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(CNN)   Dogs are now more popular than children   ( divider line
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9889 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Mar 2004 at 3:51 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-05 05:25:38 AM  
binnster, dammit...

I just finished a long rambling post and it I guess I can't concentrate on 2 things at once afterall.

Synopsised version: Yanks cannot understand the dialect. I had trouble with it myself sometimes. Glaswegians are incomprehensible. I lived in Edinburgh and took a while to get used of it. They thought I was incomprehensible too, so it was great craic altogether.

I am preparing to flee this country myself if the sasanaigh..or sasanach to you, win. Either that or fake suicide/insanity/amnesia "I bet what? are you mad?" Either way, win/lose..I'll have a DOG of a hangover on sunday. W00t.

2004-03-05 05:41:49 AM  
Listen people, DOGS ARE NOT CHILDREN. They should not be brought to the office, carried around everywhere you go, dressed-up, etc.

When I see people with dogs as children substitute, they're just hanging a big sign around their neck saying "Incapable of producing and/or caring for a real child."

Grr. Not to mention there are a whole lot of people in various suites around mine with yappy little rat-dogs. If they could just remove the dog's larynx so it would farking be quiet, I'd have no problem.

2004-03-05 05:48:00 AM  
Ah, you like dogs too? Maybe we can share recipes.
2004-03-05 05:49:30 AM  

You think Glaswegians are bad, you should hear Aberdonians or even worse - Shetlanders.

Sounds like you've made a silly bet there. You'll just have to rely on the luck of the Irish!
2004-03-05 06:09:00 AM  
Of course they're more popular. They go better with a fine Chianti.
2004-03-05 06:23:24 AM  

Ha, I can handle aberdonians actually, a lot work here. or maybe they are just the 'posh' ones, who knows. I Euro, a bottle of champagne (feckin Bollinger, no less) and ...god, that I'd wear an england shirt in public for all their following rugby matches. Aagh, may sound ok to you, but its not! I will wriggle out some how.

On the other hand..if we win...they ain't getting out of it. although wearing the ireland shirt will be an improvement to their image, I rekon!

luck of the Irish you say? We're doomed.
2004-03-05 06:34:31 AM  
"Dogs are now more popular than children"
and they taste better too.
2004-03-05 06:36:54 AM  
obviously i didn't read the above posts first.
my badness/
2004-03-05 06:38:11 AM  
"How hard is it for yanks to understand Scots?"
It's a bit of a challenge, but possible. The only really difficult part in Trainspotting was when Spud went for the job interview all tweaked on speed. I needed the subtitles for that.

I take pleasure... in other people's... leisure.
2004-03-05 06:41:31 AM  
My dog is better behaved than 99 percent of the crumb crunchers I have had the misfortune to encounter.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2004-03-05 06:53:20 AM  
My sister has two dogs and one child. I guess the headline is right.
2004-03-05 07:04:51 AM  
GIS for Four legs good Two Legs Bad leads to a interesting site
2004-03-05 07:21:38 AM  
My wife and I are getting ready to transfer from CT to La Maddalena Italy for three years. My co-workers think I'm nuts until I remind them that we both work and have no kids.

The only obstacle to traveling Europe will be to find a reliable sitter for our two cats. Thats an obstacle I'm willing to overcome.
2004-03-05 07:32:33 AM  
Because you can (a) put the dog down if it gets to be a problem (b) they can be put in a cage (c) they fly cargo class (d) they eat table scraps and don't complain.
Only problem is that they smell, piss on the floor, and bark a lot. So like brats, but with 4 legs and hair.
2004-03-05 07:51:27 AM  
dogs are better than people. of course.
2004-03-05 08:01:18 AM  
Many of the members of this group would likely prefer dogs to kids...
2004-03-05 08:10:13 AM  
Jeebus, i can't believe there's a club devoted to being a couple and not having kids. whats the big Farking deal about that? It's bloody logical....hmmm. Do sprogified people still have that 'we're superior we produced a sprog' buzz even when older?

/Somebody please think of the puppies? (the new battle cry)
2004-03-05 08:17:25 AM  

Er, not wishing to be cruel about any of the people featured in the photo on that website, but they're not exactly a pretty bunch, praise the Lord they aren't reproducing!
2004-03-05 08:20:15 AM  
I HATE paragraphs that begin with "However (comma)....."


/small quick rant for mental hygiene
2004-03-05 08:27:11 AM  
More dogs, less kids.
2004-03-05 08:40:12 AM  
More cats, less dogs and kids.

/has 3 cats and one dog and no stinking brats
2004-03-05 08:44:16 AM  
Author 'Harmony Haveman.'

What mental image does this name stir up in others' minds?
2004-03-05 08:46:37 AM  
Kids are the new pets?

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-05 08:49:24 AM  
I have a yuppie aunt and uncle that decided to go the dog route instead of the kid route, now they're farking looney. It's as if they've lost all contact with reality and they biatch and moan about the smallest and most inane problems in life. I'm only 24 and I'm not what you would call a "good ol' boy," I honestly believe that the rewards of having a kid (creating/raising a human being, watching him/her learn and grow) far outweigh the penalties (money and time?). Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs a person will face in life (unless you half-ass it, resulting in a half-assed kid) and it is also the most rewarding, especially when that kid grows up and eventually supports you with the money made from his/her pulitzer-winning book or cure for cancer.
people who choose not to have kids are lazy. I love dogs and cats. they dure cure loneliness and are great companions, but to treat it like a child is sick. i can't imagine having to have a new child every 12-14 years because I kept outliving it.

/damn, i wanted that to be shorter so someone might read it
2004-03-05 08:49:41 AM  
The other night at the mall a group brought about a dozen service dogs that they were training. Would that all little kids were as well-behaved. No running around, no noise, no disturbing anyone. Hell, the dogs were better than your average teenager.
2004-03-05 08:59:55 AM  
my dog is cool, but it is quite ridiculous to see people at the park pretending like their dogs are kids with the "come to mommy" crap. he's your dog, not your child, and if you do have kids, knock off the freaky baby talk.

and what's up with the 'if we don't have kids civilization is doomed' concept. there are way too many people on this planet. we've gone from 1 to 6 billion people in 150 years. of course, that's what the people at cnn, the post office, and jiffy-lube want you to believe. ha ha ha!

/end conspiracy
2004-03-05 09:01:28 AM  
I think it is because people who don't have time in their life for kids get a dog instead. I relate. I don't think I could EVER have kids, because I work too much. There would be no time for them, which would suck for them.

I don't know how working parents do it, and I don't want to find out.

Besides, you don't have to go through labor and endure humiliatingly sappy baby showers for a puppy.
2004-03-05 09:05:49 AM  
people who choose not to have kids are lazy.

Well, fark you very much. I work my ass off. I probably work more hours a week than god.

Maybe I see my childless choice as practical, since I wouldn't have time for any offspring AND a job? or maybe, just maybe, *gasp* I DON'T THINK KIDS ARE THAT FUN TO HAVE AND I DON'T FEEL IT WOULD BE REWARDING TO RAISE ONE??

Bah. Arrogant breeders like you make me sick.
2004-03-05 09:13:48 AM  
The world is divided into two groups: idiot breeders and the rest of us. Those who were smart and don't have kids are less stressed, better rested, have more disposible income, are more flexible in terms of jobs and work locations, and work longer when needed and do a better job.

Every time one of the breeders whine about their kid keeping them up at 3am I just look them in the eye and remind them that it was there choice and we still have a goddamn deadline no matter how much rest they got. If they come in hung over, same treatment - your choice, dipshiat.
2004-03-05 09:18:03 AM  
Huh? It worked in the preview..bugger ok:
2004-03-05 09:24:12 AM  
The superiority of people who choose not to reproduce on this thread is really strange to me. I respct your decision not to have children, but why the high-and-mighty tone? I'm working my butt off in college so that I will have enough money to raise a family comfortably. I was lucky enough to have hardworking, caring, intelligent, great parents, and I'd like to take a page out of their book and continue what they gave to me. Did some of you saying you hate children and would never have them have bad childhoods? If so, kudos to you for reognizing future shortcomings.

To the rest of you that "hate" children, do you REALLY hate children of just ones that are poorly raised?
2004-03-05 09:24:33 AM  
Kids are like grownups, some are cool and some suck. I like hanging out with some of them and have considered becoming a teacher, but I don't think I want my own.

People who don't want to have kids shouldn't have them, period. It's definitely not for everyone and it's not about being "selfish" or "lazy" to choose not to have them. I get this shiat enough from my Mother. The human race is not going to die out if I don't participate.

I don't really get bashing "breeders" either, unless it involves making fun of bad baby names.
2004-03-05 09:24:34 AM  
people who choose not to have kids are lazy.

i'm with Kymry on this one. What is lazy about choosing not to breed? Every life form breeds, its not unique, and its not special. I think its a responsible and adult decision to decide not to reproduce. I don't believe I want to devote time to bringing up a sprog, I don't see the point, and even genetically its not a good idea. Let the Sprog poppers do their popping without real thought of the why and whatnots, but don't call other people 'lazy'.

I went to school with a bunch of girls who popped a sprog at 16/17 and have been on benefit since with free flat/free food etc. Who's the lazy one? Its so base and easy to reproduce, be it responsibly or not.

Been having this argument with ignorant people for 10 years noe. I didn't want kids then, and I don't now either.
2004-03-05 09:26:18 AM  
That's because kids are stupid and selfish.

Do us all a favor, people; get an abortion.
2004-03-05 09:33:43 AM  
Did some of you saying you hate children and would never have them have bad childhoods? If so, kudos to you for reognizing future shortcomings.

Actually, I had an incredible childhood, and I often thank my parents for that. Because they literally gave up their lives to raise me and my little sister. Heck, they're STILL there for me any time I need them, they're the best parents a girl could ask for, and as I grow up, they've become my friends, too.

I usually only sound arrogant about choosing childless when I get accused of being "selfish" or "lazy." You'd get defensive too, if you had been hearing it for years.

Luckily, my parents are very cool with the fact that my sister and I don't want children. They were married for ten years before they had kids, and their families were flipping out on them and pressuring them, heckling them, and even PLEADING with them to have kids. They're still a smidge annoyed at the memory. They told me they would never put me though that, and that my reproduction was my own business.

So I think the "I am so great I don't want kids!" that many of us spout is kind of a "nya nya" to all the people who have reacted in horror to our life choices.
2004-03-05 09:36:28 AM  
And of all the reactions, the most arrogant and annoying was the man who, when he heard of it, just took my hand and said, "that is so sad, I am so sorry." as if I had just lost someone.

Get over it dude. *eyeroll*
2004-03-05 09:41:33 AM  
Dogs are favoured more than children...
hmmm sounds like we've hit the post-materialistic era.

I guess thats why in a 100 years, the world will be run by Asians, not that I have a problem with that, actually I think it might be better than what we have now.
2004-03-05 09:43:40 AM  
When I first saw this, I thought it said "Dogs are now more popular than chicken".
2004-03-05 09:45:38 AM  
Even stupider that having a kid is having multiple kids, that sort of thing was necessary in Victorian times, because you'd need people to provide for you in your old age. And although the world is starting to swing back that way again, the selfish little bastards would just gang up on you, divvy up their 'inheritance' and stick you in a nursing home.

I've already decided that I want to adopt a kid because I can't stand the though of making additional ones when there are so many that no-one gives a fark about.
2004-03-05 09:48:45 AM  
I'm childless by choice, and so is my wife.

Someone once said to me "Isn't it awfully selfish of you to not have kids?" and my response was "No, I think it's selfish for people to have kids when they do not have the maturity or means to raise them properly. When that happens, it'd the kids who suffer."

The asshat actually got offended by that, as though what she said to me wasn't offensive.
2004-03-05 09:50:35 AM  

So are you trying to say that you and your wife aren't mature enough to raise kids?
2004-03-05 09:53:25 AM  
Actually, I had an incredible childhood, and I often thank my parents for that. Because they literally gave up their lives to raise me and my little sister.

Which is exactly the same situation I was raised in, and a big reason I'll not be having children. I enjoy the private moments with my wife, the freedom to (pretty much) pack up and leave for the weekend when we choose, and the other benefits of not having kids.

That being said, we do have a black Lab mix and a Siamese cat. I enjoy their company much more than any of the children I'm exposed to - my sisters, coworkers, neighbors, etc.

I too get SO SICK of the jerks who assume that you're just not 'complete' until you have children. "Oh, just wait until you have kids - you'll be so satisfied."

Sorry, I *like* the quiet. I *like* my wife - I don't need noise or distraction to hide that fact.
2004-03-05 09:57:03 AM  

I am not going to speak for my wife, but yes, I would say that I am not mature enough to raise a kid properly. I have little patience and a short temper. I am working on my character faults, but progress is slow and when I think about how I am, I wouldn't want to be a kid being raised by someone like me.

But the bottom line is, if you don't really want a kid (and neither my wife nor I do) then it's borderline abusive to voluntarily create one. No matter how hard you try to do the right thing, if you don't want the kid it's going to show, and it will affect the kid psychologically.

BTW, I like your music.
2004-03-05 09:57:09 AM  
I *like* the quiet. I *like* my wife - I don't need noise or distraction to hide that fact.

Good for you. I think it seems, not to generalise, but hell people do it to me all the time, some people have kids to distract themselves from the fact that they don't really like their partners and/or their own company not for any real noble reason. again, I am generalising.....
2004-03-05 09:57:38 AM  
When I first got married my wife wanted kids but we decided to wait 4 or 5 years. She grew up in a house full of kids, noise and such and really missed her family and the "activity". Well, year 3 just passed and she can barely stand to be around people's noisy kids and has really changed her mind. We might have kids in the future but we are really enjoying the no kids lifestyle for now.
2004-03-05 10:01:26 AM  

some people have kids to distract themselves from the fact that they don't really like their partners and/or their own company not for any real noble reason.

Agreed. Some people have kids for stupid, selfish, petty reasons.

Of course, other folks have kids for the right reasons, and I don't want to take anything away from those people. As far as I'm concerned, parents who really give their all to do right by their kids are heroes.
2004-03-05 10:11:04 AM  
Back on the subject of dogs, however, I have to agree that people who treat them like human children do have some issues. heeh. Living in NYC, if I see a dog walking down the street in winter there is a 90% chance that the thing will be wearing a sweater. What is WITH that?

I also see wealthy people who buy Tiffany bracelets to use as collars. Talk about messed up.
2004-03-05 10:11:40 AM  
I'm a 26 year old female that does not want to have children. You can call me lazy if you'd like, but you don't know me so you'll just sound stupid. Chosing to have children because society tells you that that is your purpose, is in my opinion pathetic. If you want to have children because that is your desire then more power to you, just be a responsible parent, enjoy your children, and enjoy parenthood. Telling someone that they are Lazy for not wanting to have children implies that their desire NOT to have children is inherently wrong. Just because we are capable of doing something doesn't necessarily mean that we should. There are a plethora of reasons for which someone might decide not to have children, and that should be ok.
2004-03-05 10:17:48 AM  

I can agree with you on the Tiffany bracelets. The sweaters are functional, though... not all dogs can tolerate cold temps. A husky with a sweater would probably look pretty silly though.
2004-03-05 10:19:15 AM  
Treating dogs like actual child substitites is rather disturbing I agree. Grew up with lots of dogs and cats, but they were always still treated as such, albiet rather spoiled ones, at times.

Nice to see there are people who have a similar respectful view on the kids/no kids issue. It so often degenerates into "your stupid, no your stupid" type diatribe. I am used to adverse reaction on the subject, so automatically get defensive. Luckily people are more open minded in some places then others..or perhaps more tolerent. I have to say the US (or ireland especially) wouldn't be top of the 'tolerent' list for discussing the topic rationally.
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