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(2theadvocate.com)   "Hog dog rodeos" across the South in which dogs are pitted against feral pigs may violate animal cruelty laws   ( 2theadvocate.com) divider line
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2004-03-08 01:38:18 PM  
Wow, this goes on in the south? Who woulda thunk it??

[image from columbia.edu too old to be available]
2004-03-08 02:01:59 PM  
Wow, this goes on in the south? Who woulda thunk it??
Yeah, the estimated 10,000 dog fights going on over any given weekend in Detroit are all fun and games right?

2004-03-08 02:31:01 PM  
Ask Hannibal Lechter about those pigs...
2004-03-08 02:36:45 PM  
It's like a Lexington, NC vs. Korea food fight... tar tar....
2004-03-08 02:37:55 PM  
sounds pretty cool
2004-03-08 02:41:23 PM  
this sounds terrible. a dog fighting a feral pig is an afront to humanity. now a dog fighting a chained bear, that's classy baby.
2004-03-08 02:42:25 PM  
Jeez. Even people in unglamorous places like Kansas can feel superior about this one. Although it might just be geography--out on the prairie there just aren't that many places for feral pigs to hide...
2004-03-08 02:43:35 PM  
Now why did I read that headline as "hot dog rodeos"? I'm not hungry, I just had lunch.
2004-03-08 02:44:27 PM  



Oh yeah the last animal fighting article was alot more entertaining. this ones just blah... and to anyone who hasnt RTFA... dont
2004-03-08 02:45:26 PM  
I misread the same thing and thought, "what's wrong with racing weiner dogs?"
2004-03-08 02:45:29 PM  
Moral: Never go to a singles bar in the South.
2004-03-08 02:47:02 PM  
This gets greenlighted but my post about the 1500 steroid-enhanced, rooster-boosted, gamecocks didn't?
2004-03-08 02:47:21 PM  
"I wish I had a million dollars...HOG DOG!"
2004-03-08 02:47:35 PM  
The hogs' tusks are removed with bolt cutters to lessen the chance of injury to the dogs.

And then..

"What I saw wasn't really cruelty to animals," D'Aquilla said.

I hate people.
2004-03-08 02:48:28 PM  
Your dog wants pig in a poke ?

Hm, dogs and pigs. I guess vincent and Jules will be making an apperance here as soon as they're done with The Wolf ...
[image from home.aone.net.au too old to be available]

2004-03-08 02:48:32 PM  
There is so much wrong with that story.

I say we make the morons who thought of this fight the feral pigs bare handed.

Dog vs pigs = mean. Hicks being eaten by pigs = funny.

2004-03-08 02:49:18 PM  
Despite having lived in the South for 31 years, this is the first time I have ever heard of this.
2004-03-08 03:38:17 PM  
Pshaw. There have been "hotdog rodeos" going on in men's restrooms here up north for years. If you stay on "the doggie" for more than eight seconds without having security toss you you "win."
2004-03-08 03:40:09 PM  
The South will rise again. I don't think so.

RagingLeonard: "Yeah, the estimated 10,000 dog fights going on over any given weekend in Detroit are all fun and games right?"

The armpit of America but it's the only place the South can't feel superior to.
2004-03-08 03:56:13 PM  
You are ALL misinformed - this is just redneck foreplay.
/lived in the south for 20 years
2004-03-08 04:07:19 PM  
ahhhhhh . . . it's stories like this that make me long for the days of the bubonic plague. Nothing more sporting than watching animals attack each other - sounds like fun for the whole family. I am sure desensitizing everyone to violence, in whatever form, is a great thing (and no, i dont think tv is that great either). The sport i would like to see is dumb hicks fighting polar bears. But just so the polar bears dont get hurt we will take away any defense the hick might have.

Geez, i know a few southerners, and they are damn nice people. The guys in this article, however, seem to have an IQ somewhere between a jar of mayo and a pet rock. i suppose i will now go and pretend that some of the stuff i do isnt just as savage as this, though - damn self-awareness *shakes fist*
2004-03-08 04:20:16 PM  
Maybe it's because I'm not some inbred mouth-breather, but I just don't get why this would be entertaining.
2004-03-08 04:23:48 PM  
I was born and raised in South Louisiana, in a small town near Baton Rouge. I'm 23 now, and I've never even heard of this until now. I guess you put any group of hicks far enough from civilization, they are gonna come up with this kinda crap. It really ticks me off.
2004-03-08 04:23:51 PM  
I've lived in various parts of the South all my life and had never heard of this until I moved to Louisiana, and even then, I only learned of this a few months ago. Bear in mind that the area they are talking about is extremely rural Louisiana, and let's just say that some of the folks there aren't representative of the rest of the South.
2004-03-08 04:34:01 PM  
What the fark? They're all gonna end up bacon one way or the other.
2004-03-08 04:50:12 PM  
Let's talk about some of the fun things that Yankees participate in.

There's the fur trade. Setting traps to indiscriminately clamp onto the leg of random creatures forcing them to chew off their own limbs to avoid a slow, painful death from blood loss or starvation.

Or the fun practice of bear hunting. It takes a real man to chase a young bear up a tree with a pack of dogs then shoot him until he crashes to the ground an dies.

So you see, the south doesn't write the book on idiots and cruelty.
2004-03-08 04:51:38 PM  
Animal Cruelty? Ya think? I'm no Peta a-hole, I love to eat critters, but to watch them get torn up just to get your rocks off is pretty damm sick.
2004-03-08 04:54:19 PM  
Yes, we have people like this in the south, but dont kid yourself, They exist EVERYWHERE. There are people living in
rural Maine, and rural Oregon, and all places in between who
are just the same way.
2004-03-08 04:55:30 PM  
Not meaning to threadjack, but the black chick in the SbB
add, DAMM are those hooters real??!!??
2004-03-08 05:27:02 PM  
"A hog dog match is simply to entertain, and animals are injured in it. It's not a fair match," she said, because the events put "dogs that are trained to do this with hogs that are not prepared and cannot fight back," Maloney said.

So Maloney is basically saying, if you leave the tusks on the hogs and train the pigs to fight- it's no longer animal cruelty.

Nobody is reporting any of the dogs getting hurt, and the hogs are next week's bacon. Big damned deal. If these "Animal Rights" people have a problem with it, then they should stay home writing their web pages about how to properly have sex with dolphins...
2004-03-08 06:35:09 PM  
Miley said ... that he considers the matches a family-oriented activity that provides a recreational outlet to keep teenagers out of trouble.

This statement is so very wrong, in so very many ways.
2004-03-08 07:03:15 PM  
*sigh* Ok, Louisiana's off the list.

/get me the fark out of San Diego!
2004-03-08 07:05:16 PM  
hey, no blood no foul
2004-03-08 07:48:52 PM  
What happened to dog vs dog? I mean, if the pig wins how can I have an orgasm?
2004-03-08 08:26:09 PM  
They used to have "Donkey Baseball" for fund rasiers when I was a kid. You'd hit the ball and then have to jump on a donkey to ride around the bases. Oh, the other team would poke the donkey with electric cattle prods to make things more intresting.
2004-03-08 08:33:16 PM  
... on a side note, one Donkey they used for that also got to star in a nativity scene in a very well to do neighborhood.
One Christmas Eve it went mad, bit Mary, kicked a couple of
Wisemen and escaped to terroize the rich republican neighborhood, until they finally tranquilized it on the golf course of the country club.
2004-03-09 10:02:14 AM  
Why am I not surprised at this? The lady in the article had it right. Pitting animals fighting against one another for entertainment is cruelty, period, end of quote. Don't give me this bullshiat about "well, the same thing goes on where chickens are processed" No it doesn't. In those cases and in the other cases those mouth-breathing, your father was definitely the banjo player in Deliverance neanderthals cite to support Louisiana's other family pastime, cockfighting, animals are killed for food, for clothing or for medical research. In this case and in the case of cockfighting, animals are abused or killed for one reason: To entertain the mouth-breathing asshats that go to these pathetic "events." Yep, Louisiana, way to go.
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