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4123 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Dec 2001 at 9:43 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-24 9:46:04 PM  
eccentric nephew? did they get some weird idea from the Shatner Iron Chef (is that still on?)
2001-12-24 10:08:57 PM  
No more Kaga?


... Well, just as long as they don't dub his nephew as they did for him in the earlier translated episodes...

2001-12-24 10:11:40 PM  

Man, I'd rather watch vultures fighting over my entrails than watch Iron Chef. I have some friends who are all into it and stuff, and they made me watch it once. Sounds like farkin' Bubba from Forrest Gump to me.

Today's secret ingerdient is... {fanfare}... SHRIMP!"

I can make shrimp gumbo, shrimp sandwiches, shrimp salad...
2001-12-24 10:16:44 PM  
shiat. For a second I thought you were sayimg he died. don't scare me like that.
2001-12-24 10:19:08 PM  
who cares! we got Shatner now... doh
2001-12-24 10:20:19 PM  
Gunblade : Me too. I almost fainted.
2001-12-24 10:32:46 PM  
takeshi kaga will be sorely missed. by me. and maybe a few other people. yeah.
2001-12-24 10:37:36 PM  
The original was worth watching just for the campy over the top humor. The new show is just lame, no redeeming factors at all.
2001-12-24 10:42:23 PM  
Yeah, I thought that he died. We're trying to get him as a graduation speaker next year. Hopefully this means he'll be free.

And Archfeld, by "new show," do you mean Iron Chef American? Because I think that was just a one-time thing, and they're still making real Japanese episodes. This that they're talking about with the nephew would be Japanese goodness. They've already made 1000 episodes or something... there's a new one on the food network every damn day.
2001-12-24 11:05:17 PM  
This is horrible news.

I am distraught.

The only thing that could be worse is someone
declaring that Santa Claus doesn't really exist.

I must now polish my ginszu knives.
2001-12-24 11:07:44 PM  

2001-12-24 11:17:12 PM  
its not like they're telling you who wins, they're just telling you kaga is leaving, moron. do you really follow the "storyline" of kaga and his eccentric nephew? i doubt it.
2001-12-24 11:48:13 PM  
If that's Japan's Most Handsom Leading Man, I'm forging a SAG card (yeah, like anyone here could tell it's a fake) and get all the pussy nigiri.
2001-12-25 12:10:56 AM  

2001-12-25 12:28:59 AM  
NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Say it ain't so! I love Kaga, he's the only person I ever saw that dressed like a vampire in drag and actually looked wonderful!
2001-12-25 12:58:16 AM  
This could be good for the show, a new storyline to latch on to. When I saw that headline, though, I clenched up, felt tears forming. If Kaga was really dead, it might drive me to suicide.

Watching Iron Chef is one of the few things that make me feel alive. I feel the way one does after taking four valium when I'm watching that show. Crouching Tiger made me feel that way, too, but it never has been a weekly part of my life.

I get really angry when people display fan-like behavior. My family stared at Alton Brown of Good Eats throughout his entire meal one time, and I was humiliated even to be related to them, for example. When it comes to the Tetsujin and Chow Yun Fat, though, I imagine my arms would be shaking and I would want to touch them like some teenage girl at a Beatles concert.

Even admitting that, though, I will never understand these goth kids who say, "I would fark Trent Reznor." That's just going way to farking far.
2001-12-25 1:14:31 AM  
2001's been a pisser of a year. This just caps it all off.
2001-12-25 1:26:28 AM  
The headline lead to believe that the actor who plays Kaga had passed on, you can well imagine that this would cause me great personal grief. Being that I AM the Iron Chef (my screen name says so), you'd think I'd know that first!

I wish the man well, and I wish his replacement all the best too, he's gotta a helluva sequined suit to fill....

[image from too old to be available]

Thank you Chairman, enjoy your legendary status.
2001-12-25 1:33:11 AM  
I have to go with the others on this:
2001-12-25 1:35:36 AM  
I bet it has something to do with all those peppers
he bit into at the beginning of each show.
2001-12-25 5:02:33 AM  

Does this mean you somehow KNOW Alton Brown personally? Because (cue fan-like behavior), Good Eats is the ONLY show on the Food Network better than Iron Chef. That man is my goddamn hero, and if you do know him personally, I am seething with unrelenting envy.
2001-12-25 6:42:17 AM  
No, I don't know Alton Brown. I feel kind of stupid even saying that.

One time, about a month ago, my sister and mother went out to eat and he happened to be at the same restaurant, in Louisville, KY. They bragged about it for a good week afterwards. And they didn't even say anything to the guy, they just sat there and stared at him while he ate.

My family is pretty embarassing, and it regularly generates funny stories, but this was just embarassing. The time my mother yelled, "Squeel like a pig, Neddy!" at the Foster Brooks Tournament was much better.
2001-12-25 6:45:18 AM  
Looking back, that really was kind of misleading. I didn't consider that (people would think I knew him) in my phrasing.
2001-12-25 7:13:41 AM  
Crap, ah well, that would have been sweet. First Wil Wheaton decides to show up on Fark, and then a Farker who possibly knew Alton Brown and had him over for dinner. Too good to be true, I guess.

Think about it this way -- at least your family allowed him to enjoy his meal. How many people would have rushed him and not allowed a moments peace? Of course, if this staring involved a lot of drooling or heavy breathing, then I guess that could have been embarrassing.
2001-12-25 9:16:32 PM  
I thought he DIED!! Sons of beeyatches.
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