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(Gabey)   Gabey link #1: Cute, Canadian singer/songwriter -- don't hold the Canadian thing against her   ( divider line
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11034 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Dec 2001 at 1:17 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-18 01:18:58 AM  
I'd do her.
2001-12-18 01:19:00 AM  
oh believe me--nationality don't matter when it comes to boobies...
2001-12-18 01:19:03 AM  

Wait, wrong joke.
2001-12-18 01:19:07 AM  
aww geeze
2001-12-18 01:20:31 AM  
Nice eyes, btw. I'd do her. Of course, that's not saying much.
2001-12-18 01:20:48 AM  
A better way of looking at Gabey.
2001-12-18 01:21:20 AM  
I'll hold the American "thing" against her.
2001-12-18 01:21:31 AM  

You are forgiven on the grounds that she is cute. BUT DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!
2001-12-18 01:21:54 AM  
Gabey: I command you to plug

For the love of Coke!!!
2001-12-18 01:22:43 AM  
I don't mind plugs. I'm not ashamed of being known as RearEnder.

...OH, advertisments...riiiiight...
2001-12-18 01:23:16 AM  
I'll hold the American "thing" against her.

LOL Sprack! ;)
2001-12-18 01:24:00 AM  

maybe in that whole crackwhore, strung out kind of way.
2001-12-18 01:26:29 AM  
Where's the "Eh!" at the end of the title!? When Canadian hackers take over Fark, it should be known!

btw, are we gonna be hacked on Boxing Day?

And there's nothing wrong with Canadians. Cruiser and Timothy, for example.
2001-12-18 01:27:06 AM  
Ahhh, the "Eh!"...I knew I forgot something...damn
2001-12-18 01:30:55 AM  
I really fear the fact that this is Gabey link #1...must there be more?
2001-12-18 01:31:10 AM  
"cute? maybe in that whole crackwhore, strung out kind of way." isn't that the best kind of cute?
2001-12-18 01:31:47 AM  
good point
2001-12-18 01:41:40 AM  
She's fugly, eh?
2001-12-18 01:48:44 AM  
She IS cute.
Grinning madly, I am...
2001-12-18 02:24:45 AM  
One look and I can tell her music is worse than bad.

I have a knack for this sort of thing.
2001-12-18 03:34:52 AM  
If you're bored goto the funniest fark topic ever!!
2001-12-18 03:40:53 AM  
Extremely cute, is she a farker?
2001-12-18 03:44:15 AM  
cute, but who smacked her up the side of her head?
all red and spotty.....
2001-12-18 05:05:20 AM  
shes a DBR*

DBR=dirty big ride=hotty *slobber*
2001-12-18 05:39:13 AM  
Oh, so Canada cranked out another success, huh? Oh, yeah... Alsmost forgot the necessary: eh?
2001-12-18 05:47:15 AM  
I prefer Canadian women 2 to 1 against other brands.
2001-12-18 08:01:10 AM  
i've heard some of her music, its not too bad, and her looks dont hurt it either :-)
2001-12-18 08:19:06 AM  
Now if any of you actually owned any of her CD's, I'd be both surprised and impressed. I've got Universe and Blue Parade both sitting in my car at this very moment. The music is well beyond anything most of you could even begin to understand.
She is indeed succesful, having toured Canada over the past 3 months or so, and doing shows in California, the Pacific Northwest and New York. As soon as her label gets it's Farkin' act together and releases her CD in the states, she plans on touring here as well. She's already done songs for Dawson's Creek and toured with Sara Harmer.
And yeah, she's cute... Real cute. Especially in person. She's also an artist, but I have a feeling more than a few of you wouldn't be able to appreciate the fact that she expressed her artistic talents in the form of tattoos.
Think before you speak, people, or I may be tempted to join the organization for an idiot-free internet.
2001-12-18 08:33:44 AM  
Dawson's Creek!?!?

And she toured with Sara Harmer?

Wow. You're right, Nexusheli, she may be just too sophisticated for us. Her tattoos surely are beyond our appreciation.
2001-12-18 08:38:55 AM  
She has tattoos? *Sigh*, when are women gonna realize that body markings aren't attractive!
2001-12-18 08:40:24 AM  
Uh, blegh, she's done songs for Dawson's Creek? Sorry, but music from that show tends to make me slit my wrists. See: Sixpence None the Richer
2001-12-18 09:30:36 AM  
"Where's the "Eh!" at the end of the title!? "

Why do so many people think Canadians say 'eh' after everything? And what's with the 'aboot' thing? Perhaps immigrants from Scotland sound that way but aboot? Never have I heard anyone use that term; except Scots. I could say all americans are slack jawed yokels but that hardly applies to the majority of the population.

Oh yeah, skank biatch, blah, blah, blah.
2001-12-18 09:32:46 AM  
Let me guess, Nicoffeine, you listen to symphonic greats such as Papa Roach, SR-71 and my all time favorite, Limp Bizkit?

Do you even know who Sara Harmer is?

For an independent artist to perform songs on a nationally syndicated show (even if it is Dawson's Creek) is an acomplishment. For an independent artists from another country to do it, is just all that much more accomplished.

And I didn't say she has tattoos... she was a tattoo artist. But I figured since you are all so sophisticated, the talent that goes into creating a tattoo may just be too pedestrian for you to appreciate.
2001-12-18 09:37:20 AM  
Meshman We don't say Eh? after everything. "Eh?" translates to "What I just said was correct, was it not?". For example, "It's cold outside, eh?". Using Eh? any other time, after a question for example ("Wanna another beer, eh?") is incorrect. Americans (movies and TV) historically use Eh? incorrectly so no wonder you're confused.
2001-12-18 09:39:55 AM  
good link Gabey! sounds awfully Sarah M -ish, but she's way cuter!
2001-12-18 09:41:24 AM  
Cool the "30 second clips" of her songs are really the full song. something nice to listen to at work today
2001-12-18 09:52:14 AM  
Oh Sarah Slean? radio station here in the states plays her. I'm trying to remember what song... oh! She does this song called "Eliot" A very fantastic song.
Quite a talent.
2001-12-18 10:07:34 AM  
Man, we love the name Sarah. My first love was a Sara.
2001-12-18 10:09:23 AM  
Sarah Slean is definately one of hte better singers out there now. I explain her music as "Tori Amos with better piano playing and without the angst".

Now all I have to do is get her to marry me. Apparently she has a thing for cello players, "watching someone play the cello gives me naughty thoughts"...

2001-12-18 10:45:51 AM  
"cute canadian singer/songwriter"? BAH! I says.

If you want cute Canadian musicians, try Neko Case.

Here's a good pic of her, from the Sympathy for the Record Industry 2000 pin-up calendar...
2001-12-18 11:04:17 AM  
Funny, I'm pretty sure Neko Case is American, though she did spend some time in Canada a while back, so she's definately a sensible American :)
2001-12-18 11:13:31 AM  
Play some Skynyrd, man!!
2001-12-18 11:52:04 AM  
Are you telling me that Strange Brew wasn't an accurate portrayal of normal Canadian life??

Is this gal the kind of singer that'd end up in Lillith Fair?
2001-12-18 11:53:28 AM  
Eh! This is a crappy link. At least the other boobies link is much better. I think this is just a mistake, eh?
2001-12-18 11:55:11 AM  
oh yeah, and she looks like a hippie tree hugger, eh?
2001-12-18 01:10:00 PM  
Anyone who's so inclined can listen to short clips of her music here (Amazon).
2001-12-18 01:36:21 PM  
"Meshman We don't say Eh? after everything."

Umm... yeah, that was my point.
2001-12-18 02:17:41 PM  
Uhh, Kingfish? Bio says Neko Case lives in Seattle, comes from Tacoma. Not Canada, AT LEAST THE LAST TIME I CHECKED! OMG They have INVADED. They've GOT WASHINGTON! Shiat, we were all focused on farking Al Quaeeeeeda and the Canadians came in the back door! Not like this is any kind of editorial comment on Washington state, calling it the 'back door' heh heh. He said 'back door.'
2001-12-18 03:18:04 PM  
I'll hold my Canadian thing against her.
2001-12-18 05:41:19 PM  
I've seen sarah Slean live in concert in Toronto. She is an AWESOME musician.
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