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(Aint-It-Cool-News)   Trailer for "The Scorpion King" is now up. Try to contain yourselves.   ( divider line
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3365 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Dec 2001 at 8:38 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-20 08:42:56 AM  
"Bees are on the what now?"
2001-12-20 08:43:02 AM  
Is this a joke? Are they actually making this movie, or is this just some sort of hoax to fool "The Rock"?
2001-12-20 08:43:11 AM  
If there were a way to combine the words horrible and terrible....that would be the way to describe the way this
film looks. Of course, after seeing The Lord of the Rings last night, no other movie will come close to comparing for a long time....say a year.
2001-12-20 08:46:39 AM  
If they're trying to fool The Rock, isn't this severe overkill?
2001-12-20 08:50:41 AM  
damn you two beat me to it
2001-12-20 08:59:49 AM  
Did anyone else notice that in that trailer he was completely unable to lose the persona of "The Rock" for this movie? His speaking lines were awful: he couldn't even get "yes" out without me exploding into laughter.
2001-12-20 09:05:13 AM  
Hey, the chick (Kelly Hu) is hot.
2001-12-20 09:07:51 AM  
"If there were a way to combine the words horrible and terrible..."

Epicly kitschy badtackular?
2001-12-20 09:25:36 AM  
Do you have to smoke some scorpions to enjoy the movie? I think this movie would go over great in Afghanistan.
2001-12-20 09:26:16 AM  
Thank you henchman....This movie looks Craptackular!!!!
2001-12-20 09:39:23 AM  
Jack of all trades master of none, to bad, to bad

I swear if they give Essa Rios his own movie or releases a salsa album I'll snap, some things don't mix and WWF and hollywood are 2, at least the people who made Nash Bridges realized that giving Stone Cold his own show based off the character he played, and lets not forget about Hulk Hogan and his film career with such movies as "Santa With Muscles", "Suburban Commando" and "The Secret Agent Club" (yes these are real movies check

I'm sure it will rank right up there with Kazaam!!!
2001-12-20 09:52:05 AM  
I'd like to see a remake of the original "Lethal Weapon" starring the Dudley Brothers.
2001-12-20 09:52:52 AM  

I thought this wasgoing to be a sweet little disney movie about a baby scorpion growing up in the wilds of africa with his two pals timmy the tarantula and paul the parrot. oh well maybe next year
2001-12-20 09:56:41 AM  
craptastic indeed..
2001-12-20 10:01:18 AM  
Hey, the chick (Kelly Hu) is hot.

Kelly who?

sorry, i'll go sit in the corner now.
2001-12-20 10:03:34 AM  
Wasn't there a condensed version of this movie in the Mummy Returns?
2001-12-20 10:04:01 AM  
It looks like a blockbuster, and it will make millions regardless of it's good or bad. That's how movies work these days.
2001-12-20 10:26:17 AM  
Last night on ET they said there is already talk of a sequel to this.
2001-12-20 10:40:48 AM  
Apple also has the new Austin Powers and Blade2 teaser trailers.
2001-12-20 10:43:56 AM  
The only way I'm going to see this piece of tripe is if it's 2 hours of footage of scorpions stinging The Rock. And even then, I'd only see it when it came on cable.
2001-12-20 10:48:03 AM  
Worst...Trailers...Ever. (saw Blade2 and AP last night at LotR) AAWWWWFULLLLL!
2001-12-20 10:52:05 AM  
Ahh I think you guys are being a bit too harsh. Has Ahnold ever been able to play anyone but Ahnold? Or Stallone? It's an action flick without too much brain power -- just like Rambo, Die Hard, Commando, Predator, etc. Not every movie has to be something great and meaningful like Citizen Kane (as anyone who's seen American Pie, Scary Movie, Charlie's Angels, The One, etc. can testify)

I didn't think the trailer looked THAT bad. I'd spend $5 to see it.
2001-12-20 10:52:10 AM  
Hahaha, they showed this trailer before LOTR yesterday.
It's a hoot. My favorite reaction was from the couple
sitting behind me; during the stunned post-trailer silence,
he says "Hey, that might be good." She: "You actually
want to SEE that???" Chuckles all around.

Hey you never know; remember that Austrian bodybuilder
who barely spoke English yet became one of the biggest
action movie stars of all time? The Rock could end up
becoming the next Ah-nold. He's already got the catch
phrases for it, rooty poo jabronis who smell his cooking
and whatnot.
2001-12-20 10:56:27 AM  
On behalf of the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment:

You Fark reading, Chip Eating, Porn Oggling Pieces of Monkey Crap, Know your Role, and Shut your Mouth!
2001-12-20 11:05:49 AM  

Looked ok to me.
2001-12-20 11:25:25 AM  
i dont know why i am the first to ask this.... but was this article really worthy of making it on FARK? i mean come on... who the hell is apporiving these things today... does anyone even care??? oh the humanity of it all...

this is heading off to be a craptastic day indeed..
2001-12-20 11:25:34 AM  
I won't download this, and I'm on cable. ;)

Although I'm sure all the WWF fans will eat it up.
2001-12-20 11:40:23 AM  
"but was this article really worthy of making it on FARK?"

It has a "Stupid" tag, doesn't it?
2001-12-20 11:42:38 AM  
"If there were a way to combine the words horrible and terrible..."

2001-12-20 11:43:34 AM  
Us trailer park folk will love this movie. Ma loves to watch the Rock in the evening, after viddles.
2001-12-20 11:43:55 AM  
I saw the previews for this on The Mummy Returns DVD.

In a word: Gack.
2001-12-20 11:45:55 AM  
Saw the trailer last nite at LOTR. I would rather drive a rusty nail thru my scrotum than sit in on that little slice 'o hell. Simply put, I've seen better uses of celluloid material on a fat chick's legs.
2001-12-20 12:00:55 PM  
Speaking as a wrestling fan, I do not want to see this movie at all. I hate the Rock.
2001-12-20 12:07:32 PM  
Hardyzl- Thank god a wrestling fan is here to show us the way. Finally a voice of reason!
2001-12-20 12:08:28 PM  
Saw it last night too. Sucked like a hoover. Even had the gall to use the "Conan" soundtrack for the trailer.

2001-12-20 12:19:45 PM  
I would rather drive a rusty nail thru my scrotum than sit in on that little slice 'o hell..
I wouldn't. I'd much rather watch any movie than do anything like that.

So because Dwayne Johnson billed as 'the rock' stars in this movie it's suddenly a 'wrestling movie'. Is that what people are taking issue with? Johnson is a pretty charismatic, and I think he could develop himself into a major name in the action movie genre.

Always a lot of posts by people who don't ever watch the link / or read the article. Why not try having an informed opinion for once? -it's really the only one worth having.
2001-12-20 12:26:24 PM  

I am hoping that the Rock is a better actor than wrestler, because let us review a typical Dwayne Johnson Yawnfest-

Piss-poor Belly to Belly Suplex
Piss Poor Sharpshooter
Rock Bottom
Peoples Elbow.

He knows four moves, and does two of them poorly. But he does cut a sweet promo.

Wow. I need a hobby.
2001-12-20 12:36:55 PM  
Well, it might be something cool to watch. Once it comes out on DVD and I can download it on Morpheus, of course. Looks like a simple acton flick, and hell, it's better than watching Stallone trying to stumble through his line in ANY of his movies.
2001-12-20 01:05:11 PM  
"If ya smellllllllllllllllllllalalalalala what the Rock is cooking" ( insert peoples eyebrow here). And by the way.....
I'd like to see a remake of the original "Lethal Weapon" starring the Dudley Brothers.
----------------------------------------------------------------------​-------- --
It's the Dudley Boys for christs sake. Get your wrestling facts straight Jebroni.
2001-12-20 01:11:45 PM  
YES! I CAN "smellllllllllllllllllllalalalalala what the Rock is cooking!". Oh wait... no, that was just something I stepped in.
2001-12-20 01:18:40 PM  
A debate about professional wrestling. I dont even need to make a joke about this, do I?
2001-12-20 01:25:11 PM  
You're talking about wrastlin. Now wrestling. There is a difference.
2001-12-20 01:30:21 PM  
No way he is better than Haystack Calhoun!!!!!
2001-12-20 01:34:01 PM  
Yeah, rasslin' is what the folks mourning the demise of the Camaro watch. Wrestling is the sport that gives you the interesting-shaped ears.
2001-12-20 01:47:46 PM  
I know I'm going to Be Publicly Pummeled here. But I Might Just go see that Movie.
2001-12-20 01:50:12 PM  
Anyone else notice that they're playing the Anvil of Crom from Conan as their theme music. I don't like that. That music was composed specifically for Conan, and these hacks decide to play it for this stinking steaming pile of grade A monkeycrap?
2001-12-20 02:11:57 PM  
Kinda like how they trot out the theme from "Bram Stoker's Dracula" for every b-horror flick nowadays?
2001-12-20 02:16:17 PM  
I'd like to see it
2001-12-20 02:29:25 PM  
"In a time of darkness... in the face of evil... in a trailer of hackneyed cliches..."
2001-12-20 03:02:40 PM  
Anyone remember the old Mid South wrestling days. Ahhh those were the times...Junkyard Dog, Ted Dibiase (before the million dollar man gimmick), The Freebirds, *sigh*.....
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