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(My CF Now)   Rev. Jackson jumps on Notre Dame for not considering more minorities   ( divider line
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1342 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Dec 2001 at 6:18 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-20 06:21:42 PM  
Would someone PLEASE put a bullet in this asshole's head? This is getting pathetic...
2001-12-20 06:22:41 PM  
yeah, rural Indiana, that's exactly where black folks want to be....
2001-12-20 06:23:55 PM  
How dare he make observations? Let's kill him!
2001-12-20 06:24:18 PM  
I guess the illegitimate kid thing really has farked Jesse. Five years ago he would have let Al Sharpton handle this one.
2001-12-20 06:25:25 PM  
What, does he need some more money or something?
2001-12-20 06:25:51 PM  
Why don't I get on Grambling or Southern for not having a white coach? Hell... neither team has a white football player or band member...
2001-12-20 06:25:57 PM  
He's been out of the news must be time for him to start biatching about something.
2001-12-20 06:27:58 PM  
I'm all about equal rights. Which is exactly why we need at least one white guy on the team besides the kicker. If the only other white guy is the be it! You don't hear him complaining about not enough people of color on the team do you?
2001-12-20 06:28:13 PM  
I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Regardless of how valid Jesse's points may or may not be, he sure does have a knack for getting the bigots out of the woodwork. I mean, I guarantee you could find a hundred quotes in the news today that are stupider than this one. But I can already tell that 9 out of every 10 comments in this thread.. well, let's just say, methinks thou dost protest too much. We've already got one death threat. I expect more will have been posted by the time I submit this.

*steps back and lets Fark prove the point*
2001-12-20 06:28:46 PM  
Let's blame PETA.
2001-12-20 06:31:17 PM  
Three words..... Remember the Titans
2001-12-20 06:33:16 PM changes the whole mental construct of the issue...
Jesse, your obfuscation of the current situation is in direct relation to your percieved degredation by the congregation of boosters and backers from that greatest of institions, The University of Notre Dame.... err, something
2001-12-20 06:39:38 PM  
Pushmi_pullyu - well put...I think
2001-12-20 06:48:27 PM  
Top five black coaches that have any D-I experience
Jerry Baldwin was fired by Louisiana-Lafayette after going 6-27 over three years. Tony Samuel is 19-35 in five seasons at New Mexico State. Fitz Hill was 3-9 in his first season at San Jose State. Bobby Williams is 12-11 in two seasons at Michigan State.

The other coach is Stanford's Tyrone Willingham, who has a 44-35-1 record over seven seasons.

Their records don't give the BCA much hope. I would love to have a Black coach on major D-I team but the reality is there aren't any that will be considered qualified. The above records show the dismal performance of current black coaches. They simply need more experience at the D-I level before any are considered. and to get experience somebody has got to give a break. Catch 22 folks.
2001-12-20 06:49:26 PM  
and Jesse is an ass
2001-12-20 06:56:30 PM  
Well, just as long as they don't hire another Irish guy who lies on his resume.

Personally, I think Willingham would be a good coach for ND regardless of his color. He does a good job at Stanford. ND always complains how hard it is to work within their academic standards. Well, here's a guy who is doing it at Stanford, no academic slouch itself.
2001-12-20 06:57:38 PM  
Oh yeah, F Jesse Jackson. Rainbow/PUSH is nothing but blackmailers/extortionists. Look at the job they did on Toyota.

"Pay my organization $10 million dollars or we'll boycott."

I don't know who is worse: Mediawhore/sham artist Jesse Jackson, or the dumb ass companies who cave into his racketeering.
2001-12-20 06:58:45 PM  
Good point!! Make it Farrakhan and TWO bullets!
2001-12-20 07:03:51 PM  
I wish groups like the BCA and NAACP would not let nuts like Jackson be there spokesperson. Don't they realize he is another Helms, Fallwell, Baker, etc.? Or do us whities make it look that way so no one gives them any credit...hmmm
2001-12-20 07:08:07 PM  
Well, at least the NAACP has Kweisi Mfume as their president. I don't agree with a lot of his views, but at least he presents himself in a dignified, intelligent manner and doesnt come off like a complete arsehole like Jackson or Sharpton.
2001-12-20 07:44:53 PM  
well, I see any reason why a minority (black?) coach
wouldn't be capable of calling 200 option plays per game.
2001-12-20 07:56:50 PM  
Is this the same guy that called New York City 'Hymietown'?
2001-12-20 07:58:25 PM  
Shouldn't the Head line read

"Rev. Jackson jumps on another Misstress for not considering more Love Children"
2001-12-20 08:01:14 PM  
I didn't know Michael became a reverend. Hope he don't teach Sunday school.
2001-12-20 09:11:16 PM  
Notre Dame was window-shopping the NFL for coaches before, what about Dennis Green?
2001-12-20 09:28:21 PM  

The amount of extorsion is 700 million dollars that must go through Rainbow/puss
2001-12-20 09:42:32 PM  
jesse Jackson is nothing but a stupid farking racist who hates white people. he supposedly fights for racial equality, but all he ever does is pop his head up where he doesnt think there are enough black people.
2001-12-20 09:44:50 PM  
If he's so worried about minorities, why doesn't he start some kind of business and hire just minorities. Then someone can nag the hell out of him.
2001-12-20 10:02:31 PM  
I think what a fine Catholic institution like Notre Dame needs is more Arab-Americans on their staff. Stop distorting these upstanding American citizens as terrorists and let them prove themselves!
2001-12-20 10:56:27 PM  
Jesse, Jesse, Jesse - ND already had a black leprechaun.

Get with the times, man! ND's already got your game, and the greenmail check is in the mail.
2001-12-20 11:05:36 PM  
Jesse Jackson only hurts his own cause. If a black coach is hired now, people will be quietly skeptical of his legitimacy, and call it affirmative action in sports. He would be considered a figure-head, a prop, a token minority to enhance their white liberal image. Sure, I'm for equality and diversity, but instead of using diplomatic back-channels to argue his case, he orders a press conference and makes a circus out of the opportunity. Jesse Jackson became largely irrelevant twenty years ago, and his continuing blunders and missteps further weaken his legacy.
2001-12-20 11:22:12 PM  
I am bothered that many "cave in"when he comes on the scene (Toyota)...Jesse does more harm than good!
2001-12-21 12:05:30 AM  
If they are behind on their asshole quota, they should hire Jesse, then fire him after five days (which would mean he got equal treatment with the honky).
2001-12-21 02:34:02 AM  
Jackson is an ass.
2001-12-21 02:44:08 AM  
Rebrane: And Jesse himself *isn't* a bigot? Suuuuuuure. If you ask me, his actions border on being an inverted form of racism. (Racism of any kind = bad)
2001-12-21 03:18:02 AM  
Test...This is only a test, for the next 60 seconds.....

stupid farkin handsome and attractive Afro-Americam

Just checking the filter to see if its working
2001-12-21 07:24:18 AM  
I know this won't be read but...

Disasterbator, South Bend is not rural Indiana. A million people live in Michiana (the name for the area). The black population is 11.5%, right about the national population. This percentage includes the little podunk mostly white towns surrounding SB.

Still, if you get bored, Chicago is less than 90 miles away.
2001-12-21 09:00:27 AM  
Musta been a slow day in the extortion business.

Poor Jesse, life has passed him by. Nothing left to do but the porn bizness for Jesse, Sharpton and Farakhan.
2001-12-21 12:41:58 PM  
Let see ...There is cable channel...Jet mag.....just to name a few. What does Jessie have to say about that? He needs to shut up anyway or drop the Rev thing "for he has sinned"

have not heard a peep out of Tilton or Baker..

Silence is golden
2001-12-21 02:14:43 PM  
Extortionist. Period.
2001-12-21 03:07:25 PM  
it's not always a black and white issue.. some people are more qualified than others... It's still being racist when someone says there aren't enough blacks somewhere, for the sole purpose of having someone of that skin color there (nothing to do with who they are behind the skin).
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