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2001-12-24 8:43:45 AM  
What a fruit.

"It's, like, what I do," he said. "It makes people think."

Yeah man, like, pass the doob.
2001-12-24 8:44:47 AM  
It's the second coming! Everyone hurry and start believing!

Oh wait, it's just a random guy... whew, scared me there.
2001-12-24 8:46:31 AM  
I'd run his ass down and see if he would rise again in three days.
2001-12-24 8:53:49 AM  
Saw my brother over the weekend (hadn't seen him in a while) Cut my beard to a gotee and let my hair hang (usually in a ponytail) He said, "You look like a fat Jesus"...I got a good laugh out of that!
2001-12-24 8:55:27 AM  
...Jesus is just alright with me. Jesus is just alright with me. Jesus is just alright with me. Jesus is just alright....OH YEAH!!!!
2001-12-24 8:57:35 AM  
Bigpeeler: Eli said "pass the DOOB" not the "Doobies".
2001-12-24 8:57:54 AM  
I think this loser suffers from the Jerusalem complex.
2001-12-24 9:00:11 AM  
once again, I give you jesus (although he pronounces it hey-soos) the lube, oil, and filter guy:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-24 9:05:28 AM  
Here's MY Jesus. Sometimes he walks, sometimes he takes his van.

[image from too old to be available]

By the way. again I ask this question. Why is it that everytime I go to GIS, this idiotic picture pops up? MY God, I typed in "Walking Jesus" and this page comes up.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-24 9:15:14 AM  
This guy is an idiot, or he's suffering from a mental disorder; probably both. He believes in Jesus? Sheeeit, I'll bet lotsa people believe in the tooth fairy, too. But if they dressed up in a freakin' tutu, tights and gauze wings to trek across the countryside, you can bet they'd be locked up in a nuthouse quicker than I can say "nurse, get the Methaqualone". There is no justice.
2001-12-24 9:18:12 AM  
GIS for Walken Jesus
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-24 9:19:54 AM  
..looks like a out-of-work drummer trying to scare up some free grub
2001-12-24 9:26:51 AM  
Besides, I think the mad shoe-bomber looks more like Jesus, don't you?

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-24 9:26:58 AM  
I admire the guy. How many of you guys would do that for your beleif? He is not hurting anyone, and you have to admit, it is obviously effective. It has already caused you guys to think about it. Of course, he does look white, and the "stereotypical" vision of Jesus in the western hemisphere, but irregardless, I say hurry for him. I have seen this guy in my town who goes from church to church kneeling in front of them praying. Now I do not know if he is praying for them or if he is a minion of Satan cursing the church, BUT gotta admire the guy because that is a lot of physical endurance to go walking around barefoot.

ok, time for me to step off of my soapbox, but one more thing, If it is not hurting you, and you want christians to be more tolerant of the issues you ask christians to be tolerant of you, let him do what he is going to do.
2001-12-24 9:39:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-24 9:42:25 AM  
i agree with this guy in your face preaching the gospel, like some bible-thumping southern baptist? No, he's just a guy walking down the road, making you think.

he's doing his own thing, and in the hearts and minds of a lot of folks, its a good thing.
2001-12-24 9:58:04 AM  
i agree with blowfish too. it is a good thing. you will understand one day.
2001-12-24 10:02:59 AM  
I think this dude is pretty cool. He is really doing his own thing, without having anything. I can't see how he walks around without any shoes though, it was pretty darn cold here in VA.
2001-12-24 10:08:21 AM  
I agree with TommyBob who agrees with Bagu who agrees with Blowfish who agrees with Jesus, the guy harms no one.

In this age of liberal "everything is tolerated, everything is fine" propaganda (TV, movies, music, etc), having a guy walk down the street in a robe in fairly inconsequencial.

I often wonder if all the people who espouse anti-Jesus sentiments refuse to celebrate Christmas? Just a thought. (I don't celebrate any holidays so I'm exempt.)
2001-12-24 10:10:23 AM  
Bastards, I asked them not to publish that one.

No really, I have to agree with Blowfish on this one. He's either a nut, a fanatic or just really dedicated. Ya gotta respect that.
2001-12-24 10:14:05 AM  
I celebrate the commercial aspects of ALL holidays. It's better that way. I'm one of those people who actually enjoys going shopping on Xmas eve and so I guess that makes me a consumer sheep or something...but that's okay...Baa Baa Baa, Merry Festivas!!!!
2001-12-24 10:16:26 AM  
"I felt a calling for something much more focused on freedom," he said. "I set out on foot without a coat, without money. Through the people I met, God revealed this type of ministry."

In short, he's a bum. Great scam to get people to kneel before you though. Nothing says you love Jeebus like giving him a blow job.
2001-12-24 10:18:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-24 10:29:32 AM  
WWJD? Walk up and down a highway, like an ass.
2001-12-24 10:42:15 AM  
I agree with BigPeeler. who agrees with TommyBob. who agrees with Bagu. who agrees with Blowfish. who agrees with Jesus.

The biggest complaint I have of Christianity is the fanatics and the propaganda. Any time religion is brought up anywhere by or with a Christian it ends in an argument. One of my better friends and I have completely different personal beliefs. We somehow managed to describe ours to each other and no argument ever came up.

Other than that I don't really care. If you're a Christian who doesn't press beliefs on others, great! As always, don't get in my way and I'll stay out of yours. The Jesus walking down the highway is not in my way.

It's okay to mock him like anyone else, though; even if what he is doing is not hurting anyone.
2001-12-24 10:48:53 AM  
sure could use a pic to photoshop.

[image from too old to be available]

2001-12-24 10:49:06 AM  
SomeCallMeTim :In short, he's a bum. Great scam to get people to kneel before you though. Nothing says you love Jeebus like giving him a blow job.

It is a shame you feel that way about a person who for better or for worse has direct affect on the world even today. Why be so crass?
2001-12-24 10:50:57 AM  
but irregardless

Blowfish, I'm going to have to kill you. But, in this season of forgiveness I'm just gonna punch you in the face instead.
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-24 10:53:30 AM  
I hate when I screw up my HTML tags.
2001-12-24 10:54:36 AM  
Looks like Farkers are hungry for a photoshop! This guy isn't claiming to be Jesus. He's just trying to be provocative and make people think. Strange, that's kind of what Jesus did when he was here...
2001-12-24 10:54:59 AM  
Ouroborus: You make me smile. Plus you give me gas, but you make me smile and that's the important thing.
2001-12-24 10:56:24 AM  
Ouroborus has a problem with big words...sorry bro, didn't mean to hurt your feelings
2001-12-24 10:56:38 AM  
The guy is either goofy or a scam artist making a living walking around barefoot. "Willing to endure cold feet for food." Who would've thunk it?
2001-12-24 10:57:45 AM  
I hover somewhere between agnosticism and atheism, but I think this guy's pretty cool. Who's he hurting? No one. If you believe strongly in something, there's nothing wrong with pursuing your interests - as long as it doesn't harm anyone else, what's the problem?

I know it's cool to be cynical and all - Barefoot Jesus knows *I* am one cynical mofo... but let the guy wander, if he wants to. If he enjoys it, and people are somehow comforted by it, then it's ok by me.

Of course, if someone dressed like Satan and wandered 47 of the 48 continental states, they'd be killed while passing through the bible belt...
2001-12-24 11:03:21 AM  
I hope he doesn't end up with Turf Toe.
Or should I say asphalt toe?
2001-12-24 11:06:28 AM  
Well, since we haven't been "blessed" with any photoshops today...
2001-12-24 11:07:36 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-24 11:10:03 AM  
Thanks, Gregw. That was great! Did anyone see the South Park bit where Jesus and Santa Claus are singing Christmas songs about themselves? Pure hilarity:

"Up on the rooftop Reindeer pause. Out jumps little..ME!"

"Joy to the world, I have come. Let earth receive..ME!"
2001-12-24 11:14:20 AM  
Isn't smiling associated with gas?

No? Someone should tell my (5 month old) nephew then.
2001-12-24 11:18:07 AM for those of you wanting to photoshop
2001-12-24 11:24:35 AM  
i don't wanna photoshop there, i wanna photoshop here, at Fark.
2001-12-24 11:28:51 AM  
You don't fark with the Jesus![image from too old to be available]
2001-12-24 11:31:29 AM  
That's what I want for Christmas, "The Big Lebowski" on DVD.
2001-12-24 11:35:55 AM  
SomeCallmeTim, John_H_Rand, et al.: If he's a bum/scan artists, he sure picked a tough gig! I can think of much easier ways of scamming folks (that don't involve cold feet). Let 'im be... Oh, and Korzeniowski: if someone did want to prance around in a tutu, gauze wings and tights, as long as they weren't holding up traffic I'd let them be too... :-) And for the record, I too am in agreement with the Blowfish crowd... :-) (Well said, Blowfish).
2001-12-24 11:48:20 AM  
Ya know, Jesus was supposedly an albino . I dunno where the whole brown goatee and long locks of black hair came in, but I do recall reading that he was supposedly severely lacking in pigmentation.
2001-12-24 11:49:52 AM  
Actually, Blowfish. I don't have a problem with big words, I have a problem with irregardless. It's bad English.

Bigpeeler, you're welcome.
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-24 11:56:21 AM  
Geddysciple: You're thinking of Michael Jackson. I know, due to his popularity in the 80's, it's easy to make that mistake.
2001-12-24 12:07:05 PM  
Noah is thought to have been an albino, due to Midrashic accounts, which state "his hair was white as snow, and his eyes like the rays of the sun." However, there is a similar description of Christ, who has not historically been regarded as an albino, in Revelations 1:14: "His head and his hair were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were like a flame of fire."

Taken from

So, Jesus WAS supposedly albino, but no one cares.
2001-12-24 12:13:43 PM  
Let me get this straight, he doesn't earn any money, so he doesn't pay any taxes, yet he's fit young man able to walk long distances, therefore able to work and benefit society. What does he do instead? goes around begging for money off people who would be better off putting that money into their kids' educations or into a poor box for the salvation army or to benefit the people who lost family members in the 9-11 atrocity. These people are presumably too stupid to say to him 'get a job you delusional bum'.

In short, this guy is a parasite.
2001-12-24 12:18:39 PM  
Geddysciple: So, Jesus WAS supposedly albino, but no one cares.

Well... Revelation is supposed to be about he future, so wouldn't this mean that he'll come back as an albino, and no onee will care?


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