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2220 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Dec 2001 at 2:13 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-20 02:20:49 AM  
2001-12-20 02:21:03 AM  
I still like that cartoon. Maybe just because I'm one of those people who can relate to it (unemployed Software Developer since July, the bastards!!).
2001-12-20 02:27:41 AM  
Odd Todd's Site

Now watch the cartoon and stop yer griping.
2001-12-20 02:33:03 AM  
after one week of this laid off unemployed shiat, i'm starting to see where my life is going... which is nowhere.
2001-12-20 03:11:19 AM  
Funniest shiat I've seen in awhile!
2001-12-20 03:20:45 AM  
I first saw that cartoon months ago. It was posted here, if I recall. I'm just a little bitter that the guy's raked in four thousand dollars worth of donations.. I'm in the wrong business -- I never knew whining about being unemployed could be so lucrative.
2001-12-20 06:38:01 AM  
Being laid off is much more entertaining when you have a young child...

First thought upon going back to work:

"I have to give the babysitter a raise."
2001-12-20 06:51:54 AM  

That was just wretched.

And what is with the "Little Nicky" voice-over?

After seeing this, it certainly explains why this man has no job.

No talent = No job
2001-12-20 09:30:45 AM  
Bah, mainstream news is nothing compared to being parodied by The Onion: third item on main page -- "Laid-Off Website Designer Designs Website About Being Laid Off." I'd place more weight on a parody than a news story!
2001-12-20 10:21:27 AM  
That was really stupid and unfunny. Especially his contrived voice.
Worse than Blair Witch Project.
2001-12-20 11:47:45 AM  
Ends every sentence with a question mark? I sure as hell wouldn't hire him. My gut reaction would be to run him over with my truck.
2001-12-20 12:25:13 PM  
It was posted here about a month ago -- that's why I put the tag as "Followup." I love OddTodd and am extremely pleased he is right here in Manhattan...I had assumed he was West Coast-based for no apparent reason before I found this article.
2001-12-20 03:15:57 PM
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