.

"I'm buying you a pizza."
2004-04-01 2:43:08 PM  
Woohoo! superunproductivity at work
2004-04-01 2:43:13 PM  
w00t! I can't wait for the megabytes of spam to come rolling in. My wang will be 13 feet long within a week!
2004-04-01 2:43:28 PM  
I hope its not a joke. My Email keeps getting filled with Rape Fantasy requests, and I'm constantly having to clean it.
2004-04-01 2:43:40 PM
2004-04-01 2:43:56 PM  
GCHEESE- the dairy coagulate preferred by 9 out of 10 bloods.
2004-04-01 2:43:58 PM  
Heh. 1 gig of storage. If you only have 1 Gig of porn, then you're a slacker.
2004-04-01 2:44:23 PM  
Yeah, yeah.
2004-04-01 2:44:29 PM  
Isway orbesfnay ublishedpay ybay ourway oodgay iendfray orgbyfnay?
2004-04-01 2:45:49 PM  
S|<Yn1gnk b3a7 me t0 it fn()r|)sby.kOm: 1Tz lYCe U W3R3 tHEr3.
2004-04-01 2:45:52 PM  
One gigabyte of storage, accessible from any computer in the known world...let's just put some pr0n on it.
2004-04-01 2:46:23 PM  
I submitted this earlier with know the rest.

/wonders what the filter will give me this time
2004-04-01 2:46:52 PM  
Why do Ah keep sayin' beer evurwhere??
2004-04-01 2:47:04 PM  
I like the Bullz-eye chick on the right.
2004-04-01 2:47:16 PM  
But the website hacked by l33t Gerbils and Traffic Cone Lovemaking were real, right? RIGHT!?!?!
2004-04-01 2:47:24 PM  
don't people know how to type today?
2004-04-01 2:47:35 PM  
Wonder how long until Darwin gets his first new award winner today!
2004-04-01 2:47:46 PM  
What a stupid bunt...

/can't say the letter c

2004-04-01 2:47:47 PM  
leaves room for one big penis ad
2004-04-01 2:48:46 PM  
I really hope dis be not some hoax. ah' duzn't know whut t'believe really. Slap mah fro!..

(Waits fo' de filta' to mangle mah' message)

"SWEET MOTHER OF MYSTERY! What's going on here?"
2004-04-01 2:50:06 PM  
1 GB ???

Will store a lot of p*n*s enhancements options.

/inferiority complex
2004-04-01 2:50:08 PM  
Im confused

/blinks in confusion
2004-04-01 2:50:29 PM  
I'll put $5 of gmoney on it!
2004-04-01 2:50:39 PM  
After looking at the webpage, all I can say is that if someone is pulling an April Fool's prank, they are doing a damn fine job of it.

/waiting til tomorrow to put my name on the mailing list, just in case.

"I like-a-to-say, holy crap!"
2004-04-01 2:50:44 PM  
Yay, jive speak

Hail Big Brother!

"Wow, I thought I knew what ridiculous was, until this day."
2004-04-01 2:50:45 PM  
they call me the sloth (way down in the ghetto)
2004-04-01 2:50:57 PM  
/golf clap for "fnorbes"
2004-04-01 2:51:25 PM  
Slap mah fro!
2004-04-01 2:51:39 PM  
2004-04-01 2:51:42 PM  
I'm surpirsed they didn't have an eMail service already, EVERY OTHER SITE I VISIT HAS ONE (usually run by
2004-04-01 2:51:56 PM  
I'm starting to hate april fools now that I'm older.

Whatever happened to days when pranks were simple, like putting a pipe bomb in your parents bed.....

ahhhhh to be young again
2004-04-01 2:52:04 PM  
Looks like the Mods are playing with filters eh?
2004-04-01 2:52:22 PM ==
2004-04-01 2:53:06 PM  
0mg F4r|{ G07 PWN3D!

In other news, no! iT'S Not April Fool's day!
2004-04-01 2:53:56 PM  

It's opposite day
2004-04-01 2:54:46 PM  
Farkers here is semiotically the link
2004-04-01 2:54:46 PM  
farkin cruel joke. like someone else said.....who doesn't like 1gb of porn storagey-goodness.
2004-04-01 2:55:31 PM  
Luuks leeke-a zee Muds ere-a pleyeeng veet feelters ih?
Bork Bork Bork!
2004-04-01 2:56:27 PM  
I love it! I positively love it!

"Luuks leeke-a zee Muds ere-a pleyeeng veet feelters ih?
Bork Bork Bork!"
2004-04-01 2:56:28 PM  
This will give Google great opportunities to charge advertisers - now when my email subject line is "let's go skiing" I'll get ski related ads courtesy of gmail. Yippee.
2004-04-01 2:57:06 PM  
doesn't april fools day finish in the afternoon or some kind of retarded shiat like that?
2004-04-01 2:57:24 PM  
Okay mods, use the Elmer Fudd filter.
2004-04-01 2:58:54 PM  
Yes, I'll pay $50 for one
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