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(CNN)   $1.7 billion deal will help Coors bring bottled pee water to the UK   ( divider line
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2891 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Dec 2001 at 10:10 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-26 10:18:14 AM  
2001-12-26 10:20:25 AM  
PEE, got that right!
2001-12-26 10:21:48 AM  
Colorado Kool-Aid
2001-12-26 10:27:36 AM  
Mmmmmmm.. pee water.
2001-12-26 10:29:14 AM  
I didn't realize the water was so bad in Great Britain.
2001-12-26 10:30:49 AM  
Ah, Golden Colorado. It always stinks like hops and grain when I drive through on my way to Blackhawk. :) Beautiful town but it stinks...and Coors is a suck ass beer too.
2001-12-26 10:31:39 AM  
And in a related note, toilet paper sales are projected to go through the roof..
2001-12-26 11:18:16 AM  
Hmmmmm...I'm sensing some sort of dislike for Coors in this thread.
2001-12-26 11:28:40 AM  
silver bullets taste like (_._)

because it needed to be said
2001-12-26 11:53:36 AM  
So nobody complains about the misleading title in this article? :D

Carling? I can't think of any good beers brewed by them.
2001-12-26 12:24:27 PM  
Coors ain't so bad-I've definitely had worse. But I'm from CO...
2001-12-26 12:30:03 PM  
Coors ain't so good either.
2001-12-26 12:30:36 PM  
this is true...
2001-12-26 1:00:48 PM  
I can't believe all these companies buying each other. stick to microbrews or guiness.
2001-12-26 1:06:35 PM  
of course I can only really ever afford bud light...
2001-12-26 1:10:41 PM  
Coors is the nectar of the gods
2001-12-26 1:13:01 PM  
Coors light is a great beer. Especially if you are doing some heavy drinking. You are able to drink all day, get plastered, and still not feel bloated and are able to drink more beer!

God bless Coors!!!
2001-12-26 1:51:35 PM  
Coors doesn't have anything on Pabst Blue Ribbon.
2001-12-26 1:53:55 PM  
My friend was partying in New Zealand, his friends wanted to show him a good time. "No, lets not get that shiat Fosters, let get Budweiser!" Other country's impressions of our beers can be quite different...

but that really doesnt apply in this case, as all have said UK has some *fine* beer. Birthplace of the Porter, which I have sang the praises of many a time before crawling home to curse my own parentage the next day :)
2001-12-26 1:57:53 PM  
If you're going to drink a light beer Coors is the way to go. Bud Light is piss. Regular Coors is a waste.
2001-12-26 2:04:10 PM  
I implore, no I command all of you to drink Rolling Rock or any independent brewer and stop contributing to the unrestrained monopolizing of the beer industry. Do not drink any Anheuser-Busch, Miller or Coors products, which constitute almost all of the beer market. If you do not do this, the Beer God will cause great harm to you and yours.
2001-12-26 2:06:07 PM  
"Coors is the nectar of the gods"

Yeah, if you're God is an 18 year old sorority girl.
2001-12-26 2:38:20 PM  
My goddess is a 18 year old sorority girl. But i dont like coors. ??
2001-12-26 4:04:03 PM  
/ \|/ \
| -( )- | ---> the flavor of Coors
\ /|\ /
| | | |
| | | |
I think if goatse_cx had a taste, it would have to be like Coors, which is only slightly better than Bud/
That is all. Sorry, I'm feeling onery today.
2001-12-26 4:04:39 PM  
darned buttcheeks are off. Oh well.
2001-12-26 5:10:46 PM  
i thought it was meaning the irish pop group The Coors

[image from too old to be available]

... think about it
2001-12-26 6:19:46 PM  
Give me vodka and cheap wine...
2001-12-26 7:27:05 PM  
Baden 1,
Mmmmmmmmm, Andrea Corrs
2001-12-26 7:30:30 PM  
nothin better than irish beer, as far as beer goes.

leave beer to the professionals, the irish pubs
2001-12-27 12:07:48 AM  

Golden stinks? So I take it you dont drive through Commerce City on your way to Blackhawk, eh?

2001-12-27 12:13:32 AM  
It's still too close to the Republic of Boulder, either way. Best to take the long way around... Laramie.
2001-12-27 2:45:31 AM  
"Hey Mable,Black Label"!
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