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(Yahoo)   Listen to NYPD, LAPD live scanner broadcasts   ( divider line
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4018 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Dec 2001 at 12:49 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-12-24 12:53:02 AM  
Yay! now I can avoid the cops from my DESKTOP COMPUTER.
2001-12-24 12:54:40 AM  
This is cool shiat, you can even download the broadcasts from 9/11
2001-12-24 12:54:47 AM  
hang on, there's someone knocking on the door, no, it the computer, no, its the door????
2001-12-24 12:58:06 AM  
Man To Bad they Dont have the Chicago Police Scanner Because You'll hear an Avg. of 2 Murders A day. So far they have had like 648 Murders As of Last Friday!
2001-12-24 1:02:10 AM  
This is so 1996.
2001-12-24 1:03:08 AM  
Anyone else keeping a tally of how many perps are being described as black/white? 11/2 so far.
2001-12-24 1:03:25 AM  
Hey, this is kinda cool. Love the New Yawk accents the dispatcher uses when she says the Perp. It comes out Pup.
Oh well.

Massa Crass: Where did you find the downloadable 9/11 broadcasts??
2001-12-24 1:06:29 AM  
Did we ALL chose the NYPD????
2001-12-24 1:07:51 AM  
Wow. Now thats interesting.
2001-12-24 1:08:33 AM  
648 is nothing I remember when NYC had 2200 a year.
2001-12-24 1:15:14 AM  
Holy crap! Something finally gets my attention. There's always some twisted shiat going on here in LA no matter what the time of day/ night.
2001-12-24 1:27:02 AM  
If anyone is can listen to the Phoenix PD too....although they will probably be busy pulling people over for speeding.....Yes, I am not exactly an active member of the FOP or whatever its called but hey now..........
2001-12-24 1:33:56 AM  
Sometimes old news is new news to those who haven't seen it yet.
2001-12-24 1:34:08 AM  
it keeps telling me "No Matching Stream"...don't tell me I have to use RealPlayer, do I have to use that hell-spawn?
2001-12-24 1:41:58 AM  
Anyone browse the NYPD site yet? Try downloading the NYPD practice "Evaluation Exam". No wondeer they turn people down for being smarter than the test. Nothing against NYPD, just the testing standards...
God bless those guys.
2001-12-24 2:20:49 AM  
One Adam 12, Jack Webb needs a BJ Roger
2001-12-24 3:14:38 AM  
Framin' OJ...framin' OJ...framin' OJ
-Hey, we're framin' OJ. Are you in?
-But I really like OJ. But you're right, it's just too good an opportunity.
2001-12-24 4:05:51 AM  
Count me in!
2001-12-24 4:21:14 AM  
I find it hard to believe everybody doesn't know of this already.

I was listening to these things years ago.

The DFW air traffic control one was interesting to listen to. Not sure if it's still around or not.
2001-12-24 4:26:15 AM  
yeah... hmmm... keeps saying "No Matching Stream" no matter what city i go to
2001-12-24 5:06:15 AM  
I can watch the real deal on TV, "NYPD Blue."
2001-12-24 7:22:50 AM  
"Ten-Six-Niner Ten-Six-Niner, we've got whores in the city, we need backup now!"
2001-12-24 9:45:32 AM  
OLD news people
2001-12-24 10:06:28 AM  
Check out this site... Lots of cool recordings of 9-1-1 tapes. Pursuits, WTC, even the cockpit transmissions from the Alaska Airlines jet that took a dive in the ocean
2001-12-24 10:09:15 AM  
Re: my above post. Never mind. The asshole has turned it into a pay site.
2001-12-24 11:25:23 AM  
I listen to DPD (Dallas) broadcast quite often, I used to live there and it's fun to hear what all is going on.. lot of uninteresting stuff but sometimes there's something funny.. like '6x (major disturbance), naked male and naked female, fighting, outside' and how about an injured person at a topless bar? I am not sure what kind of injuries you can get at a topless bar, and I don't think I want to know...
2001-12-24 12:50:21 PM  
Here is the Cincinnati equivalent:

Generally not very interesting, but it sure was during the april riots.
2001-12-24 1:57:18 PM  
This link is older than the crust in EVERYone's underwear.
2001-12-24 3:27:35 PM  
"There is a suspicious man with a hump... do you copy?"

I thought there would be continuous talking and arresting :'(
2001-12-24 6:33:44 PM  
Wooohoo, they have San Diego on there. Finally we are getting the respect we deserve.
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