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(BBC)   School children find three-headed frog in local pond   ( news.bbc.co.uk) divider line
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2004-03-05 02:59:47 PM  

"Are chilfren mutated children?"

No, just the well known prunting error.

/much earlier submission
2004-03-05 03:00:29 PM  
call me a wuss... but that thing's disguisting! I'd freak out if I saw it. I don't blame them for letting it get away.
2004-03-05 03:00:56 PM  
You guys are just killing me! If evolution is the way to go, and if mankind can doom frogs to extinction by giving them three heads (through the use of SUVs), what exactly is the problem here?
2004-03-05 03:04:11 PM  
This frog just had to come along and steel the limelight from the purple frog.
[image from news.bbc.co.uk too old to be available]
2004-03-05 03:08:02 PM  
That is a creepy picture.
2004-03-05 03:10:32 PM  
The creature - which has six legs - has stunned BBC wildlife experts who warned it could be an early warning of environmental problem

If the article was any longer they would have blamed America for the environmental problem, mentioned how better frogs are in Muslim countries, and then mention how Bush is in a "row" with someone over something totally unrelated.

Thanks BBC for being that unbiased beacon in this mad media world.
2004-03-05 03:20:54 PM  
Is there a corollary to Godwin's Law that we could apply to G. W. Bush references appearing in threads about three-headed frogs?

And, 2004-03-05 02:32:53 PM djeyeless,

"This monkey only has four asses. It's of no use to me."
2004-03-05 03:24:21 PM  
Bonus to whoever gets video footage of the frog(s) moving around. Doesn't it creep you out that the three heads just stare blankly like everything's perfectly normal?
2004-03-05 03:25:35 PM  
[image from rpgplanet.com too old to be available]
2004-03-05 03:32:10 PM  
2004-03-05 03:38:17 PM  
Okay. Somebody shoot me. I've now seen everything there is to see.
2004-03-05 03:42:07 PM  

Well played.
2004-03-05 03:43:15 PM  
It's a sign of the apocalypse I tells ya!!
2004-03-05 03:50:30 PM  
Has France surrendered to hunger mouth watering, yet?
2004-03-05 04:05:53 PM  
Hey, with a little work it could be the Democrats candidate! One head could be Dean, one head could be Edwards and one could be Kerry. Consolidate the vote behind the uber-candidate!
2004-03-05 04:23:34 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2004-03-05 04:34:34 PM  
whos going to separate them?
2004-03-05 04:43:02 PM  
whos going to separate them?
I will. Gimme that sledgehammer....

2004-03-05 04:49:34 PM  
Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!
2004-03-05 05:05:55 PM  
I blame Bush!
2004-03-05 05:11:20 PM  
I cant believe there werent more budweiser jokes in this thread...
2004-03-05 05:25:50 PM  
There was a video of it on UK news earlier this evening. It just kind of wriggled a bit, you haven't missed anything.
2004-03-05 05:40:28 PM  
[image from newsimg.bbc.co.uk too old to be available]

"I shouldn't be!"
2004-03-05 05:51:00 PM  
Ok... a seriously discombobulated frog, sitting on the ground, 2 feet away for them to take a photo, was agile enough to avoid capture. I call shenanigans. BS. PS. Whatever.
2004-03-05 06:03:21 PM  
"If the article was any longer they would have blamed America for the environmental problem, mentioned how better frogs are in Muslim countries, and then mention how Bush is in a 'row' with someone over something totally unrelated."

The BBC does tend to use the word row in just about every article they write. I wonder if British people are the same way. "We were in a row over our bloody tea time."

Also, I'm surprised nobody commented that this frog could be three times smarter than the average frog. After all, it hatched an elaborate escape plan.
2004-03-05 06:15:01 PM  

You forgot to say that it was really Clinton's Fault.
2004-03-05 06:32:28 PM  
[image from comp.dit.ie too old to be available]

Serious brownie points if you know what this is from.
2004-03-05 06:46:57 PM  
[image from badmovies.org too old to be available]

"The transporter's fixed, Captain. But... let's test it on these three frogs here first."
2004-03-05 06:48:54 PM  
So, Quatermass, is The Wind in the Willows some kind of experiment?

As for the story:

It's Spring.
Every Spring, frogs bonk.
The males hold tightly onto the backs of females.
Sometimes more than one at a time (not that there's anything wrong with that)
They occasionally do it to pond fish, which is bad news for the fish, since they tend to clamp around the gills.
Every year, some kindergarten teacher (or kid) spots a couple of mating frogs and thinks he has found a mutant.
It's usually just a two-headed 'beast with two backs', but three is OK.
There is no cause for alarm.

At least not in this case: there's plenty of cause for alarm regarding amphibians in general - something is affecting them, world-wide.
2004-03-05 07:46:20 PM  
I bet the kid who found this frog is bent! Here they are with a cool mutant frog, figuring they're going to be on TV and some dumbass adult lets it escape.
Jeez, the kid will probably need therapy, still be living in his folks' basement at thirty, be a life-loser...and all for the loss of the frog.
2004-03-05 07:49:17 PM  
is it just me, or is the picture being from The Wind In The Willows really obvious?
2004-03-05 07:58:45 PM  
tourist 'Row' is a very short word. As such it's useful for writing very short headlines, which is what you want on an internet site. there are loads of words that barely exist outside headlines but are useful for shortness. 'Pope slams Gibson film' - have you ever used the word 'slams' in that context?

and no, Brits don't use 'row' all the time. We say 'kerfuffle' or 'jolly old punch-up'. Honest. :)
2004-03-05 08:20:46 PM  
The character is from "Wind in the Willows." The image is from "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."
2004-03-05 10:10:44 PM  
2004-03-05 11:52:08 PM  
I saw a froggle.

[image from newsimg.bbc.co.uk too old to be available]

2004-03-06 12:01:11 AM  
Key_Master I say that the purple frog and the three-headed frog should mate and create a race of genetically supirior beings and commmit mass amphibian genocide.

/Hail Frogler!
2004-03-06 12:14:05 AM  
I, for one, welcome our new croaking unholy amphibian freak leaders.
2004-03-06 02:49:03 AM  
Here in wonderful radioactive Augusta Georgia, home of the Savannah River Site, we get frogs with extra eyes, legs, heads, and they come in assorted colors (purple, blue) to choose from.

Or wait, is that frogs or the 'necks?
2004-03-06 05:55:25 AM  
Daredevil-Quatermass ,

LOEG Vol.2 (Dr. Moreau's creation). Excellent mini-series.
2004-03-06 07:05:28 AM  
Ari bn Bem!

2004-03-06 10:31:51 AM  
funny stuff.
frogs are warning signs...when they are mutating etc that means something bad is happening (duh) just give it 30 years and see how many heads the children in that area are born with.

2004-03-06 09:35:07 PM  
"The creature - which has six legs - has stunned a BBC wildlife expert who said it could be an early warning of environmental problems."

Or it might be a statistically acceptable aberration, but that doesn't sell.
2004-03-07 07:36:10 AM  
Hehe...I love LOEG. "You follow green one to master!"

I want this frog. I want it taxidermied and mounted on an attractively-stained piece of cherrywood. With an etched brass plate that says, "Unholy Triplefrog"
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