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2001-12-21 12:24:55 AM  
Cool review. I'll def see this movie.
2001-12-21 12:25:50 AM  
Great movie, I dont need to read any fancy review to know that. But I will look it over anyhow. I think I will go see it again because I missed like 3 minutes while I was in the bathroom. Soda and three hour long movies dont mix.
2001-12-21 12:26:39 AM  
Review was cool. Must see movie. Where is the photoshop ;)

Damn, I'm impatient.
2001-12-21 12:29:26 AM  
*channels spirit of Comic Book Guy*

Best Movie Ever.
2001-12-21 12:34:06 AM  
For any of you that haven't seen it, you must go as soon as possible before some idiot spoils it for you. Its oscar-caliber, much like Gladiator was the must see movie of last year. The fight scenes are my favorite part of the movie, and thus far Legolas is my favorite character in the movie. He sure is a demon with that bow. There is even a fair bit of humor in the movie.
2001-12-21 12:39:15 AM  
Gladiator blows.
2001-12-21 12:41:31 AM  
That was eloquent, well-thought out, truthful, and entertaining. Good show, good show. I particularly appreciate the small bits of social commentary and the brief discussion of Tolkein's tendency to drone ON and ON about lembas wafers and rolling hillsides. Well done.
2001-12-21 12:44:22 AM  
I stopped watching movies right after I finished watching Gummo. Nothing, and I mean nothing has been the same since I saw that movie.

If you haven't, do it.
If you have, you know.
2001-12-21 12:44:23 AM  
E Gladiator was a damn good movie and you know it.

Geddysciple Yeah, Im kinda ashamed to admit it now but I never finished the LOTR books. I got halfway through Two Towers and quit, his writing seemed really boring and detailed to me. I prefer authors like George R R Martin, Terry Goodkind, or Robert Jordan.
2001-12-21 12:45:45 AM  
It seems to me that Tolkien was great because of his creative mind when it came to story elements. Characters, environments, worlds, languages...all his genius. But plot? From what I recall of the books, the plot dragged on and on, often being a bit too obviously constructed to be believeable.

Except for the bit about elves. I believe that bit.
2001-12-21 12:48:37 AM  
Good show, Aeonite.
2001-12-21 12:49:15 AM  
Legolas and Aragorn were both badasses in the movie (I just got back from seeing it.)
2001-12-21 12:50:15 AM  
That was very well written review. But I have to disagree with the last bit saying that the genre of Lord of the Rings is dead. It is not necessarily dead it is just that D&D has now claimed the position of entry level. This is the place it always kept. D&D has always been geared for people who have never played roleplaying games before and have had little exposure to fantasy. After a little while when the players mature they move on to more advanced roleplaying and more visceral fantasy like GURPS, World of Darkness, or Paladium.

But to say that the dark fantasy genre is dead is a little premature. It is there, it is just not as obvious as the kiddie toys that Hasbro makes.
2001-12-21 12:52:00 AM  
Bigpeeler: Yeah... Gummo is ummmm... well, it's Gummo. It definitely leaves a lasting impression.
2001-12-21 12:53:09 AM  
Jph How about Boromir man... did you notice that there were somthing like 30 uruk-hai laying dead around him and then he killed almost a dozen more with arrows sticking out of his chest. That is one driven farking man.
2001-12-21 12:53:35 AM  
Just saw it tonight. Best movie of the year, if for no other reason than it includes Orlando Bloom. He did some major damage with that bow. Oh yeah, and he is the hottest person I've ever seen.
Pic is in my bio, if you don't know who he is.
i would say more, but I don't want to spoil the film for any of you. I would suggest you see it soon, as it's gonna be all the talk in a few days, and people may unintentionally give away some plot points.
2001-12-21 12:56:27 AM  
dude gummo is the worst farking movie ever made.
i couldnt even fall asleep cuz i wanted to see if what was going on was really happening. i couldnt belive anyone could make a movie that boring. myself and 4 other people that watched it together were in disbelief over how awful the movie was. words cant even describe.

gladiator was really really good though.
2001-12-21 12:56:45 AM  
OH! and see Amelie too!
2001-12-21 12:59:40 AM  
Gummo was much better than Gladiator
2001-12-21 12:59:47 AM  
saw it lastnight it was awsome, reading the second book now, i would recomend it i think they did a good job with it
2001-12-21 12:59:48 AM  
Gladiator was good, yes, until my roommate ranted about how awesome it is for 4 straight months.... completely ruined it for me.
2001-12-21 01:10:17 AM  
I felt like I was cheating on Star Wars by seeing LotR at the midnight first showing...
2001-12-21 01:18:25 AM  
Lord of the Rings was a good movie. I saw it this afternoon, 3:15 showing, with only about half the theater full (although some did clap at the end). Legolas ruled big time. He had some major bow work going on at point blank range. The guy Alec Baldwin played took quite a beating, but really shouldn't have been able to withstand as much as he did. One of the people with whom I went saw it yesterday and today. He happily sat through 6 hours of it. Oh yeah, I haven't read the book. I meant to do that, but never got around to it. I enjoy long, engrossing books, although I don't like fantasy quite as much. Anyway, I would suggest going to see the movie, even if only because it is long. That's the furthest my $5.25 ever went at a movie theater. Two hours and fifty minutes is quite a long time (I saw Titanic, but it was at the dollar movie theater, so that doesn't count).
2001-12-21 01:18:46 AM  
... Question : I read the first two books long ago , I'm thinking 1975 at the age of ten . That was many bong hits and bottles of Scotch ago . I can't remember too much of the story line . ??????????? :
Will I dig the Movie , or should I re-read ?
2001-12-21 01:18:52 AM  
ah, you poor, poor, big-budget, mainstream movie loving fools....Gladiator was 'the must see movie' of last year?


If you want to see Crowe in a good movie that isnt aimed at the lowest common denominator, check out The Insider
2001-12-21 01:20:51 AM  
That review was dead-on.

I'll join the other 10,000 people who've already said, 'That was a kickass movie'.

2001-12-21 01:22:22 AM  
I loved 'The Insider', Theman. Not all of us ignore the good movies.
2001-12-21 01:23:49 AM  
What the-? Um, Alec Baldwin didn't play anyone in LotR. Check Imdb, bro.
2001-12-21 01:24:23 AM  

Robert Jordan is incredibly descriptive, even more than Tolkien.

The movie was incredible. You can't leave out Gimli throwin' axes and wielding two while fighting that troll. I have to see it again just to remember who said my favorite line: "They have a cave troll," or something close to that. Think it was Boromir...
2001-12-21 01:24:24 AM  
Kanonball You'll dig the movie. Tolkiens writing style can be pretty grating. However, the filmed translation kicks ass. Check it out, if you don't like it I will personally mail you the cost of the ticket.
2001-12-21 01:25:15 AM  

Lions ate him....hmmmm I must have missed that part.
2001-12-21 01:27:22 AM  
BloodyL, if you're talking about Boromir, Sean Bean played his character, not Alec Baldwin. In fact, Alec Baldwin wasn't in this movie at all. Where the hell did you get that?

Legolas was badass (and hot).

2001-12-21 01:28:48 AM  
Lions ate THEM..as in the other gladiators, Badriver72.
2001-12-21 01:30:42 AM  
We need a spoiler tag, so we can discuss the movie without ruining it for people who stumble onto the topic.
Just a thought. I really want to talk about the unintentionally funny scenes..

Ahh Not Oprah Legolas is a 5 alarm fire, isn't he?
I just know I'm going to be seeing this at least 4 more times, just to admire his, um, bow skills.
2001-12-21 01:32:06 AM  
Thanx ! S. G. , You're on .

Anyone else , who read the book a long time ago and has seen the film ?
2001-12-21 01:32:17 AM  
badriver: you didnt miss anything in the movie, you misread what I wrote-

I didnt say 'him', I said 'them'- geez, read what you quote why dontcha?
2001-12-21 01:38:41 AM  
Hey I got a pointless question not related to this topic at all...so I will keep it brief. I think I am the only person that never teared up at the end of "The Green Mile". A bunch of friends and I went to see it and at the last 5 minutes of the movie I heard weird noises from all over the theater, so i looked around and saw that i was ankle deep in tears. Anyone else not tear up at the end of that movie?...just a question....
2001-12-21 01:38:46 AM  

That's so subtly disturbing. I can't look at it straight-on.
2001-12-21 01:38:49 AM  
As a cynic who read the books and likes to dissect things, I tried several times to look at the movie critically. I couldn't. It just sucked me in and made me forget myself. Been a long time since a movie's done that for me.
Still had a couple snide comments to sneak in, though:

"On second thought, let's not go to Rivendell. 'Tis a silly place."

[Balrog thundering in the distance]
Boromir: "What manner of deviltry is this?!"
Me: "What did you do, Ray?"
My friend: "...it's the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man."

If it's been a while since you read the books, no big deal. You'll recognize the important stuff. If you've never read the books, no big deal either. Just don't go into it expecting a concise little storyline.

I can't believe I have to wait 2 years to finish watching the whole thing.
2001-12-21 01:38:50 AM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
Yes, he sure is, Sweater Girl. =D

2001-12-21 01:38:51 AM  
Kanon no problem. Please take me up on it.

Bigpeeler stupid stupid question, but how do I post a pic here? I have the image addy, but I don't know what to put before and after.

*bows head and feels like a loser*
2001-12-21 01:39:26 AM  
Well I, for one, liked both The Insider and Gladiator. The Insider was more of an intellectual film, filled with intrigue and suspence and coprorate greed, and Gladiator was a fun, epic, Sparticus-type movie about a hero's journey. I would definately recommend both of them.
2001-12-21 01:42:21 AM  
Theman: You said "a guy" then "he" then "he" again then you through in them. I am sorry if i misread your post. Don't get a furball about it.
2001-12-21 01:42:24 AM  
<img src="image_addy">
2001-12-21 01:45:11 AM  
2001-12-21 01:45:30 AM  
2001-12-21 01:46:14 AM  
FARK! I thought I did it right!

*hangs head in shame* can one of ya'll post that pic for me?

I'm such a loser.
2001-12-21 01:46:17 AM  
img src="http://img-www.theonering.net/images/scrapbook/921.jpg">

Copy and paste that into your post, Sweater Girl. =)

2001-12-21 01:47:33 AM  
img src="http://img-www.theonering.net/images/scrapbook/921.jpg">
2001-12-21 01:47:40 AM  
ahhh screw it.. there ya go

[image from img-www.theonering.net too old to be available]
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