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38304 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Dec 2001 at 4:33 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-26 4:38:57 AM  

finally.. a chance to see the page before its farked!
2001-12-26 4:54:38 AM  
Jordan -> nike -> just do her.
2001-12-26 5:24:05 AM  
Dammit! I think they'd be good boobies if I could actually see them as opposed to her lingerie. I think we need a new tag for boobies links that aren't really boobies links...Something like "almost-boobies", or maybe "boobies...psych!".

2001-12-26 6:16:01 AM  
OK, maybe Im dumb or something but who the fark is Cheryl Ladd???
2001-12-26 6:17:48 AM  
2001-12-26 6:56:07 AM  
Cheryl Ladd was in Charlie's Angels..(the TV version, not the movie version).

lame post...clothed boobies....fark is getting soft.
2001-12-26 7:22:45 AM  
Her mom is still hotter.
2001-12-26 7:24:20 AM  
Cheryl Ladd was the 4th angel....the one who replaced Farrah Fawcett.
2001-12-26 7:30:57 AM  
By the way, here's a pic of Cheryl....

[image from too old to be available]

I'd guess this is around 1982
2001-12-26 7:51:34 AM  

Sir (LOL!) JH is a friggin' asshole!
2001-12-26 7:56:51 AM  
Jordan Ladd had breast reduction surgery at 18
How absolutly disappointing
2001-12-26 7:57:56 AM  
I kicked her out of my bed because she was eating crackers and got crumbs all over the place.
2001-12-26 8:21:28 AM  
2001-12-26 8:45:04 AM  
Why thank you Groucho2. So why am I an asshole anyways? Is it because I am too young to who the fark Cheryl Ladd is? I simply wanted to know who she was, no need to behostile here, damn.... Farkers Gone Whacko!!
2001-12-26 8:55:15 AM  
Rachel Stevens is by far much better looking then the rest of them. --Number 3 on the page
2001-12-26 8:57:38 AM  
she needs a dirty sanchez
2001-12-26 9:03:32 AM  
I actually know her. She's was in "Embrace of the Vampire." A quality film.
2001-12-26 9:19:45 AM  
She's not bad looking at all.
2001-12-26 9:30:56 AM  
Better pics:

And lots of pics of her mom:

Moral: Have babies with farking hot women, and you'll get farking hot children.

That is all.
2001-12-26 9:38:59 AM  
Covered boobies.
The terrorists are getting crafty.
2001-12-26 9:39:17 AM  
nothing special there.
2001-12-26 9:45:05 AM  
Something wrong with the HTML there? I could only get it to scroll down 3 pictures, then it died...
2001-12-26 10:08:30 AM  
I think of it as a great formula. Have babies with a farking hot woman and you'll get another farking hot woman to leave the first one for in (insert your states statutory rape age here) years.
2001-12-26 11:15:41 AM  
Cleffer, if you think waiting until she's of age is the least of your concerns, you should look up the word INCEST in your dictionary. I'm pretty sure you don't wanna leave the Mom for hot daughter you fathered.
Unless of course, your Fb.
2001-12-26 12:02:00 PM  
What's wrong with covered boobies? I didn't even think about that, since I was too busy drooling over the fishnets and the choker.

I love cheesecake in the morning.
2001-12-26 12:15:09 PM  
You gotta have the covered boobies for us suckers who have to work and still need some boobies every once in a while.
2001-12-26 12:18:09 PM  
Jordan Ladd é filha de Cheryl, do seriado dos anos 70 As panteras

I don't know what that means, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean she's 70 years old.

And, I'd like to filha, too.
2001-12-26 12:24:18 PM  
It may be NSFW but it certainly made my day.
2001-12-26 12:24:56 PM  
I'd do her over any of those three "Angels" in the movie.
And I prefer brunettes.
2001-12-26 12:44:09 PM  
From the people article:

"they're not small and I'm really happy with them. I love boobs, I love to look at them and I love to talk about them."

Amen Sister!!!
2001-12-26 2:15:46 PM  
K...ewww! i'm blind!
2001-12-26 3:09:41 PM  
Oh the mammaries!
2001-12-26 4:50:35 PM  
and I quote from the article Understudy submitted...
"They were massive. They defied gravity. I'm a small- framed person so they looked very strange on me. There was no hiding my boobs, it made me very uncomfortable every time I went out. But they came back a bit, they're not small and I'm really happy with them. I love boobs, I love to look at them and I love to talk about them."
2001-12-26 5:15:55 PM  
If when the tag says boobies, we can't have naked boobies, then the terrorists have won.
2001-12-26 5:41:12 PM  
Nice to see the family tradition continue, considering the hours I spent holding up her mom's poster with one hand.
2001-12-26 9:48:18 PM  
Heatmiser: great pics in that first link. shes a hottie.
2001-12-26 10:58:06 PM  
WOW....could do her & her Mom... very nice.
2001-12-26 11:08:39 PM  
Unfortunately it is Work Safe For.
Hot, but... no boobies.
2001-12-27 1:15:39 AM  
its not not safe for work
2001-12-27 2:36:30 AM  
What if your a kindergarden teacher, would it be safe then?
2001-12-27 5:03:04 AM  
She was Night Bird in The Specials?!?! Damn, she's hotter than I thought!
2001-12-27 1:39:48 PM  
What a shiatty link. WE WANT GOOD BOOBIES!
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