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2001-12-16 01:22:56 AM  
Finnaly, porn Charlton Heston can enjoy.
2001-12-16 01:23:37 AM  
guns?? boobies?? I must be in heaven
2001-12-16 01:23:50 AM  
Do they take the guns away once a month??
2001-12-16 01:26:28 AM  
HA! they finally posted one of my submissions!
2001-12-16 01:29:04 AM  
Got to take out every motherfvcker in the room, accept no substitutes.
2001-12-16 01:47:34 AM  
DAMN IT this is good!
2001-12-16 01:49:42 AM  
Yeah thats just wrong. These fetishes are getting out of hand. What are they gonna think up next, men who have sex with other men?
2001-12-16 01:52:15 AM  
Was that a Freudian slip there Freak?
2001-12-16 02:02:32 AM  
wow that site sure was a blast *ducks*
2001-12-16 02:09:55 AM  
You know, it's a good thing this site is for people who have gun fetishes. Because those chicks had some pretty farking ugly faces.

Ah well. Maybe I'm just an eyes man.
2001-12-16 02:10:15 AM  
Heh heh... eye fetish.
2001-12-16 02:12:18 AM  
anyone have an adultcheck ID they'd care to share with me?

email me.. :0)
2001-12-16 02:12:55 AM  
Call me weird, but I have a blowjob fetish.
2001-12-16 02:21:25 AM  
All I can think of is Charlton Heston visiting this site... I think I'm going to clean my brain out with soap now...
2001-12-16 02:22:42 AM  
"Get your hands on me you damn dirty whores"
2001-12-16 02:25:38 AM  
Maybe we can form a club RancidPlasma, I myself have a missionary style fetish.
2001-12-16 02:28:09 AM  
I don't find this appealing at all. Chicks with Guns? It sounds way too close to Chicks with Dicks. I would rather see two toothless old men farking each other than see a penis on a "woman."
2001-12-16 02:30:36 AM  
Exactly Eraser8 I dont like any of that chicks with guns, dominatrix, shemale shiat. Scares the bejeezus out of me. Dont know why anyone would get turned on by it. I like my women soft, curvy, and unarmed.
2001-12-16 02:30:41 AM  
By the way, I understand that these women don't have penises. It's just that I am so completely anti 'chicks-with-dicks' that I have to rant now and again. And for the record, my transsexual phobia has nothing to do with homophobia. I think gays are fine people.
2001-12-16 02:34:38 AM  
If damn neat shiat myself when I figured this was, in fact, a real pay "porn" site (using the word loosely of course). I thought it was a parody at first, but nope, it's the genuine article. I just wonder what a Freudian would make of all this.

If this site stays up for any substantial amount of time, then the fetishists have already won.
2001-12-16 02:47:35 AM  
? EYE Fetish ? ... You mean like this :
plan a •
Catch the chick sleeping, consciousness is not recommended, but preferably passed out after a few beers, gives you prep time. Grab a spoon, very important that you use a spoon not a spork. Proceed to scoop out her left eye(not the right!!!) from the socket, it might be messy but it's damn well worth it! Begin stage 2 by SKULL-FARKING her silly in this new orifice. Voila, Plan A.
2001-12-16 02:55:54 AM  
Boobies and bullets, Hmmm. I guess it's OK. However those few boobies shown appear to be "surgically enhanced". Would the implant material be Semtex? If so would they explode if I bit them too hard? Or could they explode if I rubbed them too much and got them overheated?

Although while I love boobies, I don't want it to be a "Fatal Attraction"!
2001-12-16 02:56:25 AM  

ahh so you are into the gimpy disfigured amputee type chicks
I must say armless chick don't do it for me
2001-12-16 03:17:48 AM  
who works on Sunday anyways?
2001-12-16 03:27:51 AM  
Chicks ?? Wat's with the old boobies on the main page ?
2001-12-16 03:28:26 AM  
[image from users.aol.com too old to be available]
2001-12-16 03:28:28 AM  
I'm with DelayedReactionMan. This link should be renamed to the more accurate "Trailer Trash with Guns"
2001-12-16 03:45:26 AM  
how do these ppl find ppl like this?? :P
2001-12-16 03:48:16 AM  
*sigh* whatever happened to womenweaponsandweed.com? <: (
2001-12-16 03:55:22 AM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2001-12-16 03:55:25 AM  
A womans ASS, Is the best thing in the world ....
2001-12-16 04:03:33 AM  
[image from santacruzspca.org too old to be available]
2001-12-16 04:15:38 AM  
Because I'm such an leet pr0ner, here's the page past adultcheck.

2001-12-16 04:18:18 AM  
[image from aamovement.net too old to be available]
2001-12-16 04:18:56 AM  
Oh, crap . . . it doesn't work if you just link it. Uh, pssst
7034hannibal .
2001-12-16 04:38:19 AM  
The blonde with the AK47 may have just altered my sexual orientation.
2001-12-16 04:48:54 AM  
true, the girls were not very attractive. If not for the guns, who would care to se them naked?
2001-12-16 04:49:32 AM  
what a minute. BOOBIES are BOOBIES after all and they had some nice ones.
2001-12-16 05:13:44 AM  
this is so off the subject but i came across this site:http://user.trinet.se/~prv247p/hatt/hatten.swf
maybe im just really drunk but i thought this was sooooo
funny! perhaps someone could tell me WTF this is supposed to be about?!
2001-12-16 05:41:23 AM  
Redneck porn is weird.
2001-12-16 05:53:52 AM  
Tvcausualty, if i'm not mistaken and i dunno because i can't download it, you would be referring to the "hatt baby" music video. i first saw it on stileproject a few months back. and no, you're not just really drunk, it is farkin funny.
2001-12-16 06:24:42 AM  

yep, it is the "hatt baby" thingy. i almost popped a vein over that! hehe
2001-12-16 08:20:43 AM  
Mein Glupt those women are all horrendously ugly.
2001-12-16 08:49:22 AM  
I never get tired of seeing those crazy Pittsburgh photo shoots. Too bad it was easier to find a bunch of guns than attractive women but still I enjoyed it much more than the " Chicks with bic shavers " set a while back.
2001-12-16 10:25:09 AM  
Mmmmmmmm. Very nice. But I found the Japanese girls site from yesterday much yummier.
2001-12-16 11:27:18 AM  
i think i just soiled myself. i need a kleenex
2001-12-16 11:34:10 AM  
Just what everyone needs - porn links
2001-12-16 11:34:49 AM  
And oh boy - you even get to PAY!
2001-12-16 11:41:30 AM  
Agggh, Don't Shoot! Aggh...Ohhhhhh yeah.
2001-12-16 11:44:06 AM  
Congrats Josh

You would think the women would be a little better looking to compliment the weapons more......hmmmmmm

Oh well Boobies are Boobies
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