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2001-12-15 09:25:25 AM  
Yeah, you go Some Guy!
2001-12-15 09:28:31 AM  
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: Some Guy wastes time providing hypershrill critisism on something he doesn't understand.
2001-12-15 09:38:24 AM  
shrug.. I hate CAP as much as the next person, I think this guy should run with this site a bit more.
2001-12-15 09:40:59 AM  
Shuh -- "hypershrill"?? are you a big CAP fan? of all the stuff he could have done this is damn tame.
2001-12-15 09:43:34 AM  
I thought it would be some kind of parody site...or at least have some content.
2001-12-15 09:59:25 AM  
"...the two lead female characters remove their clothing and spend most of the final 40 minutes topless." - Cap reviews Mulholland Drive.

Wooohoooooo ! Boobies. I wanna see Mulholland Drive now. Thanks Cap. You made my day! Haha
2001-12-15 10:10:00 AM  
I'm gonna buy ** to dis the ** guy....
2001-12-15 10:10:18 AM  
Sex/Homosexuality (S):

shower nudity, female through rippled glass shower doors
ghosting of female anatomy through clothing
inappropriate touch
adults in underwear
man and woman in bed together nude (nudity not seen)
offer to cohabitate for sex
wanted inappropriate touch
open mouth kissing
silhouette/shadowed nudity
lesbian nude licking kissing

chime i also must now watch mulholland drive...
2001-12-15 10:10:31 AM  
Curious: Yeah, I didn't like that word either... it was kind of a play on "hyperChristian," but I was really looking for just one word to sum up "a reactionary Chicken-Little brain-dead, hit-n-run harangue." I don't personally read CAP, and I probably won't except the occasional FARK link on a some new movie. I think the site (if you bother to read the homepage) is pretty upfront about being a guide for parents who want to have an idea what they are about the images that are going to be playing at the back of their child's retina for 2 hours. Most people try to mischaracterize it as:A Fascist bully-boy who wants to impose Christian values "on the rest of us." or A dangerous site that promotes <irony> unwholesome anti-Hollywood values. </irony>
2001-12-15 10:24:48 AM  
I think most people see CAP as the product of an overly simplistic world view.
2001-12-15 10:25:42 AM  
He is trying to impose his Christian values on people, by mocking every movie that doesn't show Christian faith above all others.

Then again, no one is forcing anyone to look at the site, so....
2001-12-15 10:31:47 AM  
Shuh: you're missing the point, most people go there because they find it funny. I don't think anyone feels seriously threatened by CAP.
2001-12-15 10:37:46 AM  
On the one hand we've got the Islamics wanting to kill us, on the other hand we have the Christians wanting to regulate every aspect of our lives to suit themselves, and constantly browbeating us for money. Witch is the larger evil here?
2001-12-15 10:38:52 AM  
I'm only worried that moronic parents will latch onto that site, impose their guidelines on their children, and have the children turn out equally moronic. I dunno about you but I don't want morons breeding, its bad for the gene-pool.
2001-12-15 10:39:50 AM  
.....Islamics? You're pulling a GWBism.
2001-12-15 10:41:36 AM  
Alexico, I realize people go there because they find it "funny," but the humor is usually of the let's-laugh-at-the-bigot-with-the-"overly simplistic world view" (Orphaned Wombat quote). It counts various behaviours that may be detrimental to the development of Christian behaviour and points them out for Christians' review/discussion with their own children. It doesn't sum up the true entertainment value of the movie, because it leaves that to other sites (as stated on the homepage). It's akin to a media-watchdog group that does things like count the number of murders and rapes and such on T.V. and then lets people see statistics for themselves to help guide the parents of the 12-n-under set.
2001-12-15 10:56:15 AM  
I think he could have used a little more imagination with his dis...
2001-12-15 10:56:29 AM  
Shuh: Yes, I understand that. I also like to laugh at bigots with overly simplistic world views.
2001-12-15 10:57:09 AM  
I prefer to think of them as turbochristians.
2001-12-15 11:05:24 AM  
Debrcmj: That's a cool site, I found this:
2001-12-15 11:16:11 AM
Haha, he forgot to turn off his alignment tag.
2001-12-15 11:17:13 AM  
If there's no such thing as evolution, why did 'God' give us fingernails? EY EY EY?
2001-12-15 11:18:53 AM  
Sidecrab: so that we may play Flamenco guitar
2001-12-15 11:19:15 AM  
I believe the answer would be: It is not for us to second-guess or attempt to understand the actions of God.
2001-12-15 11:30:12 AM  
Perhaps we should establish whether there is a God *before* worrying about pissing him off.
2001-12-15 11:32:02 AM  
That might just be one of the FUNNIEST sites I have ever seen in my entire life.

I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall at THAT convention!
2001-12-15 11:37:37 AM  
Orphaned Wombat: So you don't like Flameco guitar then? Twangy twang, dwiddle dwe-eeedle - !glisando! (al capo)?
2001-12-15 11:42:03 AM  
It is not for a mere human like myself to judge the flamenco guitar.

I say: burn'em all and let God sort'em out.
2001-12-15 11:53:20 AM  
Read some Pascal...what follows is an oversimplification)(not that I buy into his oversimplistic view of the question). But basically the question is whether or not God exists (not so much which God to worship...that's where my quibble is). So in favor of worshipping God: for your little bit of faith, forgiveness, and repentance, you get an infinite benefit, assuming God does actually exist: You're not risking anything but you have the chance to get an infinite reward. A gambler's dream. If God doesn't exist then you've wagered nothing and lost nothing, because it doesn't matter.

If you believe God doesn't exist and you're right, then you gain nothing, except perhaps having always believed the truth. If you believe God doesn't exist and it turns out that there is a God...well then you've lost out on your infinite reward. So not only does this option not gain anything, but you lose the chance for infinite reward.

Me...I think it doesn't matter...for the simple reason that Pascal forgets that the method of worship/which god you worship is still important. So I abstain...which basically means I fit into the second group. So much for infinite wonder I shouldn't go to Vegas.
2001-12-15 11:57:33 AM  
Totally unrelated to Pascal:

under Impudence/Hate for Ocean's 11 at CAP...
"Impudence/Hate (I)(1):

17 uses of the three/four letter word vocabulary
two uses of the most foul of the foul words
vulgar gestures
massive tattoos"
2001-12-15 11:57:37 AM  
Norstrin: There is an entire moral philosophy debate about actions V intentions: do you have to believe in doing good or do you just do stuff to get into Heaven? If God like me he'll let me in.... if not I can't be bothered to suck up to a being ho I don't believe in.

And yeah, which God anyway?
2001-12-15 12:01:14 PM  
Sidecrab: Pascal would say that you have to believe in God in order to get the reward. His reasoning basically follows from the assumption that if you believe rightly, you will act rightly, but belief comes first.

If you've already gone over Pascal, I apologize for repeating and possibly being patronizing (in advance of any offense being taken).
2001-12-15 12:01:23 PM  
"...a single use of the most foul of the foul words.."


The .org guy should post a picture with a thermometer up a horse's ass (done by a vetinarian of course).
2001-12-15 12:04:27 PM  
Does CAP have a rating for It's a Wonderful Life it does deal with suicide after all, as well as bankruptcy.
2001-12-15 12:05:59 PM  
BenJammin How about just sticking the thermometer up the Prime Number shiatting Bear?
2001-12-15 12:07:45 PM  
Yeah, Pascal, I do believe in God.

Allah: Hey, I'm God. Jesus was some crazy guy. BYEBYE HAVE FUN IN HELL.

Oh wait, it depends on which god you worship and how you worship them so your little wager is CRAAAAAAAHP
2001-12-15 12:11:08 PM  
Doesn't the Bible say beware of false prophets? Hey Mooohammed, get yer arse out here!
2001-12-15 12:11:15 PM  
Pascal was batty...but at least he was good for the "heart has reasons reason cannot know" quote.
2001-12-15 12:12:50 PM  
I can't wait for their review of "Bot Another Teen Movie." Meanwhile, I think I'll go see "Not Another Teen Movie."

Coming soon:, where I will rip on the person buying so he can rip on

I'm confused now.
2001-12-15 12:13:59 PM  
Jeremy Bentham was far cooler than Pascal, because he had his body preserved in a glass cabinet, his severed head used in a game of rugby, and a his own webcam. Rock on!
2001-12-15 12:16:34 PM  
Yeah, but Buckminster Fuller discovered Bucky Balls! (they're made of carbon, just like the pair he was born with!)

how about,,, get the picture. Of course would surrender to bad taste and pr0n immediately.
2001-12-15 12:30:23 PM  
I actually sent a letter to the CAP people, citing that Mary Poppins used magic and according to the Bible all forms of magic are evil. I threw in some other comments about other movies, too, in particular Pleasantville.

They replied with "There is nothing sinister about Mary Poppins and you know it." They addressed only a few of my other points, told me I have no heart and a few fairly personal insults, and left it at that.

Wonderful people.
2001-12-15 12:35:35 PM  
Oh no...witches are evil because they fly with brooms, but Mary Poppins is practically a saint because she uses an umbrella and a spoonful of sugar...
2001-12-15 12:38:22 PM  
I had never seen CAP but anything that rankles the folks posting today - the ones who tote the PC party line while thinking they aren't - was probably something I'd have been a fan of
2001-12-15 12:45:33 PM  
I tried to get them to tell me what the foulest of foul words is but they didn't answer me. Yet they can sit down in front of the heathen movies and count how many times someone says "fark."
2001-12-15 12:49:36 PM  
fark is probably the foulest of foul words...

I'm of the opinion that using the language is empowering and removes the sting from it. If you try to sugarcoat it with filters, idiom, euphemisms, etc. then you only give things like that more power over you. It's like bad luck and superstitions. They really only bite you in the ass when you let them bother you.
2001-12-15 12:50:53 PM  
Now what really gets under my skin are these H-scrolled windows at 1024x768 b/c someone couldn't rein in their overexuberanthappydance graphic and cut it down to a reasonable size...
2001-12-15 12:54:59 PM  
Anyone wanna help me run FARK.ORG?
2001-12-15 01:15:18 PM  
The one thing I want to know, and I don't really know why, is this: does this guys actually create an HTML page for every single one of his movie reviews? Why doesn't he just stick his shiat into a database? This is starting to piss me off.

Ok, anyways, I know I'm strange so you don't have to mention it. Carry on. Sorry for the interruption.
2001-12-15 01:25:52 PM  
I am continually amused at the breathtaking hypocrisy of the "tolerant" left. For example, the same glandular thinkers who tolerate a cross in a jar of urine as "an expression of opinion" cannot tolerate any opinion critical of the "artist".

As has been said often enough about on-line porn: IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T SURF THERE!!!
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