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(Denver Post)   Dog has sex change, says, "Now it just feels right"   ( divider line
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16001 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Mar 2004 at 10:44 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-25 10:46:47 AM  
My dog wants meat.
2004-03-25 10:47:36 AM  
Glad to hear Rosie finally went through with it.
2004-03-25 10:47:44 AM  
May I be the first to welcome our new trans-gendered canine overlords.

/cliche no.2!
2004-03-25 10:47:48 AM  
Can't the FCC do something about this? This is HIGHLY offensive!
2004-03-25 10:47:58 AM  

I'll be right over.
2004-03-25 10:48:20 AM  
i bet that sucks for the dog. owners were asshats
2004-03-25 10:48:21 AM  
Man, that dog had a rough life.

Get it?
2004-03-25 10:48:24 AM  
The collar stops him from licking the wound? You heartless bastards!
2004-03-25 10:48:50 AM  
Oh man, too bad Around the Horn isn't on for the rest of the week, because I'm sure Woody Paige would have worked this in somehow.
2004-03-25 10:49:01 AM  
You can still tell by the adam's apple.
2004-03-25 10:49:22 AM  
The dog's former owners had left him outside their Greeley home without proper shelter since he was about 10 weeks old, say animal shelter officials

See what happens when you grow up with no male role model?
2004-03-25 10:51:17 AM  
You know, the same thing happened to my aunt.
Except she came in from the freezing cold and wanted to be man.

Okay... maybe it is not the same. But she looks good in her big white collar.
2004-03-25 10:52:33 AM  
Sure it didn't feel ruff?
2004-03-25 10:52:58 AM  
"Your dog wants tube-steak?"
2004-03-25 10:53:55 AM  
dog's nuts had "lamb's a liar" written on them. couldn't have that kind of blasphemy going around...
2004-03-25 10:54:09 AM  
Graycie says "leave me alone."

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-25 10:54:38 AM  
"We gave him a bunch of morphine," Rustgi said. "It just seemed like the right thing to do."

If only that were the answer more of the time.

/Drop acid not bombs
2004-03-25 10:55:29 AM  
Am I the only person that is thinking that He is still a He? Surely, Charlie has just become a eunuch not a female.

thats proably the smallest BIG "just" in the world... Sorry Charlie
2004-03-25 10:56:06 AM  
"I just wish we could do to people what they sometimes do to animals."

Amen! It continues to amaze me that people could be so cruel to a living creature like this. Shame! Shame!
2004-03-25 10:56:11 AM  
"We gave him a bunch of morphine," Rustgi said. "It just seemed like the right thing to do."

When Rustgi said he didn't like his teddy, you knew he was a no good vet.....
2004-03-25 10:56:17 AM  
So you forced your pet to get a sex change?

Can I hold the owners down while someone gives them a sex change?

2004-03-25 10:57:21 AM  
Chopping off the penis is not a sex change... I think.
2004-03-25 10:57:39 AM  

Did you read the article?
2004-03-25 10:57:55 AM  
my great dane is worried
[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-25 10:58:14 AM  
Just finished. Should give the original owners a sex change operation though, still.

Since they are the reason that the dog had to get the surgery to save it's life.
2004-03-25 10:58:22 AM  
Crazy_Ivan: I'm with you. Sounds like he just got 'fixed', not changed.

We'll have to watch how he behaves when Gloria Gaynor comes on the radio, just to be sure.
2004-03-25 10:59:13 AM  
420SNIPER: That is a very handsome dog.
2004-03-25 10:59:25 AM  
so, now that I've read the article. I'm with Crazy_Ivan, he's still a he, he just doesn't have his junk anymore. Gotta love the idea that girls are just penisless boys.
2004-03-25 11:00:03 AM  
my ShepWeiler looking worried
[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-25 11:00:22 AM  
Your TS dog wants quiche.
pye [TotalFark]
2004-03-25 11:01:00 AM  
Nice boxers he's got there, Dr.Knockboots.
2004-03-25 11:01:08 AM  
Civilization in decline.
2004-03-25 11:01:32 AM  
This dog is not a girl now. He had his penis removed because it was frostbitten and infected. The doctor didn't give him a vagina.
2004-03-25 11:01:37 AM  
"I just wish we could do to people what they sometimes do to animals."

You can pry my penis from my cold dead hands.
2004-03-25 11:02:04 AM  
Veterinarians at Colorado State University examined Charlie and decided a penile amputation was the only way to save his life....

"I just wish we could do to people what they sometimes do to animals."

Scariest Post Ever
2004-03-25 11:02:40 AM  
Yes, but mediaho, did you leave your dog outside so that he suffered frostbite so badly that he had to have a life saving operation that removes it?

No? Then you get to keep your pecker ;)
2004-03-25 11:02:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"You did WHAT!"
2004-03-25 11:04:24 AM  
Dog w/nuts frozen to porch from "Joe Dirt" in 3, 2, 1...
2004-03-25 11:05:04 AM  
OMG 420, that middle dog is HUGE.. poor fat fella.
2004-03-25 11:05:47 AM  
Hey, any thread that allows people to post thier puppy pics is a good thread!
2004-03-25 11:06:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-25 11:07:07 AM  
420 sniper:

is that part beagle (terrier?) part 55 gallon drum? that thing is huge
2004-03-25 11:07:54 AM  
Scary but agreeable. I mean, this is different than 1)slaughtering to eat and 2) bad things happening in the wild. This is a biatch-bastard taking responsibility for an animal and then abusing it-nearly to death! Unless I'm screwing, I prefer animals to people.
2004-03-25 11:08:34 AM  
Sounds like the former owners need to have their heads amputated.
2004-03-25 11:12:05 AM  
That is truly sad. I don't believe it is a sex change really, just an amputation. It's not like he can have puppies or something. Strange thing is, those dogs go for about $1,000 as puppies. It's strange anyone who would pay for a dog would treat it like that, even if they didn't have a heart.
2004-03-25 11:12:17 AM  
dogs > cats
as proved here in my pic.
[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-25 11:13:08 AM  
Gangrenous, frostbitten dog peen? Talk about your "not so fresh feeling.
2004-03-25 11:15:28 AM  
here in Colorado Springs i have personally seen 3 of these types of dogs turned over to our shelter. yes they are expensive dogs.. very smart and very purposeful dogs. awesome at counter drug and bomb discovery.

/humane society volunteer.
2004-03-25 11:15:33 AM  
I miss quizzical dog's pic.
2004-03-25 11:17:31 AM  
For you, Diana
[image from too old to be available]

This was the perfect place for him. Sorry I didn't get to it sooner!
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