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2004-03-20 06:02:33 PM  
[image from seal.com too old to be available]
Poor guy. I liked his voice and his music. This is truly a sad moment.
2004-03-20 07:04:23 PM  
DoHS said you shouldn't seal your luggage anymore.
2004-03-20 07:45:04 PM  
...and this is not normal how?
2004-03-20 07:45:34 PM  
Now THERE is a fetish.
2004-03-20 07:46:00 PM  
Wasn't this a photoshop contest?
2004-03-20 07:46:32 PM  
What about Marlon Wayans' head?
2004-03-20 07:46:45 PM  
I prefer Boar's Head Provisions myself.
2004-03-20 07:46:46 PM  
Does anyone know exactly what is wrong with Seal's face? Did he get into some kind of accident?
2004-03-20 07:47:29 PM  
how is this Unlikely? I mean, it happened. sounds pretty likely to me..
2004-03-20 07:48:43 PM  
My mechanic told me that he thought I'd blown a seal. I told him to leave my private life out of it and just fix my farking car.
2004-03-20 07:49:38 PM  
"Does anyone know exactly what is wrong with Seal's face? Did he get into some kind of accident?"

I think he did it to himself so people can distinguish him from R. Kelly.
2004-03-20 07:49:39 PM  
"he is a biology professor and that he found a dead seal on Revere Beach and cut off its head so he could use it for educational purposes."

yep sounds perfectly normal to me.

whats that you say? you want to see what my insides look like, for educational purposes?
well you are a professor so ill just assume you know what you are doing.
/gets head cut off
2004-03-20 07:49:43 PM  
Fly like an Eagle into the everafter, Sealdude.
2004-03-20 07:49:45 PM  
poster need a dictionary with the word unlikely in it
2004-03-20 07:53:08 PM  
Joe Pesci unavailable for comment.

[image from hisystems.com too old to be available]
2004-03-20 07:59:01 PM  
unlikely tag?
Im confused.
2004-03-20 07:59:36 PM  
I don't understand the "unlikely" tag either. He was actually caught with the head, right? Maybe I read it too fast...
2004-03-20 08:03:46 PM  
[image from home.infostations.net too old to be available]
2004-03-20 08:03:52 PM  
"Federal wildlife law restricts disrupting dead mammals"

So that's what they call it now-a-days? Weird... Well, on that note, i'm going to go "disrupt" a my warm melon... i'll bee arrr bee.
2004-03-20 08:08:59 PM  
Seal's facial markings are supposedly the result of severe stress he went through as a child, appearing overnight. Of course, it could have just been a bad case of acne.

The neurons I use to store that useless bit of information are kind of groggy after sleeping for over 10 years.
2004-03-20 08:09:02 PM  
If you're going to blatantly abuse a tag and make it your biatch, it should be IRONIC.

Some people have no respect for tradition...
2004-03-20 08:16:23 PM  
Navy Seal?
2004-03-20 08:17:02 PM  
Seal's IMDB biography says that the scars on his face are a result of having lupus when he was a child.
2004-03-20 08:17:44 PM  
According to some random site listed on google, Seal had lupus as a child and somehow that resulted in the scar...
2004-03-20 08:19:12 PM  
Damn, Godzilla, that's the first thing I thought of when I saw the headline. Even the stuff about his voice and music.
/Seal fan.
2004-03-20 08:22:21 PM  
Ummm, I think the UNlikely tag refers to the excuse the man used. I believe him, but he's an asshat nonetheless.
Had the headline been- Man caught with seal's head in his luggage claims "it's for educational purposes", there may not have been so much confusion aboutthe tag, perhaps?
2004-03-20 08:26:31 PM  
[image from www2.comco.ne.jp too old to be available]
2004-03-20 08:26:51 PM  

The UNLIKELY tag refers to the likelihood (or unlikelihood, for that matter) of someone having a seal head in their luggage?

/firing with lights off
2004-03-20 08:29:00 PM  
Unlikely? hmmm... The submitter clearly had access to information which we do not. Undoubtedly, the explanation involves an overly complicated conspiracy of some sort. I suspect that this was no decomposing seal head, rather, it was the head of a Chupacabra. The "teacher" in question is actually a military zoologist, operating out of Buckley Air Force Base, sent to retrieve the head in Boston and to squelch any rumors about it...
2004-03-20 08:33:42 PM  
Thanks for the first laugh of the day.

(and kronicfield supplied the second)
2004-03-20 08:33:53 PM  
Did somebody say ...

[image from sportsmed.starwave.com too old to be available]

2004-03-20 08:35:30 PM  
No, it's just ICE CREAM!!!
2004-03-20 08:39:47 PM  
Maybe he was just out clubbing the night before.

2004-03-20 08:48:46 PM  
poor use of the unlikely tag, should have used the wierd tag, or plug, or florida, or whatever. but unlikely? WTF is wrong with this nation?
2004-03-20 08:48:54 PM  
"You're under arrest for three counts of mammal disruption in the second degree..."

/Animal Cops
2004-03-20 08:58:49 PM  
My headline:

Man claims seal head in luggage is for "educational purposes". More likely, banana peels just weren't doing it for him anymore.
2004-03-20 09:00:08 PM  
You see a rotting seal on the beach...who WOULDN'T saw it's head off and try to sneak it through customs?
2004-03-20 09:01:05 PM  
Why do you people preoccupy your energy with the stupid tag? I am serious. Is it that big of a deal that the poster was not clear on his intentions?
2004-03-20 09:01:57 PM  
I guess they missed the guy with a dripping 400-pound, 8-foot duffle bag right behind him.

(The body's where all the meat is, though the head does make good soup)
2004-03-20 09:20:55 PM  
Meanwhile, back at the seal's body, some kids arrange rocks around it. Later, an adult stumbles upon the scene, over reacts, and calls the police. Local media is alerted. Article about satan worhippers hoarding seal heads appears on Fark. Circle of life.

/it's like the seasons
2004-03-20 09:27:57 PM  
You see a rotting seal on the beach...who WOULDN'T saw it's head off and try to sneak it through customs?

I actually live near the beach and have seen enough dead seals (and thousands of mating sea elephants), but anyway...

My dad used to pull over and cut the tails off roadkill raccoons on our backroad. We would fly them off our car antennae, 1920's style.

Good times....
2004-03-20 09:29:35 PM  
So, this baby seal walks into a club...

/bada bum. Thanks, I'll be here all week. Try the veal.
2004-03-20 09:36:08 PM  
So it's OK for me to consume a cow's severed muscle on a plane, but I can't carry a seal's head.
2004-03-20 09:36:52 PM  
LOL That's exactly what I thought. Well...um...except for the circle of life bit. I prefer to refer to it as the "circumfrence of stupid".
2004-03-20 09:39:41 PM  
Scenario; Thank you for the dinner and a very pleasant evening. Maybe your car could take me to the airport. Mr. Corleone is a man who insists on hearing bad news immediately.
2004-03-20 10:01:03 PM  
Unlikely he had a seal's head or unlikely he was actually stopped?
2004-03-20 10:08:14 PM  
Bug2k: and others, all kidding aside, Seal is awesome. Although I only dig a couple of tracks on his newest album, the few that work are examples of really great stuff. You younger farkers should track down his earlier stuff for some great mood music that Trevor Horn produced (he also produced the latest album...at least parts of it as far as I can tell). Trevor Horn + Seal = Awesome.

Seal's voice is like Peter Gabriel's, but with more soul, and I regard Peter Gabriel as a personal hero and demigod.

/may be "crazy"
2004-03-20 10:12:59 PM  
Ah darn! I was hoping for my first Fark post but someone beat me to it i guess.

My headline was "Man caught at airport with seal head in luggage. Some guys will do anything for some head!"

I wonder if it was in his carry on. Can you imagine the stink in the plane??

2004-03-20 10:19:21 PM  
These guys are coming after him when I break the news. They're only 35 minutes away, and boy are they gonna be pissed. When they're done mating and lying around, that is.

[image from angelfire.com too old to be available]
2004-03-20 10:33:36 PM  
Hmm, they're lying awfully still
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