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(BBC)   McDonald's prepares to launch McKids clothing line in Europe. Sized range from large to 4X   ( divider line
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4017 clicks; posted to Main » and Business » on 25 Mar 2004 at 12:53 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-03-25 12:55:12 PM  
The clothing will probably taste the same as the food.
2004-03-25 12:55:34 PM  
I say "better than"
2004-03-25 12:55:34 PM  
2004-03-25 12:55:55 PM  
2004-03-25 12:57:10 PM  
That's because McDonalds, like PETA and crack dealers, know that the key to business is marketing to children.

"Give me their minds until they're five...."
2004-03-25 12:57:18 PM  
The McKids range will be designed, made and distributed by Chinese firm Shanghai Longhurst.

I hear the tech people screaming "OUTSOURCING! OUTSOURCING!" in 3, 2, ....
2004-03-25 12:57:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-03-25 12:58:31 PM  
I commend the beeb on their inset picture. That kid should be in rehab.
2004-03-25 12:58:34 PM  
"I'm not fat I'm big boned."
"Yeah I want chessy poofs!"-
[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-25 12:59:19 PM  
McSpandex McStirrup Pants
2004-03-25 1:00:07 PM  
look at the file name of the pictures that have already been posted. they certainly don't beat around the bush over at the Guardian.
2004-03-25 1:00:32 PM  
Gawd. Didn't work in the US at Sears from '87 to '91, why should the world buy it?

/html indifferent
2004-03-25 1:00:32 PM  
I fail to understand how a clothing line will improve their image as a food chain.
2004-03-25 1:00:36 PM  
I can't figure it out, is that kid wearing a shirt under that basketball shirt or no? Those rolls of fat are deceptive.
2004-03-25 1:00:43 PM  
I wonder if McDonalds understands that most people don't actually like the food. It's more a matter of convenience and laziness
2004-03-25 1:00:44 PM  
at the BBC, not the Guardian, my mistake.
2004-03-25 1:01:22 PM  
Don't forget the McGarterBelt and the McGirdle
2004-03-25 1:01:32 PM  
I thought they already had McKids clothes. I know for a fact that they've had McKids shoes for quite a while now, they're the only half-decent looking shoes you can get for babies and toddlers at Wal-Mart.
2004-03-25 1:01:55 PM  
this is scary? more like idiotic !!!

later on we will be spending money on these bastards runing around in too tight mcteeshirts paying for their medical bills.
Why cant ppl use some common sense of keeping your body at least some what healthy?
2004-03-25 1:01:58 PM  
Ah yes...nothing says style like a baby-doll shirt with a McGriddle on the front.
2004-03-25 1:02:18 PM  
Those kids' parents deserve to be flayed across the back of a gun-carriage.
2004-03-25 1:02:18 PM  
I used to have some McKids clothes back in the day...
2004-03-25 1:02:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I didn't know the Michelin Man had a son.
2004-03-25 1:02:38 PM  
boy we really are doing our best to piss the rest of the world off aren't we?
2004-03-25 1:02:51 PM  
That picture is called "_39964441_mckidsfatty203.jpg"

BBC I love you.
2004-03-25 1:04:29 PM  
McFat Kids...priceless! beat me to that comment!
2004-03-25 1:07:07 PM  
There already is a McKids lines of clothes. Most of the infant baby clothes in Walmart are either Carters or McKids.

Some of the newborn stuff isn't too shoddy of quality, but anything beyond 6-12 months dissolves into typical walmart garment crap.

I think maybe whatever slave labor they have making them just may enjoy sewing the 'itty bitty widdle' clothing more or something.
2004-03-25 1:09:04 PM  
Exporting McDonalds clothing...

And they say we have no culture!

That'll show 'em.
2004-03-25 1:10:06 PM  
Chromo21, what's wrong with you? Why do people think that every business and part of American culture that extends past US borders has a negative impact on the rest of the world? Or that it is seen as some attack against everyone else?

I guess this will sound ethnocentric, but I wish sometimes that we could see what the world would be like without American capitalism and entrepreneurs.

If McKid's clothing fails, it fails. If people buy it, so be it.
2004-03-25 1:10:29 PM  
"Let's see, 3 pairs of McKids boys want flies with that?"
2004-03-25 1:10:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Are you gonna eat that? (points to parents arm).

2004-03-25 1:13:43 PM  
Someone (can't remember who) actually gave my daughter some piece of clothing from McKids as a baby gift in February. I thought they were already on the market. That clothing will be re-gifted to someone else's kid.
2004-03-25 1:14:30 PM  
Can someone post that picture of the three babies wearing the McDonalds french fry outfits. I saw it here a few weeks ago. Thanks!
2004-03-25 1:16:47 PM  
Walmart sells the stuff!!! It has to be evil
2004-03-25 1:18:06 PM  
WalMart rejoices
2004-03-25 1:19:18 PM  
the source on the picture on the news site is kids mcfatty! LOL
2004-03-25 1:19:35 PM  
Cheeze Beat me to it
2004-03-25 1:20:22 PM  
Hey, is that shipment of McLederhosen gonna be here in time for the Oktoberfast rush?
2004-03-25 1:20:42 PM  
The BBC has used that same pic of the fat kid numerous times in McDonalds stories as well as general health stories. They must like him.
2004-03-25 1:20:50 PM  
Wait a minute.

Are you telling me that we've got an article about McClothes and no one's made a 'Super-Size' crack yet?

/shocked and appalled
2004-03-25 1:23:50 PM  
2004-03-25 1:27:36 PM  
I have become quite jaded when it comes to humor, but that headline is friggin hilarious. hats off
2004-03-25 1:30:30 PM  
Anybody who feeds their kid a steady diet of McDonalds products, or clothes their kid in McKids clothing, is a shiatty parent.
2004-03-25 1:31:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Know what they call a quarterpounder in France? Mine!"
2004-03-25 1:32:09 PM  
That's the best pic in an article EVER.
2004-03-25 1:32:42 PM  
I can't wait to see the fatasses in McThongs.
2004-03-25 1:36:46 PM  
They need to stick to the knitting (no pun intended). Didn't they learn when they bought that one fast food chain and had to sell it back?
2004-03-25 1:39:39 PM  
A lot of McKids clothes are actually quite cute (the girl clothes anyway) and despite what anyone says, the quality is better on a lot of them than some other resonable priced brands. In fact, I would pick McKids over Gymboree any day (I despise the overpriced, low quality, instant fade Gymboree clothes). I guess if everyone could afford to pay $60 and up for every outfit their child plays in McKids wouldn't exist, but a lot of people can't.
2004-03-25 1:45:00 PM  
It's no surprise that McDonald's is eliminating their Super Size line, considering that the kid looks like he is 8 years old and eating adult-sized portions. Maybe he would not be so morbidly obese if his parents would feed him a Happy Meal.

Duh, I just realized the photo is from a Tokyo McDonald's and the youths pictured are in training to be sumo wrestlers.
2004-03-25 1:56:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

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