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29174 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Dec 2001 at 12:28 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-25 12:29:16 AM  
b o o b i e s
2001-12-25 12:29:29 AM  
It's good to see the first link of Christmas was boobies

Go Fark!
2001-12-25 12:30:02 AM  
What? No Christmas Weeners for us female farkers? How sucky!
2001-12-25 12:30:57 AM  
Damn, I cant believe Jennifer Aniston is #20.
2001-12-25 12:31:04 AM  
boobies, merry christmas, that is the traditional christmas in my country, Canada.
2001-12-25 12:32:25 AM  

This boobies site got bounced off the firewall at the office. Is it good?
2001-12-25 12:33:50 AM  

See what I mean:

The requested Internet web site or hyperlink has been denied due to the potential inappropriate content contained within this site.
L'accès au site Internet ou à l'hyperlien qui vous intéresse n'est pas autorisé en raison du contenu potentiellement inapproprié auquel mène ce site ou ce lien.

For further information regarding HBC employee Internet usage guidelines, refer to the HBC Internet Security and Usage Policy.
Pour plus d'information sur les directives de la CBH quant à l'utilisation d'Internet par les employés, consultez la Politique sur l'utilisation sécuritaire et appropriée d'Internet.

If you find yourself on this page and you feel that the requested Internet site should not be considered inappropriate, you can submit the site URL for review to i­nte­r­net*poli­c­y[nospam-﹫-backwards]c­b­h*co­m.
Si le système vous amène à cette page et que vous estimez que le site Web auquel on vous refuse l'accès ne contient aucune information inappropriée, vous pouvez écrire à i­nte­r­net*poli­c­y[nospam-﹫-backwards]c­b­h*co­m pour demander que l'on révise le statut de cette adresse URL.

no boobies in my stocking this year apparently!!!
2001-12-25 12:35:47 AM  
Thats too bad Lord Watson cuz those are some nice boobies.
2001-12-25 12:36:53 AM  
I can't get on the site either.
2001-12-25 12:40:53 AM  
Two words...Brooke Burke....
2001-12-25 12:41:12 AM  
Thank you Santa. I got what I wanted.
2001-12-25 12:44:41 AM  
Hello boobies...
2001-12-25 12:45:13 AM  
At least I was able to get onto the brazilian boobies site.

This girl:

[image from too old to be available]

I'd pay $20 just to suck the dick of the last guy that farked her in the ass.

No kidding. That's probably why I'll never have her.
2001-12-25 12:46:28 AM  
How did Julia Stiles make it in the top 100?
2001-12-25 12:49:16 AM  
Lord Watson: How about you give me $2.50 and you just play with my balls a bit.
2001-12-25 12:57:31 AM  
Britney is #1 ? Give me a break...

Who's this Tabrett girl at #2 ? Cute, but never seen
her before.
2001-12-25 12:58:43 AM  
Britney Spears is number one? We aren't all blind. Trailer trash is only good looking for the first 5 minutes.
2001-12-25 1:03:40 AM  
The Great Satan can show no love unless Alyssa Milano is number one!
2001-12-25 1:06:01 AM  
okay am I just impatient or where there no boobies on that site?
2001-12-25 1:10:08 AM  
I demand the inclusion of Charlize Theron in the top 5.
2001-12-25 1:11:02 AM  
Charlize Theron is stacked like a 12 year old boy.
2001-12-25 1:17:02 AM  
I haven't see any puppies yet, but there are plenty of conveniently wet shirts with women inside of them, standing in cold rooms
2001-12-25 1:18:36 AM,53,4.jpg

HOly crap what a huge and beautiful RUMP! SHe looks like Bobbi Billiard tho,
2001-12-25 1:19:45 AM  
Those damn morons forgot about Liv Tyler, she should be in the top 10.
2001-12-25 1:22:00 AM  
Watson: I bet they are perky though.
2001-12-25 1:23:45 AM  
Nipples so pointy they could cut glass.
2001-12-25 1:25:48 AM  
Boobies don't make the woman, a good personality does.

2001-12-25 1:30:22 AM  
British: And the face of an ambitious transsexual. Joy of joys.
2001-12-25 1:38:27 AM,218,4.jpg

2001-12-25 1:38:45 AM  
Oh great. 'Google' just informed me that ms. Theron already has a boyfriend. exactly how many of these women are single anyway. And if they're not why are their pictures on the net?
2001-12-25 1:52:00 AM  
who the fark is tabrett?
2001-12-25 1:56:17 AM  
Isn't Charlize "Tiny Titties" Theron married to that bonehead from Third Eye Blind?????
2001-12-25 2:07:40 AM  
Jessica Alba should be higher...
2001-12-25 2:08:29 AM  
Someone compile a list of the NSFW ones.
2001-12-25 2:08:53 AM  
Nice, though I have to admit I was a little aprehensive about going to "" to look at boobies.
2001-12-25 2:10:43 AM,3,10.jpg

Aieee! I am undone!
2001-12-25 2:13:31 AM  
Yeah I noticed the rather... disturbing... hostname too, Baxter.
2001-12-25 2:36:17 AM  
ohmygod lord watson. soo funny. I'll never look at a 20 the same again.
2001-12-25 2:39:44 AM  
I can't take credit for that expression 43%. It was regular fraternity parlance when I was in college.
2001-12-25 2:43:27 AM  
What sucks is that Fernanda Martinelli isn't on that site... we should all vote her to the top. A worthwhile cause if any ever exsisted.
2001-12-25 2:54:38 AM  
Ahhh, fraternities and cock sucking. i shoulda put it together...
2001-12-25 3:04:32 AM  
uh yeah.

This is actually from our frat webpage. One of them is still an undergrad and he'll kick my ass if he sees this out in public:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-25 3:05:27 AM  
yeah 43% you're right. Frat guys get the good looking girls to get their cock sucked, and guys like you who probably tried to kiss the girl afterwards got nothing. Next time troll along and bash something you haven't gotten bad dreams from.
2001-12-25 3:07:40 AM  

What frat were you in postafterme...???
2001-12-25 3:14:05 AM  
Alyssa Milano is a filthy slut.She became one during her "Who's The Boss?" years.Tony Danza started her on the path of filthy sin when he had sex with her with his living penis.It has eyes and a brain and a mouth,and can move on its own.It has defiled numerous people,and cast their minds into the dark,shattered abyss of insanity.
2001-12-25 3:18:11 AM  
Those are the same thumbnail pics they use at Chicktourney, at least on the main page... what up?
2001-12-25 6:43:27 AM  
How is it that I don't already know who Jennifer Ellison is when she's clearly supafine?
2001-12-25 6:48:43 AM  
And Christina Ricci's (64) pic looks more like Claire Danes, actualy. :P
2001-12-25 6:55:59 AM  
Peaceboy: You're right, I was lazy and didn't want to have to make 100's of crappy I 'borrowed' some of them ;)

You guys sure do know how to hammer a server, Merry Christmas! :)
2001-12-25 7:34:58 AM  
Britany number one?????? Our society is deteriorating at a faster rate than I imagined. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!
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