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2004-03-24 04:06:57 PM  
2004-03-24 01:16:51 PM

Lily Connor

Lily Connor? I love her, I wish she would email me, so I tell her of my respect for what she says. I would marry that girl.

\And monkeys flew out of my ass.
2004-03-24 04:09:56 PM  
The ones I hate are "stop!, you're hurting me!", and pretty much anything coming out of my coworkers mouths.
I was going to forward this to everyone, but most are too dull to appreciate it.
For the truly hip office-speaker, may I recommend Buzzwhack?

/Bad day at work
2004-03-24 04:11:26 PM  
this reminds me of time I was with a top hotel company and in the early 90's hired the "paradigms" guru.

Paid him a ton and then scheduled him for after lunch break. Of course, everyone was confused and just went to sleep.
2004-03-24 04:13:30 PM  
oh snap!
2004-03-24 04:18:10 PM  
A favorite: "Hornier than a 2-peckered billygoat!"
2004-03-24 04:21:10 PM  
The cliche that pisses me off the most is cliche articles talking about annoying cliches.
2004-03-24 04:21:26 PM  
The whole /slash at the end of a post thing is getting pretty frickin tired too.
2004-03-24 04:26:07 PM  
Well, whatever... pretty much everyone I work with in the good old silicon suburbs talks like this. You get used to it.

I have two daily touchbase meetings (yeah, we just made it a single word) to get people on the same page, but the time for thinking out of the box is at the blue sky brainstorming sessions. And if I may say so, whenever a one-off solution would get us out of hot water, it's time to proactively mobilize the crew ASAP.

2004-03-24 04:29:11 PM  
the one phrase that has become cliche around my office is

"Shut the fark up Danger Mouse!"

Geez, if I had a nickle for every time I heard that.
2004-03-24 04:29:11 PM  
How about a nice warm cup of Shut The Fark Up?

/300+ posts and no mention of this...i'm ashamed to call myself a Farker
2004-03-24 04:30:20 PM  
Well, that settles it. Between this thread and my workday today, I might just quit, go to the nearest bar and get a waitressing job and never look back on corporate life. I'd MUCH rather deal with hammered people on a daily basis then listen to one more CEO type blowing smoke up me arse.
And I happen to like the slash.

/takes a deep breath
2004-03-24 04:36:34 PM  
Work cliches that drive me nuts:
Low-hanging fruit
At the end of the day
That project is on my plate
With regard to
Going forward
From a ___ standpoint
Going out-the-door with
Bubble up
Push back
Where will ___ live?
Drill down
From a high level
2004-03-24 04:41:55 PM  
2004-03-24 02:51:05 PM OsirisOTheDead

"It's hotter than a two dick dog in a pepper patch"



Actually, that's pretty funny.

Hotter than a $10 hooker on Friday night.
Hornier than a three-pecker Billy-Goat.

I have this idiot boss who ALWAYS says,

"To be continued .."
"This is not for publication."

2004-03-24 04:42:28 PM  
Seriously. People keep telling me "hey, you're trespassing" or "why aren't you wearing pants?" I also get "please, please, let me out of the trunk" quite a bit. People are so whiney.

/it puts the lotion in the basket, etc., so on, so forth, and the like.
2004-03-24 04:45:47 PM  
All of y'all are "Preaching to the choir."
2004-03-24 04:45:59 PM  
you know what they say about men with big feet? They wear big shoes!
2004-03-24 04:46:49 PM  
"Hey everybody, there's a new boobies post."

New cliche. But there really is a new boobies post. No euphemism.
2004-03-24 04:50:43 PM  
I once had a project manager who was constantly filtering her speech and writing, replacing "problem" with "challenge". After I started to notice it, it grated terribly. It sounds so PC. You could even hear her doing it sometimes: "We have a couple of pr-- challenges here..." Strangely, she was one of those rather earnest types for whom principle is paramount.

So one day, when it was just her and me in a conversation and she did it again, leaving a pause wide enough for me to say it, I asked her directly: "Doesn't talking like that make you feel....fake?" "Huh? Talking like what?" "Substituting 'challenge' for 'problem'." She did her best to defend herself, but I think it rattled her -- for days afterward, she seemed to avoid saying either word.
2004-03-24 04:51:00 PM  
Can someone enlighten me with what the deal is with the $2bill, I must have missed it.
2004-03-24 04:54:30 PM  
"and the like"
"and so on and so forth"

I have a prof that finishes just about every thought he has with one of those....damn i hate that guy
2004-03-24 05:01:18 PM  
Most loathed cliche: Anything containing "post 9/11".
Runner up: Stating that "post 9/11" is a cliche.
2004-03-24 05:08:20 PM  
drgeoffrey, your "where will _____ live" reminded me of another one from the same person who does the "TY" for thank you..... when a quote has been approved by the client and the project is officially underway, she says it's "live". THE CATALOG PROJECT IS LIVE. WE'VE GOT APPROVAL, IT'S LIVE. Sometimes in caps but always in an email and always very dramatic like everyone should weep with joy or some crap.

I'll tell you what... one cliche I love and will never stop using is this: I'M OVER IT
2004-03-24 05:11:10 PM  
I don't think this has been posted yet, but I hate factoid. By definition a factoid is not true.
2004-03-24 05:24:55 PM  
Stuntaz? Killing kittens? THIS IS A THREAD CLICHE BAIT!!!

//so disappointed
2004-03-24 05:27:11 PM  
I think those are all perfectly cromulent words and expressions.
2004-03-24 05:28:06 PM  
2004-03-24 05:30:52 PM  
[image from photoshop.superdownloads.net too old to be available]
2004-03-24 05:40:31 PM  
I need to clean my chimbley. It's smoking.

If there isn't a FARK filter that changes chimney to chimbley and sandwich to sammich, there needs to be.
2004-03-24 05:41:18 PM  
"Arguably..." has got to go. It's too wishy washy. Grow some balls if you want to make your point. Just say, "Led Zeppelin III is the best album evar" and leave off the "arguably".

Also, people who say "Absolutely!" to every question you ask them. This has got to stop.
2004-03-24 06:06:03 PM  
Anyone who writes /sarcasm at the end of a post. Hate that. Ruins the funnay.
2004-03-24 06:17:00 PM  
"purported" anyone?? Bueller?
2004-03-24 06:24:14 PM  
nzilla wins with 'Cromulent'!
which also must go.
2004-03-24 06:53:06 PM  
I use piss like a race horse a lot.
2004-03-24 07:08:06 PM  
"wake-up call"

"level the playing field"
2004-03-24 07:21:31 PM  
2004-03-24 07:26:35 PM  
Had a boss who would say, "that dog won't hunt", among other idiocies. Yeah, I hated him.
2004-03-24 07:38:23 PM  
The most farked up cliche of all: "I could care less"
Jeez, if you're gonna say it, get it right; "I couldN'T care less". Let's all say it together- I COOD-UNT care less. How many FARKING times do I have to FARKING tell you!!! People,People wake up and smell the coffee. Am I gonna have to kick butt and take names?
/shaking head and walking away in disgust
2004-03-24 07:42:43 PM  
O.k., I'm back. Now that I got that off my chest I feel much better now. I'm sure nobody could care less how I feel.
2004-03-24 07:44:26 PM  
2004-03-24 08:41:37 PM  
"Stop crying and put your panties back on!"
2004-03-24 08:53:43 PM  
I teach college freshman composition, and I'm dismayed at the degree to which these kids have been taught to think in cliche. Broken hearts, broken dreams, and shattered lives abound. And those are the happy students. It's almost enough to make a guy stab himself in the eye with a mechanical pencil and then complete the job by clicking until he dies.
2004-03-24 10:02:14 PM  
My boss is Belgian, he's still got a limited English vocabulary so gets attached to cliches - but almost never gets them right, he says things like "They go banana for the idea." The best was when he told a male co-worker of mine that he should go to the other lab to help because "the girls are on their knees over there" (meaning they were swamped with work).
2004-03-24 10:05:22 PM  
This thread has truly inspired me. Please check my bio...and if you can help solve the mysteries of the origins of these FarkCliches™, I will smile.
2004-03-24 11:21:05 PM  
I read through this entire thread (sadly, I am that pathetic) and I can't believe no one mentioned:

"It all comes out in the wash"

'Tis one of my personal favorites.
2004-03-24 11:21:49 PM  
2004-03-24 11:22:09 PM  
Point the finger of blame at yours truly for opening this can of worms, but the truth hurts. We're fighting a war of words and it's a crying shame.

I broadcast a Debt Relief ad for my station and the woman at the end says, "It's a relief off of my shoulders."
Yeah, wouldn't want that relief bothering you.

I really hate, "To tell you the truth". No! farking lie to me about it!
2004-03-24 11:28:33 PM  
1. Let's create synergy for a win-win outcome.
2. Believe it, achive it.
3. We need to enact an enterprise-wide paradigm shift.
2004-03-24 11:31:49 PM  
like, know what I'm saying?

Not really cliches, but that shiat drives me crazy. I was talking to somebody the other day and I completely missed what they were saying. All I heard was: LIKE blah blah LIKE blah LIKE blah blah blah LIKE blah Like blah LIKE LIKE blah. know what I'm sayin?

I also hate "per se"
2004-03-24 11:35:03 PM  
How about:


All need to die.
2004-03-24 11:35:41 PM  
Proactive? Paradigm? Aren't those just words that stupid people use to make themselves sound important?
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