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(WFTV Orlando)   Fraternity member found wrapped in Saran Wrap, tied to tree, covered in shaving cream and oil   ( divider line
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2004-03-25 05:25:28 PM  
Sounds like a typical night at the frat house, from what little I remember of the drug-enhanced 70's.
2004-03-25 05:34:18 PM  
ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A possible hazing incident is under investigation at the University of Central Florida. Campus police say they found a fraternity member covered in plastic wrap, tied to a tree.

*ahem* once more, incase you missed it:

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A POSSIBLE hazing incident is under investigation at the University of Central Florida. Campus police say they found a fraternity member covered in plastic wrap, tied to a tree.
2004-03-25 05:37:04 PM  
Shaving cream, oil AND saran wrap? Wow, that sounds hot.

Boys will be boys.

I remember the embarrassement of having simulated sex with the jukebox in the student center during my pledge week.
2004-03-25 05:40:45 PM  
Hazing? Nah. This is what happens to drunks who pass out early.
2004-03-25 05:46:04 PM  

/Ren & Stimpy
2004-03-25 05:47:47 PM  
Good times.

Lightweight pussy. Got what he deserves.
2004-03-25 05:51:10 PM  
wow....that sounds very familiar...cept i remember duct tape....hmmmm
2004-03-25 06:08:32 PM  
They say that like there's something odd about it.
2004-03-25 06:18:45 PM  
The only thing odd about it is that there are people who voluntarily subject themselves to stupid shiat like this in order to be accepted into a group of dumbasses.
2004-03-25 06:41:53 PM  

Well it goes to reason, to be accepted by dumbasses you must first have to prove you're a dumbass. Never got the point of frats, had more than enough friends/fun/booze in college to last me years, and I didn't have to stick my thumb up a guys a$$ to have the right to do it.
2004-03-25 06:44:09 PM  
Was he trying to send sappy instant messages to his girlfriend from his cell-phone after his roommate destroyed his computer?
2004-03-25 06:50:06 PM  
Summary of this entire thread:
"I wasn't in a frat. Frats suck."
"I was in a frat. Frats rule."
(repeat ad infinitum)
2004-03-25 07:14:15 PM  
lavaliere?! wtf, was the journalist just trying to show off their vocabulary or something? Just say it was a damn PENDANT! sheesh...

anyway, that whole saran wrap, oil and shaving cream simply sounds like a regular Friday night around my place. This week, twister, wesson oil and vietmanese pot-bellied pigs! yay, and yes my fellow TF'ers I will take pictures ;)
2004-03-25 07:48:59 PM  
They forgot to write "GAY" on his forehead with a sharpie. Then it would have been a proper hazing instead of a bunch of good sports having a little college fun.
2004-03-25 08:35:31 PM  
hmmmph...must have been week three.
2004-03-25 09:18:01 PM  
Phi Delta Theta, that's about right...

The chapter at my school was known for holding 'pledge' fights.
2004-03-25 10:11:22 PM  
You left out the ever popular, "I was in a frat, but we weren't like all the other frats. We were the cool one on campus."
2004-03-25 10:28:30 PM  
Brilliant. How about the "I never went to college and I think all frat pledges are latent homosexuals" one? I just made it up, but it rings so true..
2004-03-26 12:52:38 AM  
Awww come on, "treeing" a brother after a lavaliere is not hazing but fun. Its a price that has to be paided if you're going to do it. The guy certainly wasnt a pledge so whats the big farking deal.

Also there is no point in belittling fraternities.

IF you think they are full of latent homosexuals that have to buy their friends during college, great, they probably are.

If you are in a fraternity and think that its about brotherhood and having a good time and cant understand why people think you are in the closet and have bought all your friends, great, you're right too.

The fact is that every fraternity is different to some extent and everyone is gonig to have different opinions. Attacking fraternities is akin to attacking any group. It basically boils down to a subjective choice by each individual what they want to do with their lives and no one is in a position to tell someone what they are or are not, because you have no idea what is really happening on either side.

Remember, you think you know but you have no idea.

2004-03-26 01:31:04 AM  
I could see where being in a frat could be pretty cool. I went to schools where there were no frats. After graduating (in the 70s) though, I was working with alot of bands that were playing frat parties. They were cool gigs, you never had to worry about payment, and you were treated like royalty.

Alot of the frat bros. though, seemed like they were just kind of enduring it. You could tell they weren't comfortable into being pressured into doing some things (drinking games mainly), but the alternative was living in the dorms. If you're into it though, frats do take care of their own, and I could plainly see why they call each other "brother". I was never in one, but I could see where being in one could be kinda cool.

They neglect to mention in these stories though, that these people always have the option of saying no. Better yet, they could do something cooler that would get them "accepted".

I would say, "hey, I suppose we could tie me to a tree and cover me with goo, but that would just prevent me from picking up the kegs I ordered".

Bottom line, from what I could tell, was that there was no malicious intent. Everyone was hell bent on having a good time, and if someone wasn't having a good time, it detracted from theirs.

/outside observation.
2004-03-26 01:42:23 AM  
Thank you sir, may I have another?
2004-03-26 02:20:48 AM  
The reason, to clarify for those who dont know, that a Brother (not a pledge) gets treed is that he has given away his letters to a girl. Thus to "punish" him, he gets tied to a tree, crap is thrown on him, and his girlfriend has to come and set him free. All of this is done in good fun, and the brother knows exactly what will happen to him when he does a lavaliere.
2004-03-26 04:18:31 AM  
this is not news.
2004-03-26 04:18:57 AM  
How could it have been Hazing? He was a member, not a pledge... Stupid, but not hazing.
2004-03-26 04:21:23 AM  
This news brought to you by the fine folks at WTFTV.
2004-03-26 04:23:34 AM  
When being "treed" does one get to keep their clothes?
2004-03-26 04:27:35 AM  
Fraternities are just a bunch of goddamned Nazis.

/takes home Godwin award
2004-03-26 04:31:58 AM  
I have absolutely no idea what this Fraternity malarky is all about, except from what I gleaned from informative movies involving american college teens going mad drinking "underage" and getting their kits off. You know the movies....national lampoons something or other etc.

We jsut had to decide which pub you preferred to frequent, oh, and if you were a Finance/Accounting student, you didn't hang out with arts students....snobby boring accountant feckers, wouldn't want them around anyway.
2004-03-26 04:33:56 AM  
I hate it when that happens.

/there's one every day, I tellya
2004-03-26 04:43:18 AM  
Except for that "tied to a tree" bit, it sounds a lot like what a friend of mine paid to have done to her before her wedding..
2004-03-26 04:55:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Story reminded me of this classic photoshop.
2004-03-26 05:35:28 AM  
The reason, to clarify for those who dont know, that a Brother (not a pledge) gets treed is that he has given away his letters to a girl. Thus to "punish" him, he gets tied to a tree, crap is thrown on him, and his girlfriend has to come and set him free. All of this is done in good fun, and the brother knows exactly what will happen to him when he does a lavaliere

I didn't know, so I read your post hoping to become enlightened. I am none the wiser having read through it several times. Some questions:

1. What's a Brother
2. What's a Pledge
(1+2). i.e. what's the difference?
3. What does the phrase "Give his letters to a girl" mean?
4. What's a Lavaliere?
2004-03-26 05:36:36 AM  
Although I do think the journalist was trying to refer to a 'pearl necklace', but for those of you that care:

WordNet Dictionary
LAVALIERE: Dictionary Entry and Meaning
Pronunciation: `lavu'leer
Matching Terms: lavalier
Definition: [n] jewelled pendant worn on a chain around the neck
Synonyms: lavalier, lavalliere
See Also: pendant
2004-03-26 06:06:26 AM  
I don't believe that all fraternities are full of latent homosexuals (or active homosexuals, at that).

I don't quite understand the point of a frat to some degree. I understand that the business frats are quite respectable, if a little nepotistical, but that's the way with a lot of businesses anyway.

At the end of the day, a frat brother dies just the same as any other regular joe.

/member of illuminati
2004-03-26 06:15:17 AM  
Well, good thing there's nothing teh ghey about that at all.

/points and laughs at the homos baboons with baseball caps on backwards
2004-03-26 06:38:29 AM  
Move along folks . . . nothing to see here.
2004-03-26 07:07:19 AM  
Was he naked? Was he dead? If not it seems that he should be left the heck alone as long as he consented to being tied to a tree, wrapped in plastic, and covered with goo. Heck in a week there will be porn sites with this as the subject matter (if not already extant).

Why the fark would someone subject themselves to that, I have been drunk, blind farking drunk, and nothing like that has happened to me.

I just applied for a faculty position at UCF

Why do colleges investigate this horse shiat? USF investigated a noose hanging from a tree because they thought it was a hate crime as it happened during black emphasis month as they call it. It turned out to be some dude fooling around with a rope who made a 3" noose and was throwing things with it. But thanks for wasting 60 hours investigating that crime, not like anyone is breaking into cars or anything.

Most college employees are douchebags, I want to teach 24 hours a year (12 hours a semester) and have 2 hrs of office hours a week. I want to be a college douchebag too.
2004-03-26 07:20:49 AM  
Change headline to read "sorority" instead of fraternity, add "with pics", and it might be worth looking at.
2004-03-26 07:22:21 AM  
1. What's a Brother
2. What's a Pledge
(1+2). i.e. what's the difference?
3. What does the phrase "Give his letters to a girl" mean?
4. What's a Lavaliere?

(1+2) A brother is an initiated member of the fraternity. A pledge is what new members undergoing instruction are before they become brothers, sometimes called "associate members." Typically, when you read about hazing it is older brothers making pledges do stupid shiat.

3. Giving letters to a girl means a brother giving a girl something with his fraternity letters on it and implies that he respects her and that she is a good example of the kind of people associated with his fraternity. In the form of a lavalier, it is a very serious commitment, "perceived as the first step toward eventual engagement" (The White Diamond, Pi Kappa Phi associate member manual)

BranMuffins got it exactly right. This wasn't hazing a pledge. The brother who lavaliered his girlfriend knew that they were going to do this to him, that's part of what makes it a big commitment. Otherwise, most people wouldn't care so much about a necklace with some greek letters on it.

/Pi Kapp at Georgia Tech
2004-03-26 07:22:58 AM  
huh, so frat brothers have advanced from guttural barks and grunts and organized to the point they can work together to achieve things like this?

whats next using tools?
2004-03-26 07:34:26 AM  
Phi Delt....fitting

Phi Delta Theta--for the boys who failed to make Beta

/super obscure
2004-03-26 07:38:22 AM  
Weren't they started by like a reject pledge class from Beta Theta Pi?
2004-03-26 07:39:23 AM  
OK, as a member of Phi Delta Theta, I think I can speak with some authority on this.

- What the journalist is trying to convey when he/she says "after giving his girlfriend a lavaliere", is a pinning: where a brother gives his fraternity pin to his girlfriend. It is called a "pinning" ceremony and a sappy love song called "The Pinning Song" is sung. The journalist was just trying to sound sophisticated by calling it a lavaliere, but ends up sounding dumb since pin is actually the correct term.

Now, as to why the guy wound up tied to a tree:
- Giving away your pin is a HUGE deal. Phi Delts take this a bit more seriously than most fraternities; it's not something you fling out to a girl you boned at the last kegger to keep her around. The fraternity rules state that only you, your mother/grandmother or your wife may wear your pin, so it is seen as a sort of engagement, and a cause for celebration. People dress up formally, the couple have speeches declaring their love for each other, flowers are handed out, girls are bawling their eyes out. I'm not ashamed to say that I cried a little when my good friend stood up in front of a few hundred people and expressed his love for his lady, it's a moving thing. Of all the pinnings I've attended, all participants are either now married (to each other) or now planning a wedding.

- Now, since you aren't technically married yet, many chapters have traditions of good natured "punishment" for the guy, who must be willing to endure them to "prove his love", or they do something where the girl has to come "rescue" him and "prove her love". It all usually ends in a huge celebratory party.

- This sounds like the guys were just waiting for the girl to "rescue" him, or just giving him a little good natured punishment when some sister over-reacted. People like to jump on the hazing charge when greeks do something like this, but it would likely be classified as "roughhousing" if non-greeks did it to one of their friends. Saran wrapped to a tree isn't exactly torture.

/Washington Beta 1808
//Has saran-wrapped a brother to a chair, just for kicks.
///Revenge was taken, but it's all good natured brotherly love

2004-03-26 07:59:14 AM  
Well, what's so surprising about that? Doesn't the submitter know anything about fraternities?

2004-03-26 08:00:15 AM  
This doesn't come close to hazing!
As many have said, in my frat, we did this to the ones we loved. All the rough hazing stories I knew to be true came from the sadists in the frats at UGa - but based on what I know of life in Athens - they may have not been hazing stories after all. They may have been stories of life as normal in that hell town.
2004-03-26 08:09:16 AM  
Tomahawk724 and NarcisisticRage:
More relevant obscurity-
- Beta Theta Pi were the first fraternity on campus at Miami University in Ohio, then came the Great Snow Rebellion: Betas and many other students protested the president by occupying and blockading the entrances to buildings with huge mounds of snow and broken tables, chairs etc.
- Afterwords, the president of the university expelled most of the students who participated, and the Betas (not being all that numerous, as fraternities were a new thing then) were decimated.
- After the heat died down, Phi Delta Theta was founded *by guys smart enough not to have been caught*. Today Phi Delts have 35 more chapters and 53,000 more alumni than Beta Theta Pi. The tradition of excellence caries on...
2004-03-26 08:11:09 AM  
wow...i am glad that up here at Dalhousie there are aslo two frats and they are both gay.
2004-03-26 08:17:11 AM  
I used to teach at a college. I worked around 80 hours a week. I kept at least 10 office hours a week. I pulled more than one head out of a toilet from some ignorant drunken fool.

If this asshat had died, the lawsuits would be flying, and the college would likely be held accountable. They investigate because so many idiots cannot take responsibility for their own actions, and try to blame others when something goes wrong.
2004-03-26 08:27:18 AM  
when I read this article I said "lavaliere" what the this guy nuts? Then I thought to my self; maybe he was trying to say he gave his girlfriend a 'pearl necklace' and was looking for a sophisticated way of saying it. Anyone else get this immediate thought?
2004-03-26 08:38:51 AM  
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