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(CNN)   Ohio Police actually stopped their Freeway Camper suspect for speeding twice since the shootings started   ( divider line
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2004-03-16 03:02:36 PM  
2004-03-16 03:03:22 PM  
begging for a dumbass tag for that trooper
2004-03-16 03:04:15 PM  
I guess this means I should move my sniper rifle to the back seat when driving through Ohio.
2004-03-16 03:04:24 PM  
WOO HOO...I can't believe they green lighted this one...
2004-03-16 03:04:29 PM  
2004-03-16 03:05:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Move along, nothing to see here.
2004-03-16 03:05:53 PM  
he was probably white.
2004-03-16 03:06:02 PM  
So that's where the Boulder, Colorado police got transferred to...
2004-03-16 03:06:04 PM  
the article doesn't say anything about a sniper rifle on the passenger seat

2004-03-16 03:06:10 PM  
sometimes i really wish that i didnt live in ohio
2004-03-16 03:06:42 PM  
This wouldn't have happened if the Supreme Court hadn't installed Bu$h and A$$croft in a silent, bloodless coup.
2004-03-16 03:06:46 PM  
These are not the droids you're looking for. Move along...

I love rednecks with Jedi mind powers.
2004-03-16 03:07:11 PM  
2004-03-16 03:07:17 PM  
I see nothing in the article about a warning for a "sniper" rifle on the front seat. Are we just making up things for headlines now?
2004-03-16 03:07:42 PM  
Deluge of Farkers screaming bloody murder who would also be screaming bloody murder when an officer doesn't let them off with a warning in 3... 2... 1...
2004-03-16 03:07:47 PM  
Maybe I'm getting blind, but where in the article does it say "let go with warning for carrying sniper rifle on passenger seat"?

I can't even find a mention of the word rifle in the article.
2004-03-16 03:08:04 PM  
Your tax dollars at work...
2004-03-16 03:08:14 PM  
Just like the pigs that let the naked, beaten man be released into Dahmer's 'care'.

Forgot about your trivial bullshiat, people. Your police are far more in need of oversight than your criminals.

When's the last time you heard, "fark the criminals!"

2004-03-16 03:08:16 PM  
"Be on the lookout for a red sedan..."
Chief Wiggum:
"That's more of a burgundy."

2004-03-16 03:08:24 PM  
To play off Eclectic, who beat me to the punchline:

This isn't the rifle you are looking for
2004-03-16 03:08:35 PM  
And I was the first to question, just the last to add my comment.

/mutters about slow fingers...
2004-03-16 03:08:38 PM  
My previous comment deleted in 3...2...
2004-03-16 03:09:07 PM  
...McCoy owns a dark green 1999 Geo Metro with a black hood...

Ah yes, the standard sniper vehicle of choice.
2004-03-16 03:09:10 PM  
This guy is probably embarrassed about the kind of car he is driving. How was he speeding in a metro?
2004-03-16 03:09:40 PM  
Authorities said McCoy owns a dark green 1999 Geo Metro with a black hood... and primer-gray fenders. License plate is SNYP3R.
2004-03-16 03:09:59 PM  
hasn't been the first time...​?sect=1

"They called the police, who logged the call at 9:58 p.m. and broadcast an incorrect description of the killer as a black male. Consequently, when patrolmen Donald Foukes and Eric Zelms responded in a radio car and noticed a heavyset white man sauntering east on Jackson Street, they made no effort to apprehend him. Despite the intensive search of the area that followed, the killer's head start allowed him to escape, probably to a nearby getaway car."
2004-03-16 03:10:06 PM  
Pappas also said the suspect is considered "suicidal with homicidal tendencies," although he declined to say how authorities came to that conclusion.

Followed by

Authorities said McCoy owns a dark green 1999 Geo Metro with a black hood

Asked and answered
2004-03-16 03:10:45 PM  
Apparently admins aren't required read the article before greenlighting it...
2004-03-16 03:10:47 PM  
Speeding is not quite as bad an offense.
2004-03-16 03:10:59 PM  
"Aw, man! Was I speeding or did you finally catch me for that 'sniper' thing?"
2004-03-16 03:11:03 PM  
Speeding AWAY from the scene no doubt...
2004-03-16 03:11:26 PM  
While they had him pulled over, they should've arrested him for Driving While Ugly.
[image from too old to be available]
Could've saved us all a lot of hassle...
2004-03-16 03:11:33 PM  
Who cares if he was pulled over twice, it's not like they can expect the cop to read his mind and know he's the sniper. It's definatly not news (or worth reading), it's FARK!
2004-03-16 03:11:57 PM  
m0llusk: Yeah, but the officer also overlooked the homeless guy stuck in the windshield.
2004-03-16 03:12:05 PM  
The Ohio Highway Patrol did nothing wrong here. He was a speeder, and at the time there was no description of the shooter. Hell, there wasn't even a pattern of shootings yet.

He was caught speeding, given a ticket, paid his fine, and was on his way. Without more, I don't want the Highway Patrol to start arresting and holding people for speeding.
2004-03-16 03:12:19 PM  
Has anyone noticed that the Beltway Snipers were also pulled over by the police and were told to move along?
2004-03-16 03:12:26 PM  
I bet there is duct tape somewhere on that car holding a vital piece together. White trash are so inventive.
2004-03-16 03:12:31 PM  
so is the answer to arm traffic cops with a database of all unsolved crimes and a lie detector?
2004-03-16 03:12:50 PM  
Why didn't the headline just say he was released for shooting at troopers?
2004-03-16 03:13:20 PM  
woohoo! i'm not the only freak who reads CrimeLibrary!
2004-03-16 03:13:21 PM  
How was he speeding in a metro?

Maybe he'll get off with that defense, like in "My Cousin Vinny"
2004-03-16 03:14:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
A picture of his 99 Metro?
2004-03-16 03:16:30 PM  
With the job I do I talk on the phone all day. I just talked to one of my contacts down in Grove City, OH who said one of my other contacts in her office went to school with clown since 7th grade. I'll be calling her tomorrow.
2004-03-16 03:19:28 PM  
Color me puzzled as to why this was news. Now if he was pulled over/ticketed AFTER he was pegged as a suspect, that would be news. This is just journalistic busy work.
2004-03-16 03:21:34 PM  
Hey now ... I read CrimeLibrary, too

My favorites are the ones who get caught during the routine traffic stops, though...

2004-03-16 03:23:01 PM  
Fox News just announced that he lives with his mother. I wonder if they got his computer out of the basement yet?
2004-03-16 03:23:23 PM  
All c4mp3rz must swing...
2004-03-16 03:23:52 PM  
Yakivegas, I consider it interesting, and I don't seem to be the only one. Sometimes it's the little things in life ... is that really so wrong?
2004-03-16 03:25:22 PM  
Hey give the man props, he managed to get pulled over twice for speeding in a Geo Metro.
2004-03-16 03:26:29 PM  
I knew it. He uses aimbot. Admins, kick him. You don't mess with clan {FARK}!
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