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(Billboard)   Most popular albums of 2001: Shaggy, Enya and NSync   ( divider line
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2001-12-24 8:43:41 AM  
I don't buy music, boycott the RIAA
2001-12-24 8:45:51 AM  
I LOVE the RIAA....Oh I dont. Its Shaggy and NSink that I love...Oh damn that isnt right either. Its Enya. Nice melodies but am thinking there is nothing in this article that even remotely is valid in my world. Need.More.Coffee.
2001-12-24 8:53:49 AM  
Ditto what Fb- said. I'd love nothing more than to break the back of the RIAA.
2001-12-24 8:55:39 AM  
Shaggy and Nsync? What the crap?

At least their is one decent person who CAN sing in their.
2001-12-24 8:56:11 AM  
Yikes! As long as the record labels keep this kind of carp copy-protected, then I'm OK with the technology. I still remember when pop music acts used to include BANDS who actually played musical instruments!

As long as the radio keeps playing Britney and N-Suck and Shmaggy, I'll keep listening to my MP3's of Gigolo Aunts, The Shazam, Guided by Voices, Fountains of Wayne, Sloan, The Vandalias, Velvet Crush, etc., and stay tuned into
2001-12-24 8:56:34 AM  
In total, the RIAA certified 327 gold (500,000 copies), 227 platinum (the most in the organization's history), and 243 multi-platinum albums in 2001.

File-trading bad! *grunt*
2001-12-24 8:56:52 AM  
When, oh when, is this downward spiral of musical taste going to end. How could we have not hit rock bottom by now?
2001-12-24 8:57:43 AM  
er, ...not have
2001-12-24 8:59:40 AM  
I find it hard to believe people actually still Buy records and cds???
2001-12-24 9:06:44 AM  
oh, i love buying records, and cd's. i have them all alphebitized in my racks, in my media room i even have a nice selection of 33 1/3, 45's, and 78's. i hope they never stop making records, and cd's. i tried that newfangled napster,dowload off the world wide web thing....and it just seemed creepy. anyway i couldn't figure out how to do half the download things it wanted. i guess you could call me a newbie...ha ha lol. my pride of place records are, of course, all ABBA's in cronoligical order, and all the VILLAGE PEOPLE albums. i even got the indian to sign one!! signed, simply.....I WILL SURVIVE (william)
2001-12-24 9:11:23 AM  

If that isn't flamebait then you are scaring me.
2001-12-24 9:26:43 AM  
I don't mind BUYING music at all....why do so many people want something for nothing??????
2001-12-24 9:38:37 AM  
David Haselhoff didn't make the list? Tsk, tsk...
2001-12-24 9:39:57 AM  
today is just going to suck

2001-12-24 9:44:08 AM  
2001-12-24 9:44:29 AM  
Errk, it's not a matter of wanting something for nothing. It's a matter of beating the corporate music industry at their own game. They've been anally-raping music lovers for years with their overblown prices. Corporations put what THEY want us to buy all over the airwaves. Do you really want to pay $18.99 for a CD only to find out that there is maybe one good song on it? It's not our fault that the bloated music execs haven't kept up with technology. I for one am glad that everyone didn't just automatically go back to buying music from the man after the demise of Napster. Keep downloading those mp3's, people!
2001-12-24 9:45:17 AM  
Most popular albums of 2001: Shaggy, Enya and NSync

Gee, and I thought the lagging sales were supposed to be from "file sharing!" I haven't seen bands this lame topping the charts since... well since "never."
2001-12-24 9:54:43 AM  
Everyone go buy Tenacious D's self-titled, Radiohead Amnesiac and Tool's Lateralus. The only 2001 albums you actually need. Unlike Shaggy, N*Sync, Britney and slews of others, those three bands actually deserve the money. And buy vinyl whenever you can!
2001-12-24 10:00:09 AM  

How about dropping us 2 or 3 Photoshops so we can have something to do? The articles are great (yawn) but the artistic side is screaming here. Not all of us (at least me) celebrate Christmas. I'm sitting here bored shtless.

(In my best Stempy voice) Please, please, please, please.
2001-12-24 10:05:32 AM  
Bigpeeler: thank you, my sentiments exactly, I celebrate xmas but am stuck at work and have already watched like 2 DVD's. I biatched about no p-shops in another thread so maybe we will get results

2001-12-24 10:06:14 AM  
Enya's pretty innocuous in comparison to Shaggy and N'Sync.

As usual, none of the CDs I bought are mentioned in the article. I need to take over a radio station or something.
2001-12-24 10:19:38 AM  
Granted Shaggy and N'Sync are jokes but
Garth Brooks' "Scarecrow" (Capitol Nashville)
is a legitimate artist.
He should be passing The Beatles as the best
selling artist of all time.

Everybody sing it with me!
"I've got friends in low places"
2001-12-24 10:24:32 AM  
Is shaggy that guy that sounds like he is trying to sing with a mouthfull of jello? If its the guy I'm thinking off he is more annoying to me than carrot top.
2001-12-24 10:28:31 AM  
I've purchased one CD in the past three years, and it was from an indie label. The big labels produce music for the lowest common demominator, ergo their sales records. Musical taste is just like anything else when it comes to the 10-80-10 principle.
2001-12-24 10:28:51 AM  
"When Shaggy, N Sync, and Enya are all topping the charts, its a clear indication that music listeners are not listening to just one kind of music."


Reggae-pop. Pop. Easy-listening non-challenging mind-mushing emasculating and largely unremarkable new-age pop.

Oh yeah, I definitely see the variety in the mainstream listeners taste. I see all the death metal, emo, hardcore, alternative country, indie rock, indie hip-hop, etc records topping the charts, too, 'cause the listeners now have "broad tastes."
2001-12-24 10:31:17 AM  
"When the industry has a year when you can mention Shaggy, Enya, and 'N Sync in the same breath, there is a clear indication that Americans are not turning to any one genre of music," RIAA president/CEO Hilary Rosen said in a statement.

Er, strike the "one genre of" and replace with -thing that resembles
2001-12-24 10:37:22 AM  
BigPeeler - there is a new pic on PhotoShopContest with ZERO entries at it! RUN RUN!!
2001-12-24 10:40:55 AM  
Well I just submitted about ten pics for you guys to photoshop...I hope at least one gets up so you can have some fun. :)
2001-12-24 10:41:07 AM  
I still buy lots of CDs. Well I buy them not for me or anything but for the girlfriend. She likes alot of music. I hate everything so I just stick to the same 200 cds Ive had for years, I think this year I bought like.... 1... "new" (as in Cd that came out this year) CD. Tool. That was it as far as I can recall.
2001-12-24 10:44:49 AM  
The last CD I purchased was the soundtrack to "Smilla's Sense Of Snow". Great movie. Awesomely (?) ambient music. Some of it is so dark & spooky it still gives me da goosepimples. Ooh, dere's one now and I'm just thinkin about it. Dere's another one.
2001-12-24 10:52:15 AM  
Manda: You bring up a great point. With 15,000 some Farkers on board, and all the pictures we must submit, if even half of those are even worthy of consideration, WOW Fark must have a lot of pictures on file. 1000's of them I'd bet. I seriously wonder why we don't get more? One every 3 or 6 hours would be nice. If it was crap, or you didn't like it, wait until the next one came around.

And oh, how I wish they could establish a set time for the Photoshop. Say post one at midnight. Then the next one at 6:00 am. Then maybe noon. Then 6:00 pm. Oh what fun. Wheeeeee.

If we knew when they would be posted, I think more of us could coordinate our mundane little schedules better. I can't tell you how many nights I've stayed up to 1 or 2 in the morning waiting, waiting, masturb..., I mean waiting and finally falling off of my chair and onto the cold jail cell floor asleep.

Ho ho ho.
2001-12-24 10:53:49 AM  
I'm with you on the Photoshops... I'm at work and no one is here and I'll need a "diversion." PLEASE
2001-12-24 10:55:25 AM  
In total, the RIAA certified 327 gold (500,000 copies), 227 platinum (the most in the organization's history), and 243 multi-platinum albums in 2001.

Not even counting the platinums and assuming all the golds BARELY made gold (they only sold 500 000)...

If the RIAA made $1 on each CD, they just earned themselves $163 500 000. They probably earn closer to $18 on these new $22 CDs, but I will say they only get $10. Split 4 ways (I can not remember if the RIAA has three or four of the largest labels in the US, so I will say four), each company earned $408 750 000.

That is grossly underestimated, too. If I had to guess, I would say they easily made around $2 billion each.

Wow - File-trading is hurting them!
2001-12-24 10:55:42 AM  
I'll jump in the pool. I' like a photoshop. Sooo bored.
2001-12-24 10:57:08 AM  

Damn mods need to stop censoring comments and post photoshops and funny articles!
2001-12-24 10:58:50 AM  
"I stink of Panda love." - Homer Simpson
2001-12-24 11:01:18 AM  
Looks like it's been just about 45 hours since the last Photoshop.
2001-12-24 11:02:03 AM  
Mods don't post anything. Stupid monkeys. Admins (Drew, Mike, Jeff, maybe 1 other person) are the only people that can 'post' articles. Mods (all the evil fruit bags who delete your precious posts) can't post articles. Learn....
2001-12-24 11:02:08 AM  
"five times platinum in 2002" is that a typo or are the results rigged? and on that note: if the results are of records shipped to retailers then all CD's that end up in the discount bin count too?
2001-12-24 11:02:17 AM  
Fark survey: How many people work for facists and had to come in to work today?

**Raises hand**
2001-12-24 11:02:56 AM  
Uh-oh, now I'm gonna get flamed for using the word facist.
2001-12-24 11:03:13 AM  
I submitted a couple righteous santa/xmas themed pics to destroy in true holiday fashion. Stuff like this leads to drug use

2001-12-24 11:03:57 AM  
Rabb - did you recover yet from yet?
2001-12-24 11:04:01 AM  
I came to work by choice today. I was bored and I'm a contractor -- I don't get paid if I don't work.
2001-12-24 11:04:10 AM  
**Raises hand**

and the great thing is I am an escalation point for my group, 80% of which is gone. Bastards

2001-12-24 11:04:51 AM  
This thread is kinda smelling like the thread last week when nothing new got put up for, like, 6 hours. That thread is an instant classic! Lets hope that something else gets put up soon, or else this thread will take a rapid dive.
2001-12-24 11:05:05 AM  
Javatrees: lol, yeah I think I will live. That was the worst day on Fark until the end when I was clearly pissing people off!

2001-12-24 11:05:30 AM  
I came to work today well... because... I am the boss. I resent the facist remark, Jakjak. You knew it was coming.
2001-12-24 11:06:51 AM  
Rabb - Right on. At least there is nothing in your shoe...
2001-12-24 11:07:00 AM  
*raises hand in shame*

I had to be here at 5:30 in the FRICKIN MORNING!!!

But I get off at noon
merry christmas
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