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(KRON News) Video Video of the recently discovered giant squid   ( divider line
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5721 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Dec 2001 at 2:18 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-24 2:21:55 PM  
no video of boobies?
2001-12-24 2:29:10 PM  
Squid don't have boobies silly!
2001-12-24 2:30:43 PM  
If you're a NOVA or marine biology buff, this is actually pretty significant.
For decades, whale researchers have been finding undigested "parts" of giant squids in whale caracsses, but no one has ever actually SEEN one of the giant squids. There have been many expeditions to find one.
OK, maybe I'm a science geek, but I think this is cool.
2001-12-24 2:33:54 PM  
Really cool. On one of the angles it looks a little bit like the aliens from THE ABYSS.
2001-12-24 2:40:14 PM  
but this isnt THE giant squid... next...
2001-12-24 2:42:56 PM  
Yeah, I really had my hopes up. Why do you toy with my heart so, Fark?

Damn you. Damn you to hell!
2001-12-24 2:51:10 PM  
Well sure it is THE giant squid, but it's a new spiecies :)
2001-12-24 3:02:33 PM  
Wow! That's a lot of calamari.
2001-12-24 3:04:32 PM  
Cool. Good video. Was wondering when they'd show it. Hey. NotTheQueen, a dead one (fully intact) was brought in by a russian or french fishing crew a few years back. They say it was still somewhat alive when first captured. If it was the french, they surrendered...
2001-12-24 3:09:43 PM  
*furiously searching for giant squid fan fiction*
2001-12-24 3:09:56 PM  
THE giant squid, Archeteuthis, has been seen, rarely, as a dead or dying specimen usually stranded at the surface. To my knowledge it has not ever been observed in its natural state. This guy is pretty damn cool, but it's not THE giant squid.
2001-12-24 3:10:12 PM  
how can i save the video on my hard drive?
2001-12-24 3:11:10 PM  
is it me or is that link completely farked ?
2001-12-24 3:17:29 PM  
We would be so happy, you and me.
Noone there to tell us what to do.
2001-12-24 3:22:20 PM  
Relaximus- thanks for the info! I had not heard that. Cool.
2001-12-24 3:23:56 PM  
i'm thinkin' lawsuit
2001-12-24 3:26:03 PM  
That ain't no squid! It's a big old jellyfish!
2001-12-24 3:30:44 PM  
That was very awesome. Thankyou, whoever submitted that. That is the first time one has been seen alive and swimming, I wish I had audio on this computer(I know squids do not know how to make sounds, but I wanted to hear what they were saying.)
2001-12-24 3:31:53 PM  
It's different. Kill it.
2001-12-24 3:32:56 PM  
Looks like an underwater roswell rod to me.
2001-12-24 3:39:27 PM

ok, ok, it's spelled ArchIteuthis (Archi as in top/leader, not Arche as in ancient).

2001-12-24 3:55:21 PM  
I can't watch that video either. But here's a few more for you to watch!​e​.html
2001-12-24 4:09:22 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-24 4:09:28 PM  
I think we are failing to ask the more important question:

How do they taste?

Some wasabi, rice, seaweed ...
2001-12-24 4:09:57 PM was a lot smaller when i saw it..
2001-12-24 4:11:16 PM  
Not The Queen-

This is Not THE Giant Squid that has washed up on beaches before. That squid has still never been filmed. This squid is something entirely new, with a relativley small body size and huge tentacle length. Tentacle length.
2001-12-24 4:11:55 PM  
Now THERE is the giant squid that ate my monitor!
2001-12-24 4:21:43 PM  
Hehe....he said "money shot" hehe..
2001-12-24 4:48:55 PM  
As Badcircus points out, NotTheQueen and others, this is not the same giant squid that has been found in trawler nets and washed up on beaches famously in the past. This is an entirely *new* species with a different arm configuration.
2001-12-24 5:12:50 PM  
Eerie, the way it moves. Kinda corkscrews along...looks like some kind of phantom.
2001-12-24 5:21:50 PM  
Looks like Moby Dick Man Goo !
2001-12-24 5:31:04 PM  
that would make a cool screensaver!
2001-12-24 5:56:48 PM  
Nibbling at the research vessel, huh? I say these creatures are pure evil, and needs exterminating.
2001-12-24 6:00:32 PM  
Korzeniowski- no kidding. I only said it was COOL.
If you want to be helpful, try harpooning the giant squid Bagu posted instead of other comments! ;)
2001-12-24 6:25:11 PM  
Kick its ass!
2001-12-24 6:30:18 PM  
ok, where is the spaceship of that thing, this is scary !
2001-12-24 6:39:38 PM  
I wonder what it tastes like
2001-12-24 6:55:40 PM  
Do you people have any idea what this means????

Do you???

I implore you, DO YOU??????

2001-12-24 7:08:20 PM  
It's not even a squid. It's a jellyfish. Look at it.
2001-12-24 7:11:20 PM  
Jellyfish, schmellyfish, evil is evil.
2001-12-24 7:19:57 PM  
I gotta question: how were you orphaned? If it's not too personal.....
2001-12-24 7:28:08 PM  
Ned! It's coming right for us!
2001-12-24 7:42:19 PM  
Hytes Xian: You're right, it is too personal. Let's just say I'll never be able look at gaffa tape and pumpkin pie again without shedding a tear, and leave it at that.
2001-12-24 8:35:37 PM  
calimari for everyone!
2001-12-24 8:36:09 PM  
So sorry, Wom. I peel your fame.
2001-12-24 9:54:01 PM  
Close up pic


2001-12-24 11:55:31 PM  
To the hills, run for your life !
2001-12-25 12:36:08 AM  
Hehehe That has got to be the first time I have ever heard a news anchor say "money shot". My Weeners BTW. I stumbled upon this site while browsing through's links section. This is a great site for those news stories you love to read hehe. Happy Holidays everyone.
2001-12-25 1:53:57 AM  
Purty.... looks a lot more like a jellyfish than a squid. Don't squid use their tentacles for moving and well as their bell? This thing looked like it was just dragging its tentacles behind it, as a jellyfish would.
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