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(Las Vegas Sun)   PETA hands out chicken-killing-themed trading cards to elementary school kids   ( lasvegassun.com) divider line
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2004-03-12 05:10:23 PM  
"Mommy, mommy, look what I got in school today. It's a baseball card only it talks about chickens. This one says: 'When you choke a chicken God kills a Domo Kun.' Mommy, what's a Domo Kun?"
2004-03-12 05:11:12 PM  
Where's the Charlie The Chicken Choker card?
2004-03-12 05:11:21 PM  
Olinger said he would not mind if PETA targeted high school students, but that trying to get at parents through young children is wrong.

PETA realizes, however, that elementary school kids are less likely to talk back to "an adult" (even if that "adult" is a college kid) while high school students are much much MORE likely to take a PETAvangelist to task for his organization's links to terror groups, for the general mean-spirited nature of the group, for some of the outlandish and untrue things said by the group's leaders etc etc.

Elementary school kids are also less likely to punch the asshat PETA guy in the face when he tells them that "mommy kills animals" or some other such claptrap. High school kids, OTOH, will make a game out of punching the PETA guy in the face.
2004-03-12 05:11:42 PM  
Lame. I'm a sorta vegetarian and this annoys the shiat out of me. I eat meat about once every two months or so, but I sure as hell don't eat commercial stuff.

I won't eat anything I don't personally stalk and kill.

/respects the fact that if god didn't want us to eat animals he wouldn't have made them out of meat
2004-03-12 05:12:05 PM  
You eat meat, you're mean.
I eat shiat, I belong to PETA.
2004-03-12 05:12:08 PM  
i liked when those brit teens pelted the peta guys with cartons of milk. that'll show them.
2004-03-12 05:12:15 PM  
Outstanding! For a moment, I was thinking here we go, lets talk about the abuse, blah, blah, blah.

Very funny!

All this talk of chicken though makes me want to pick up a bucket of extra crispy.

In a related topic,
Do you think PETA hates these cows?
[image from surfnewquay.co.uk too old to be available]
2004-03-12 05:12:16 PM  
My my my...I'm amazed PETA is even in the news anymore. I thought those wackos had drank the Kool-Aid long time ago. I guess they're going to be disappointed when I eat that tasty steak tonight.

/it ain't a meal unless you kill an animal
2004-03-12 05:12:49 PM  
Fun things to do at a PETA rally:

-Release a live breeder bull who hasn't had his horns dulled. Watch as the peta's turn their back and gesture wildly about the "nobility" of the massive beast. hornlarity ensues.

-Start a barbecue just upwind of the rally

-launch waterballons filled with clear sealant. calim it represents the cytoplasm on their hands.

-point out leather shoes

-hand out leaflets from "People Eating Tasty Animals"

-Play speed metal.

-Ask the girl who is leading the massive throng is she would like to "grab a burger with you" after the rally.
2004-03-12 05:13:03 PM  
I will blame this all on Disney and people like him. If it weren't for his anthropomorphizing animals in his cartoons, people would continue to realize that the world is a wild and often times cruel place where the wolves kill and eat the bunnies as they squirm and writhe in pain. To make kids feel guilty for what comes naturally is wrong. Pass the pot roast please...
2004-03-12 05:13:23 PM  
Has PETA started killing people yet? I mean really come on, we all know that's where they are headed.
2004-03-12 05:13:26 PM  
Man, I loved those Garbage Pail Kid cards :)
2004-03-12 05:13:28 PM  
I'm a vegetarian and I think PETA is full of dipshiats. Does anyone remember the PETA volunteer who legally changed her name to goveg.com, I think she is the epitome of all the stupid people running that organization.

On a side note, I don't make my friends go out of the way to find a restaurant that caters to my special diet. I've been to one restaurant my entire life that didn't have at least one vegetarian option. I'm not going to be a dick because I'm really picky about what food I eat.
2004-03-12 05:14:48 PM  
lets not forget petas other message to children.
mom kills animals PDF
2004-03-12 05:16:46 PM  
the only good thing about peta is they get those model chicks to get nekkid.
but seriously, smuggling and hunting endangered species is bad. if i were rich, i would start my own preserve in the jungle and have rich people pay me to hunt down poachers.
"man, the most dangerous game of all."
2004-03-12 05:17:47 PM  
seriously, dragging (other peoples') little kids into their crusade? farking idiots, i've never been more sure eating meat is a good thing. pass the veal!
2004-03-12 05:17:50 PM  
"man, the most dangerous game of all."

...and the most delicious!

(meant that in a canibalistic way, not a gay way...not that there's anything wrong with that)
2004-03-12 05:18:00 PM  
-Ask the girl who is leading the massive throng is she would like to "grab a burger with you" after the rally.

Bad news: the girl who leads the massive throng, probably wears a massive thong.
2004-03-12 05:18:18 PM  
sorry, didn't finish my point, i still loves me some ribs and chickens are stupid animals that deserve to be chicken fried. and of course, if jesus ate fish, so can i.
2004-03-12 05:19:01 PM  
That was funny.

I forget what comedian said this, but...
"Our species didn't claw it's way to the top of the food chain to eat a salad."

It's us and lions on top of the food chain people. Relish the moment, because you never know what species is going to evolve with opposable thumbs next.

Might be crocodiles, then we'd all be in trouble.
2004-03-12 05:19:05 PM  
They don't target high school because the big chicken would get his ass kicked.
2004-03-12 05:19:20 PM  
[image from furisdead.com too old to be available]

Hmm... kind of kinky.
2004-03-12 05:21:44 PM  
Wow they even made a card for ignorant Farkers! LOL

[image from members.tripod.com too old to be available]
2004-03-12 05:21:46 PM  
why is there always that guy in the middle of the nekkidness? i'd say it is for gay and female audience, but i think it's just because he wants to be next too nekkid women.
2004-03-12 05:21:46 PM  
I laughed, I cried, it was better than killing cats.
2004-03-12 05:21:49 PM  
There are ways to prevent animal cruelty. Harassing kids is not it. Some kids do not have the luxury of 'choosing' what to eat, particularly when their choices are 'eat or go hungry.' We still live in a world where some kids still carry lunch cards.

Is it right for PETA to tell them to push the tray of chicken nuggets away when that could be the first meal they've had that day/afternoon?

/walks away, feels sad
2004-03-12 05:21:53 PM  

That's a joke, right?? That can't be real!!!
2004-03-12 05:22:20 PM  
[image from njdu.org too old to be available]
2004-03-12 05:22:58 PM  
dammit, farked again
2004-03-12 05:23:37 PM  
Thank you for being rational!!!
2004-03-12 05:23:39 PM  
Engaged in
2004-03-12 05:24:29 PM  
This made me almost piss myself...
[image from maddox.xmission.com too old to be available]
2004-03-12 05:26:19 PM  
The question on Ask Doctor Science the other day was "If we aren't supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?"
2004-03-12 05:26:23 PM  
This happened in my city and parents were irate. INstead of handing out chicken cards, they were giving Elementary School kids flyers that said drinking milk gives you cancer.

the problem with PETA is the are manipulative in order to force their point of view on people.

Funny how all those pictures are of people being fat and sick from eating chicken. Yet chicken is one of the healthiest foods you can eat...but forget about that because only fried chicken gets the point across.

I practically live off of skinless, chicken breasts and/or fish and I'm in the best shape I've ever been.
2004-03-12 05:27:27 PM  
it's not a guy it's a leopard pyr8bwoy
2004-03-12 05:27:52 PM  
Wouldn't it be nice if it were a joke?

Here's a link to the article.
2004-03-12 05:28:10 PM  
This is farking hillarious from milksucks.com (off the peta website).

Got milk? Then youre likely to have a few other things, toosuch as gas, pimples, excess fat, and a throat full of phlegm! As our "Milk Suckers" trading cards explain, drinking milk can cause an array of unpleasant side effects, as well as more serious health problems, including heart disease and cancer. To learn more, click on the links below. Once you know how gross milk really is, we bet youll be ready to trade it infor delicious and nutritious soy!

[image from milksucks.com too old to be available]
2004-03-12 05:28:11 PM  
Imagine the resistance the upper grades of elementary school boys felt, just having discovered the art of choking the chicken.
2004-03-12 05:28:57 PM  
Sometimes I think PETA is so out of touch with reality that they must be a secret rightist group employed by the beef, pork, poultry, fish and dairy people to discredit vegetarians by appearing so foolish and extreme.
2004-03-12 05:30:17 PM  
ahhh...soy milk...none of the flavor and four times the fat of real milk. But, it's better for you...trust us...
2004-03-12 05:30:33 PM  
Are you talking about Coastal Hwy? My stomach growls every time I smell all of that chicken.

2004-03-12 05:30:58 PM  
I'm pretty liberal, and even I can't stand PETA. The thing they did at the SF Ballet over Christmas was revolting. I wish they would find God or something so the right can pick them up and get them out of our hair. :)
2004-03-12 05:32:18 PM  
The first time I saw chickens was at my grandmother's house when I was two. I couldn't understand why they didn't have any heads.
2004-03-12 05:32:23 PM  
The PETAphiles strike agaain..

/invented that word
2004-03-12 05:33:13 PM  
For me, it has gotten to the point that it's not PETA's message, but their arrogance that irritates me. I'm all for organizing a tailgate party upwind from the next PETA march. Maybe we can all wear those Cabela's coyote hats.
2004-03-12 05:34:14 PM  
do we have a PETA tag yet?
2004-03-12 05:34:21 PM  

I doubt that PETA has anything to do with the right wing. They support eco-terrorism through ALF and ELF-- the asshats who bomb academic laboratories, companies who do animal research, and SUV dealerships.
2004-03-12 05:37:06 PM  
Oh yeah. I forgot about this thread.


Do you realize that every time you do something like this I get a craving for fried chicken. So yeah. I had lunch at KFC today. It was great. Thanks!!

2004-03-12 05:38:59 PM  
i think i'll have popeye's
2004-03-12 05:39:07 PM  
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