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2001-12-22 07:22:49 PM  
Where's my name??? I didn't see my name on the list. And I love Patrick Stewert even more now!
2001-12-22 07:25:56 PM  
Use the Weeners tag, moron!
2001-12-22 07:29:11 PM  
no shyt! Change that tag to WEENIES!!!
2001-12-22 07:32:41 PM  
Damn, I cant believe I even read that.
2001-12-22 07:33:12 PM  
Walken didn't make the list? This is a dark, depressing day for Fark...
2001-12-22 07:33:53 PM  
Too bad its only 'Whos hung in Hollywood', now if it were 'Whos hung in Fark' my name would take the first five slots.
2001-12-22 07:35:41 PM  
2001-12-22 07:37:01 PM  
So NutSack have you stunt doubled for any of these famous peckers?
2001-12-22 07:37:01 PM  
BAAAAAHAHAHAHAH! Poor Wheaten. Now Walken, I'm a bit surprised. I bet he does have a schlong!
2001-12-22 07:37:11 PM  
Freak Sorry, I'm afraid the first few would have to go to Fb- due to his large amount of offspring.


Sorry, couldn't resist.

That is all.

-Got Spider??
2001-12-22 07:37:43 PM  
What I would like to know is which actresses are tight? Does Gillian Anderson have a tight little coochie... or do her lips look more like sadle bags? This would be a worthwhile report.
2001-12-22 07:39:21 PM  
Gotspider yeah.....have you actually seen Fb-? Go check out his pic on yesterdays photoshop.
2001-12-22 07:39:40 PM  
Ah, another WORTHLESS post!
2001-12-22 07:39:51 PM  
damn there's a lot of people on this site right now
2001-12-22 07:40:34 PM  
Code_Archeologist I would rather not know.
2001-12-22 07:42:44 PM  
WORTHLESS REPORT....Doesn't even mention the king of schlong-Milton Berle.....
2001-12-22 07:43:28 PM  
Freak Why not? I mean there is nothing worse than seducing a Holywood actress and taking her home, only to find that you could probably drive your car up in there and still not be able to touch both sides.
2001-12-22 07:46:28 PM  
Christopher Reeve??? For all the good it will do him.
2001-12-22 07:49:06 PM  
Who really has the biggest schlong in Hollywood?

You guessed it...
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
Frank Stallone!!!
2001-12-22 07:53:15 PM  
I'm afraid I'm a stunt-dick.
2001-12-22 07:53:44 PM  
I hear that Jesus was hung like -this-! (visual aid - hold arms out to sides as far as you can.)

2001-12-22 07:54:34 PM  
I bet Homer is hung.
2001-12-22 07:55:05 PM  
Wot? No Wheaton? ;-)
2001-12-22 07:55:45 PM  
No, David Letterman, NO!!
2001-12-22 07:55:56 PM  
Rise to the occasion! It's Hollywood Loaves!!!
2001-12-22 07:56:47 PM  
OK, well not really.
2001-12-22 07:58:28 PM  
Homer is shriveled up from the nuclear plant. And if those Patrick Stewart stories are true, how did he get away with wearing those star trek tights.
2001-12-22 08:06:07 PM  
where's Dirk Diggler?
2001-12-22 08:11:59 PM  
Code_Archeologist: That is exactly why I didn't want to know, I figure that I will never get to fark Gillian Anderson (not that I even want to) so I dont want to know what she has down there.
2001-12-22 08:12:14 PM  
L. Ron Hubbard was hung like two horses.Really.He killed one of his Scientology fanatics,and had his penis surgically attached to the one he already had.He spent many hours each day in deep meditation and practice,and eventually he was able to control them each seperately at the same time.
2001-12-22 08:12:21 PM  
This whole thing reeks of bullshiat. I bet its just some bored teenybopper reading entertainment weekly, deciding to say all the 'cute' guys have big dicks.
2001-12-22 08:13:30 PM  
Hmmmmm, maybe one of THESE will do the trick......finally

I'm about "this" to giving up on the male species......

Now, which one on the list looks like a good candidate....hmmmmmm, then again, aren't they all??

And to think, they could save a girl like myself from heading over to the 'other side'; Wouldn't that make for a great "HERO" story....
2001-12-22 08:17:59 PM  
Mytwocents You must still be dating guys who think it is cool to go out on the weekends and get so drunk they have to barf out the window of their car (that is if they remember to roll them down).
2001-12-22 08:18:38 PM  
Hey, I'm all for girls heading over to the other side.
2001-12-22 08:21:02 PM  
Kthulhu: Hmmmm...one real schong and one "thetan" schlong...
2001-12-22 08:21:08 PM  
Thing messed up, it is supposed to say:
I'm about "this" holds fingers about 6 inches apart close to giving up on the male species....

2001-12-22 08:22:55 PM  
Q: Who's hung in Hollywood?

A: Ray Combs, that guy from "suddenly susan" and that INXS guy...

uh. hmm. sorry.

2001-12-22 08:25:16 PM  
Actually, I saw "Chopper" last night....the guy who played "Chopper" looked pretty hung to me, or maybe I've been hanging out with the wrong guys.....??

*See post above*
2001-12-22 08:26:55 PM  
And the guy from Big Country...
2001-12-22 08:29:09 PM  
And Milton Berle.....can't believe they forgot him....
2001-12-22 08:29:22 PM  
You have "hanging" with the wrong guys
2001-12-22 08:29:55 PM  
Mytwocents: Size queen
2001-12-22 08:30:21 PM  
Yeah Milton Berle was supposed to have a shlong that made horses become self concious and cross their legs
2001-12-22 08:32:09 PM  
I agree...a WEENIES tag should be added for those of us who don't have'em!!!!
2001-12-22 08:34:59 PM  
I am a stunt cock.
2001-12-22 08:40:30 PM  
SomeCallMeTim Are you suggesting that I am only into guys with big ones? Cause I can only tell you that that is what I hope the problem is....otherwise it's goodbye Christian Bale, hello Ellen DeGeneres.... No, I think I'd go with Gina Gershon, she's way hot....
2001-12-22 08:43:53 PM  
Mytwocents; So what you're saying is I have a chance?
2001-12-22 08:44:53 PM  
My sisters have said the fastest way to destroy a guy is to simply laugh about his size in public or among his buddies.
2001-12-22 08:45:35 PM  
mytwocents -- catherine zeta jones, if i was a lesbian i would be all over that.

and they forgot the guy from men without hats. he should definitely make the list.
2001-12-22 08:47:35 PM  
Well, Dirk, I'm not really into the red headed cross dresser thing.....but hey, I suppose you never know....
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