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(Some Guy)   Japan creates loser detector   ( divider line
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20068 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Mar 2004 at 2:17 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-25 02:13:18 AM  
They can't detect me, I've got a +5 Cloak of Shadows I got off a Ogre Magi. Snort!
2004-03-25 02:20:54 AM  
2004-03-25 02:21:35 AM  
Uh oh.... I may not date again.
2004-03-25 02:21:46 AM  
Too bad they didn't create it when Hirohito was in office.
2004-03-25 02:22:38 AM  
They should call it the cool meter and use fonzies for measurement.
2004-03-25 02:22:40 AM  
Is this really necessary?

Ok I call bullshiat
2004-03-25 02:22:47 AM  
Wow, I wonder if they let you know or if they just snicker at you behind your back.
2004-03-25 02:22:50 AM  
They must've tested it on Duke

/just doing my civic duty, farkers....
2004-03-25 02:23:25 AM  
I'd hit it.

2004-03-25 02:28:29 AM  
What really scares me is the realization that there's a Slashdot Japan. What MUST those people be talking about all day?
2004-03-25 02:30:18 AM  
Have You Met Miss Jones -- I had to wipe off my screen!!!!!

Wondering how they got a control group in Japan?

/referring to the recent military history of Japan... mostly
2004-03-25 02:30:43 AM  
There's a slashdot japan?? Fark japan soon follows...
2004-03-25 02:33:34 AM  
There's a place called Japan?
2004-03-25 02:34:48 AM  
Will somebody shut this damn thing off!?
2004-03-25 02:36:15 AM =
2004-03-25 02:39:27 AM  
After reading of the device forkids commented "Damn, We should have nuked the whole country when we had the chance."

Please don't ban me.
2004-03-25 02:39:40 AM  
The Damenzu Walker: When human rejection just isn't enough.
2004-03-25 02:42:47 AM  
I thought THIS was THAT?
2004-03-25 02:42:49 AM  
PeterGruntmuscle, that's the first time I've ever heard of an emperor being "in office!"
2004-03-25 02:48:48 AM  
A loser detector... that's a useful invention...

(with apologies to the Simpsons)
2004-03-25 02:49:55 AM  
Great, a test I can finally pass! Boy, I hope a girl with boobies gives it to me!

2004-03-25 02:53:55 AM  
Japanese creating a loser sensor. How funny, when their own population of women will pick a foreigner over them.
/gross generalization from time spent there.
2004-03-25 02:54:12 AM  
" to extract information about respondents' knowledge and feelings from survey answers and experts' interview responses..."

Yeah. Sure. You'll start hearing women say this in social gatherings all across the lands soon...

"I'm sorry, I can't go out with you until you answer a few simple questions into this little device... what is it? Oh, nothing, nothing... first question. If you were an item of clothing, and I was going to wear you, what would you be?"
2004-03-25 02:54:36 AM  
Atleast I'm not the only one who was kinda shocked at seeing Slashdot Japan.
2004-03-25 02:57:04 AM  
Since it's in Japan, they could just re-label it a "small penis detector" and it would work in exactly the same way.

Take it to the Southern US and call it an "inbreeding detector". Take it to Washington DC and change the label to "windbag detector"...

The uses are endless.
2004-03-25 03:00:29 AM  
Most girls already have two loser detectors.
They're called breasts.

Or maybe they're loser attractors.
2004-03-25 03:03:15 AM  
I thought it was called 'totalfark subscription'?
2004-03-25 03:05:47 AM  
with all this brainpower and they make this?

couldn't they at least make a detector for gamey sushi or something?
2004-03-25 03:13:47 AM  
Could you imagine a Beowulf cluster of those?
2004-03-25 03:16:15 AM  
Ku_No_Ichi: You think you are so smart.
2004-03-25 03:24:57 AM  
so THATS what the beeping sounds around me are!!

/btw PeterGruntmuscle.. i thought it was quite funny.. or at the very least...tersely factual..!!!1!1
2004-03-25 03:29:17 AM  

Reminds me of the time back in 7th grade when I had one of those Ironman digital watches and used it as a "Gaydar"... some friends of mine would piss this one kid off by frantically pressing the buttons on the watch (hence making it beep loudly) as he approached us.

/ah, immaturity was fun
2004-03-25 03:33:47 AM  
Beep beep beep

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-25 03:36:20 AM  
Isn't that what a Mullit is?
2004-03-25 03:40:39 AM  
Will the Meyers-Briggs people sue for trade infringement?
2004-03-25 03:47:03 AM  
Ah Mr. Gruntmuscle..
As charming and friendly as usual.

*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*
2004-03-25 04:17:01 AM  
inconnu: You're not getting away with that remark. I'm trying to call Drew now. But my new Japanese communicating device just beeps when I get near it.
2004-03-25 04:20:48 AM  
they would have to have developed it off shore, cause if they where anywhere on the mainland it would overload and blown up in there face whenever they hit the "on" button.

2004-03-25 04:32:19 AM  
Here is my loser detector:
Step 1: Yell out "Hey loser!"
Step 2: However looks is a loser
2004-03-25 04:32:59 AM  
however = whoever
2004-03-25 04:38:37 AM  

Step 3: Profit
2004-03-25 04:44:50 AM  
Flopsy: My cat detector just went off.
2004-03-25 04:55:07 AM  
Wow, with this kind of technology running loose how will sexy losers like myself find dates? The Japanese now owe us guys big time.
I suggest that they help mitigate their offense by inventing sexy robot girlfriends.
Because now, more than ever, we need sexy robot girlfriends.
Who's with me?
2004-03-25 05:38:38 AM  
Hey Japan! Can you hear me back in the 9th grade?

/if you think this is a neat invention, you might aswell come out of the closet too.
2004-03-25 05:42:32 AM  
The loser detector already exists, it's called the loterry

-"What's that?"
-"It's a bullshiat detector. Go ahead, say some bullshiat."
-"Hmmm... life is beautiful"
/loosely translated from Delicatessen
2004-03-25 06:43:32 AM  
Mine seems to be broken, it just beeps all the time.

Oh, wait...
2004-03-25 07:40:09 AM  
I already have one. It's also known as a mirror in other parts of the world
2004-03-25 07:54:57 AM  
you just KNOW someone is gonna hack this thing to read Gaydar frequencies...
2004-03-25 08:09:41 AM  
All your loser are belong to us...
2004-03-25 08:56:59 AM  
The needle points to Washington D.C.
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