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2001-12-21 05:00:20 AM  
Heh heh heh. Take that, Chomsky!

Then again, they could always raise more funds by selling heroin. Mmm. Heroin!
2001-12-21 05:01:24 AM  
New headline

"Intellectual right-wing pigmy is out of his depth so resorts to smearing one of the most respected academics in the world"

perhaps a stupid tag would be more appropriate?
2001-12-21 05:05:36 AM  
Ripping Chomsky isn't exactly a new phenomenon, linguists have been doing it for almost 50 years now.
2001-12-21 05:06:07 AM  
OH NO! Noam is making us THINK again. I mean - honestly - entertain the possibility that you are wrong for a moment, it will make you honest and maybe smarter.
2001-12-21 05:08:48 AM  
Yet not one has ever disproved his theory Pfire.

And they've tried, oh how they have tried.
2001-12-21 05:15:44 AM  
Wow. Ripping somebody a new one, then discovering that you got the facts wrong yourself, then proceeding with the ripping anyways.

Hero my ass.
2001-12-21 05:17:14 AM  
Chomsky as a linguist is acknowleged but I think his political stances are as inflammatory as any the right put out. He sure as hell doesn't have the journalistic integrity of his facts as say, I.F.(Izzy) Stone did. His views may make you think in an opposite direction but he's caustic and his ego enormous. He still lives on Haight-Asbury of the past.
2001-12-21 05:18:27 AM  
What a moderate magazine:


And we are supposed to take this seriously?

Oh and this one about how beasiality stalks America:

2001-12-21 05:19:58 AM  
No-one likes a radical on either side except their similarly radical bretheren. People just post these articles to fark to incite political debate, at least that's my way of seeing it.
2001-12-21 05:20:40 AM  
Sorry to go on but this just gets better and better,

"We must bring back old-fashioned vice-squad crackdowns on prostitution, however upscale. We need to use the logic of protecting children to seriously suppress pornography to the greatest extent compatible with not turning it into a black-market commodity. We must tax porn to make it unprofitable. We must ban sex-ed in public schools, where it has become a propaganda service for the normalization of perversion and an assault on parental responsibility. We must restore the stigma of unwed motherhood and fatherhood. Transsexualism should be banned except in cases of sex-chromosome abnormality. Hate crime laws giving crimes against homosexuals a higher status than equivalent crimes against other people must be repealed.

For the sake of the sheep, we must."

Im bookmarking this to cheers myself up at the stupidity of some people.
2001-12-21 05:35:40 AM  

Jebus H. Crist on rollerskates, man! Can't you see what an utter fantasy world Chomsky is living in?

The man makes utterly spuriously claims about a secret campaign to kill the afghans as we drop aid packages. It takes a relentless hatred of logic and empirical verification to live in that kind of fantasy world.
Oh yes, and all those thousands who died at the WTC deserved it, because they lived in wicked, racist America. In that Case Noam, ya won't mind if put some lead in that vacant dome of yours? After all, you are a wicked AmeriKKKan citizen of the 4th, 5th and 6th reichs. The fact that Chomsky can be "most respected academics in the world" condemns the tastes of our times.
2001-12-21 05:38:31 AM  
That right wing rag stuff you quoted is a hoped for work in progress with little chance of success while the Taliban conducted an actual religious pogrom against its on people.
Chomsky, I believe has as little faith in democratic involvement of people to change and is just as elitist in seeing his brand of truth projected as the Taliban do. Both have monumental egos. Also Chomsky's political views certainly don't require deification but scrutiny.
2001-12-21 05:44:08 AM  
I love it
2001-12-21 05:44:38 AM  
perhaps Noam should have pretended to be a stand up comic like Bill Hicks. I'd liked to have seen them try and flame HIM while he was still alive.
"Don't debate me it's my one true skill" :- Bill Hicks.
2001-12-21 05:47:32 AM  
Wow, extreme Right wing writer uses "Facts" to smear an extreme Left wing writer's "Facts". Now that's news!! I'm sure there will be a lot of intelligent discussion and absolutely no childish name calling in the forums soon. I can't wait to be enlightened.

Um sorry, but am I the only one getting tired of reading these?
2001-12-21 05:49:28 AM  
I've just come back from that Salvation Army thread from last night - what a riot! Did anyone see the uber-cheese photos of B52s with "The Salvation Army" stuck on them?
2001-12-21 05:50:31 AM  
You know, people's opinions don't look stupid until they start arguing for them (and using farked up words like "rebuttal").
2001-12-21 05:51:44 AM  
Talk about BIAS! A tidbit from another article on that site:

"...the real shocker in store is that eventually bestiality will become not just normal, but a core tenet of liberalism."

Well, okay maybe they got that one right. Bad example.
2001-12-21 05:55:11 AM  
Those filthy, no-good liberals. Bestiality. Who would've thought...
2001-12-21 05:55:46 AM  
The article has facts in it, but the writer dosn't seem to be using them. Probably because he can't.

Anyway, Shame on Chomsky for bad mouthing the USA, the worlds greatest democracy (smirk)
2001-12-21 05:57:44 AM  
People don't like Chomsky because his ideas disrupt the status quo. They bring up the possibily that the media might not be telling us everything. People would rather have the infotainment that passes as journalism today. I recently re-read 1984, and it reminded me of how dead-on Orwell was.

And Hairyscotsman2 - What do you mean "pretended to be a stand up comic like Bill Hicks?" Bill Hicks, besides being a great social commentator, was one of the funniest men I have ever seen. Or do you prefer prop comics like Carrot Top.

And PFire - Why do you say that linquists have been ripping Chomsky for 50 years? From what I studied, he is almost universally praised for his work in this field.
2001-12-21 05:58:26 AM  
"bestiality will become not just normal, but a core tenet of liberalism."

A lot of Republicans have seen the donkey show and LIKED IT!!

2001-12-21 06:00:42 AM  
Glad im a socialist and not a liberal

2001-12-21 06:03:08 AM  
"I recently re-read 1984, and it reminded me of how dead-on Orwell was."

Perhaps in the light of the "bestiality will become not just normal, but a core tenet of liberalism" quote maybe Animal Farm is the better book to refer to ;)

Oh and I think you've misunderstood Hairyscotsman2 point.
2001-12-21 06:04:05 AM  
If Chomsky hates this country so much, why does he still live here? He pays taxes which goes to the government who gives the money to the military who are causing this huge "silent genocide" in Afghanistan.

So fark you, Chomsky.

He does live in US, right? Or my comments will be void.
2001-12-21 06:07:38 AM  
Oh, now we get that typical black/white thing again: you either like the US and everything they stand for, or you criticize some of their actions and thereby have to hate all of it (and you should move out)...

Can people that use this line of "logic" really not see the flaws in it?
2001-12-21 06:09:19 AM  
Dido: No.
2001-12-21 06:10:16 AM  
Well Fb doesnt live in America so his views dont matter?

Egg yolk, well researched comments as ever, ;)
2001-12-21 06:10:34 AM  
And indeed, in the article, the "facts" are not used to dismiss Chomsky's statements.

Hindsight vision is always 20/20 and thus not really valid to disprove somebody's earlier statements (unless you go for the "I told you so" strategy - in which case, you'd better wait until you've got OBL...)

And common sense just ain't common. See the article...
2001-12-21 06:11:17 AM  
uh... Goatman: You always answer rethoical questions?
2001-12-21 06:11:34 AM  
And what about rethorical ones?
2001-12-21 06:11:58 AM  
No doubt about it that journalistic integrity and honesty are whored out on the mass media. If it's on CNN/FOX et al then it has to be true.
Thank goodness there's the Star and National Enquirer
2001-12-21 06:12:00 AM  
Should he answer that one Dido?
2001-12-21 06:13:16 AM  
If its not on Newsround then it's not true.
2001-12-21 06:13:32 AM  
Oh thanks girls. I'm all confused again now.
2001-12-21 06:13:48 AM  
Harmonia: what would you expect from someone who proposes sexual activities with people he disagrees with?

"I do not agree with what you say. Let's have sex"
2001-12-21 06:14:13 AM  
EggYolkEnema: "Love it or leave it" arguments are weak. Perhaps like others who find things imperfect, rather than fleeing he chooses to stay to fix what he sees as wrong. Just like Falwell, who most Farkers would tell to go to Afghanistan.
That aside, this critique of Chomsky is one of the worst I have seen. I think he makes a lot of good points, some things I don't agree with, same as with anyone, but these people don't even argue with him. They just make straw men to bash.


2001-12-21 06:14:57 AM  
This article doesn't contradict Chomsky very well, it just attacks him ad hominem. The author uses hearsay to counter the points Chomsky makes; he's not actually quoting any provable facts, from what I can see. Circular logic; the author attacks Chomsky for using half-assed uverified facts from various publications, then goes on to try to counter Chomsky's claims by using half-assed uverified facts from various publications.

Straw men arguments, ad-hominem attacks, and hearsay. This is crap.

Like I say, BOTH sides in this thing are fools. Nobody takes the middle road. We're doomed.
2001-12-21 06:15:10 AM  
ABOARD THE USS JOHN C. STENNIS (CNN) -- For the first time since arriving in the region December 15, several aircraft from the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis dropped bombs on eastern Afghanistan on Friday.

http://www.cnn.com/2001/WORLD/asiapcf/central/12/21/ret.afghan.strikes​/index.h tml

And here was me thinking that the war was over.......
2001-12-21 06:15:59 AM  
Harmonia: (damn those crossing posts) Nah, I don't think an answer is necessary, as I know he usually doesn't... Unless he is changing his answering strategies, in which case I would appreciate an answer...

Goatman: Just ignore the above... ;)
2001-12-21 06:18:29 AM  
Korz & Nuisance: Welcome aboard!

Now I'm waiting for someone to try and explain the actual value of this article to me...
2001-12-21 06:18:56 AM  
I have to say, Chomsky is very clever and this guy is clearly not. He never actually gives any real examples of Chomsky being wrong (because he isn't, obviously), he just deconstructs the way the speech was presented, which is utterly beside the point.
Of course none of this will matter to most people reading the article because they're all already pre-disposed to hating anyone who points out what's wrong with america. In fact, several of them are likely to effectively deride my attempt at actually putting some intelligence to good use by gibbering things about "cock and ball torture". Sigh.
2001-12-21 06:18:58 AM  
Chomsky makes valid points at times as does Rush Limbaugh.
Chomsky should stick to linguistics.
Limbaugh to cutting cheese.

Neither one carries decisively any political weight but both can Omar their followers while they head for the mountain for furthur "insights".
2001-12-21 06:20:17 AM  
"the real shocker in store is that eventually bestiality will become not just normal, but a core tenet of liberalism."

Cmon Dido thats the quote of the week!
2001-12-21 06:21:57 AM  
Q:Why is it all the academics and well educated people like Chomsky seem to be the people who won't shut up about this?

A: Question answers itself.
2001-12-21 06:22:57 AM  
Chaos ensues.
2001-12-21 06:23:24 AM  
Harmonia: but wasn't that allready true? Together with the ritual burning of meateaters and all religious folks?
2001-12-21 06:24:14 AM  
Rip Chomsky apart? HAHA you wish. Chomsky is a genius, people don't like him because he goes against the norm and dares to question. I've heard from sources that he is horribly censored in the US and only receives negative press. Elsewhere in the world, he is very respected and rightfully so.
2001-12-21 06:24:42 AM  
Fb! how are things, wherever it is you live, this morning?
2001-12-21 06:26:46 AM  
I honestly tried to read it .. but got bored halfway through point 2. Damn I wish I could take that five minutes back. At least it will make Rei pages look more digestable.
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