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(I-Mockery)   Animated Jesus Xmas card to send to your pals   ( divider line
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4811 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Dec 2001 at 1:28 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-25 1:28:32 AM  
I see no reference to the Great Satan, though.
2001-12-25 1:32:22 AM  
Merry X-Mas Farkers. And a high, and happy new year...
2001-12-25 1:35:03 AM  
I tried to send the e-card but it keeps having an internal error. Anyone else???
2001-12-25 1:38:58 AM  
Save me, Jeebus!
2001-12-25 1:44:20 AM  
Too funny...
2001-12-25 1:46:32 AM  
ah, a Christcicle, my favorite.
2001-12-25 1:50:20 AM  
That is really bad. But in so many ways I think people get so caught up in gifts and lights and that kind of thing that we really do forget the meaning of Christmas and that more or less would happen somewhere if it hasn't already.
2001-12-25 2:30:53 AM  
This is a mockery of Chirstianity and I demand that it be removed....


Oh yeah, oops.
2001-12-25 3:30:49 AM  
Anyone check out the wallpaper version? Looks nice
2001-12-25 4:55:55 AM  
yeah Nib, it's now my wallpaper at work. Let's see how long before I get in trouble for it.
2001-12-25 8:25:03 AM  

Geeze, I'm so sick and tired of all the Christian-bashing on Fark. That is not funny and very offensive. I demand it be removed this instant! This web-site should be run exactly the way I desire!


I WILL YOU IN HELL!! ........ from heaven.

(etc, etc, along the lines of 'I am dedicated reader, who was very much enjoying the frequent headlines of mockery, right up until someone decided to make fun of MY dumbass beliefs')

Just thought I'd say it before some other moron does.

Yes, I said other.
2001-12-25 8:26:26 AM  
errr... meant to say "I WILL SEE YOU..."
2001-12-25 9:32:48 AM  
isn't this more of an Easter card? Tha baby Jesus in a manger leading santa's sleigh with a Rudolph nose would be more on the mark, I reckon.
2001-12-25 10:27:48 AM  
why has nobody submitted the "fark the skull of Christ" picture, yet? It's Christmas you lazy farkers!
2001-12-25 11:01:32 AM  
What does this have to do with Christmas? I don't see a $ anywhere.
2001-12-25 11:02:46 AM  
hah....hah...yea..funny stuff you guyz are so...incredibly funny..Lucky 4 you Im not GOD cuz if I was Id blast you farkers to the farkin moon if I saw somthin like that of me.Be grateful that GOD came down and died on the cross so yall could continue bathing in your disgusting sin like you are with that incredibly distasteful pic. Merry farkin Chrsitmas ya farkin morons
2001-12-25 11:03:45 AM  
Oh and a Happy New Year!;)
2001-12-25 11:25:23 AM  
I just assume that god has quite a sense of humor. I mean, look at the platypus, and if we are made is god's image, and we are mocking everyone, then that must mean god would be mocking people behind their back as well.
In fact, if he were here, he'd probably submit his picture for a photoshop contest, just to see what we'd do with it.
(Obviously if god were here on earth, he would be a Farker)
2001-12-25 11:39:16 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-25 2:16:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-25 3:50:47 PM  
Finally, a card that shows the true spirit of Christmas!
2001-12-25 6:27:42 PM  
subtle. But my favorite is the interactive Jesus Dress Up, now with Santa outfit and Cat in the Hat hat --

I printed this up in my office in Dallas (Texas is the "buckle" of the bible belt) as a protest last year and didnt get beat. Ah, well.

- j
2001-12-25 6:36:44 PM  
That one's old, isn't it? I thought I saw it last year. Oh, well. I've got all year to make some of my own so I can earn my right to biatch about "no new material." There are few things as fun as mocking a religion so bad, I'm pretty sure God Himself hates it.
2001-12-26 12:12:23 AM  
Scraping-Fetus: Isn't that Barry Manilow's new album?
2001-12-26 12:32:03 AM  
Heheh, yeah, this is an old card we did, but there's always people who haven't seen it. Glad people still enjoying sending it out on the holidays. I've been working on a huge new NES parody flash game, so that's pretty much taking up all my flash time these days. Maybe once I'm done with the game I'll work with the artist and do some more animated flash cards for other holidays. And Scraping-Fetus, that pic rules.

Happy Holidays to all of you FARKing bastards!
2001-12-26 11:01:59 AM  
This is what it's all about. A very funny card, keep up the excellent work. If you don't find it funny, you must be Farking mad.
2001-12-26 11:08:33 AM  
Uncle Sam's Uncle:

JESUS died on the cross, not "God". And he didn't "come down" so we could continue bathing in our sins. According to Christians, Jesus was sent so we could be forgiven our sins.

If you are going to bash Farkers by referencing a religion, please attempt to not make yourself sound like such an ass.
2001-12-26 1:08:08 PM  
Nesta: JESUS is the SON of GOD bro, and according to Christianity Jesus and God are one in the same, God is manifested in human form as Jesus but he is Still God. And youre right, according to that religion he was sent so we could be forgiven our sins; which alot of farkers out there take to mean that we have a free ticket to sin as much as we want and then be forgiven for those sins because of Jesus dying for us. Hence we are able to continue 'bathing in our sins'. If you are going to bash this Farker for bashing other Farkers by trying to prove me wrong about something, please do some research before trying to make me look like an ass yet making Yourself look like an ass in actuality.
2001-12-26 9:25:37 PM  
Uncle Sam's Uncle: 1
Nesta: -5 billion

Oh yeah.
2001-12-26 9:48:09 PM  
Uncle Sam's Uncle # of times laid: - 5 billion
GirlWithGlasses # of times laid: - 1. and it was Uncle Sam's Uncle's 4,999,999,999th time Coincedentally!

Oh yea.Hyuk Hyuk
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