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2001-12-16 12:03:23 AM  
Wow another totaly useless Wheaton post.
2001-12-16 12:04:21 AM  
windows media player sucks.
2001-12-16 12:04:49 AM  
The files are hosted on fortunecity.com, no wonder they don't work.
2001-12-16 12:05:07 AM  
I demand my own tag.
2001-12-16 12:05:55 AM  
We're sorry, but we can't supply the file you requested.

In order for us to continue to provide our members with the first-class service they expect, we don't allow people to link files from sites hosted with other providers.
2001-12-16 12:06:08 AM  
who gives a damn about Wheaton...its just those damn trek fans that have nothing else better to do with their lives. STOP posting this shiat.
2001-12-16 12:06:42 AM  
Its not Fark its Wheaton.com.
2001-12-16 12:08:34 AM  
Though I like Wil, I agree, it's getting out of hand.

Mods: Pull the article, none of the links work, please.
2001-12-16 12:08:44 AM  
He didn't say anything worth saving when he was on the show...
2001-12-16 12:09:24 AM  
What a horribly slow weekend.
2001-12-16 12:10:17 AM  
wil wheaton blows
2001-12-16 12:10:54 AM  
I like wil and all, but I hafta agree, no one really cares about sound files of Wesley crusher. While said as good as it could have been, it was simply cheesy dialouge.
wil [TotalFark]
2001-12-16 12:11:07 AM  
Yeah, but...c'mon...was there ever a more annoying line uttered than, "We're from Starfleet! We don't lie!" ?
2001-12-16 12:11:26 AM  
Shut up Wesley
2001-12-16 12:12:22 AM  
[image from bpfh.net too old to be available]
2001-12-16 12:13:03 AM  
Wil, that really was one of the more annoying lines they gave you.
2001-12-16 12:14:04 AM  
"We're from Starfleet! We don't lie. But, we do cheat and steal... speaking of which, I boned your sister, and took your nice Rolex. Thanks!"
2001-12-16 12:17:16 AM  
2001-12-16 12:17:23 AM  
Wil, please tell me that you sought out the writer and gave him a good sound beating after you uttered that line for the camera.
2001-12-16 12:17:59 AM  
[image from users.bart.nl too old to be available]
2001-12-16 12:18:18 AM  
Hey Wil, I think Drew's got eyes for you.
2001-12-16 12:20:41 AM  
I've got a couple of spleens and a spare pancreas if he's interested. Low milage, only used once.
2001-12-16 12:21:33 AM  
Wheaton sucks.
2001-12-16 12:21:40 AM  
Who's got less of a life, the people who spend all their time with Star Trek, or the ones who spend all their time complaining about the people who spend all their time with Star Trek?
2001-12-16 12:21:58 AM  
Wheaton suks nutz.
2001-12-16 12:23:37 AM  
Link and wavs work for me, guys.

"Where women are concerned, i am in complete control"

2001-12-16 12:24:03 AM  
...or the people who ask the questions about people who spend all their time complaining about the people who spend all their time with Star Trek?
2001-12-16 12:24:28 AM  
I do admit that accidently dissing a 'celeb' to his 'face' was 'fun'.

Although, I still think that Beverly Crusher is the chick that gets refered to as Liutenant Bigtits by this one schizo in my Art class.
2001-12-16 12:26:58 AM  
My sister watched TNG solely for Wesley. Like all younger brothers are apt to do, I used to read her diary while she was out of the house but stopped doing so after I read her revelation that "Wesley makes my panties moist." Yuck.
2001-12-16 12:28:41 AM  
Wesley also makes my panties moist.
2001-12-16 12:29:59 AM  
hmmm...the real wil wheaton? thats cool.

btw: i am the real 100% jdude2k1 -- and i am sure all of you will forget me.

have a nice day.

2001-12-16 12:30:19 AM  
I'm sure that Wil will feel good about hearing that Ghengis... or creeped out. Unless your sister is good looking.
2001-12-16 12:33:53 AM  
Wesley makes my panties moist? *LMFAO* That's very funny.

While I didn't watch it solely for him, I did rather enjoy his part while I was a young teen. Now that TNN is running the show constantly (since they apparently only have the rights to like 3 series) I've watched our dear Wil as Wesley under the critical eye of my husband who sits and points out the stupidity of ST:TNG and tells me how great TOS was. Because everyone knows THAT writing was stellar. Really.
2001-12-16 12:33:57 AM  
I'm sure that was a tad bit more than Wil wanted read. It was for me.
2001-12-16 12:34:32 AM  
What is it about fandom links liek this one and others that bring out the moronic trolls that can say nothing better than, Wheaton sucks, or the even more meaningful, Wheaton suks nutz, and my favorite and yours, Wil Wheaton blows.

I wonder are these attempts at humor, or insult. Or is there something deeper? Could it be that each of these supposed trolls are actually just confused young men who do not know how to express their affection. Like young boys who pull the pig tails of the girl that they like. I think that this may be true, especially when the homoerotic sexual nature of the posts is examined. Sucking, blowing, and especially sukking nutz are all references to oral sexual activity upon the male genetalia. Now Wil Wheaton of course being a man, one could posit that these confused young men are really crying out for attention. Crying out for that man-man attention that they have long for, for so long but have not been able to find. Well boys, we understand, your a bunch of fags.
Wil, I think you got some admirers.
2001-12-16 12:35:34 AM  
Well put Code_Archeologist!
2001-12-16 12:39:12 AM  
"Wesley makes my panties moist."

Zip-pan to a shot of Wil taking a hose to some hanging laundry.
2001-12-16 12:40:15 AM  
Ah, the insightful "fag" reference.

My gay friends, rise up and crush the oppressors!!!


*listens to crickets*

Alright, fine. Don't rise up. Whatever.


...I'm not gay. You know that, right?
2001-12-16 12:42:21 AM  
"Oh dear lord, THAT'S not a tentacle!"

2001-12-16 12:45:50 AM  
Imperfect: Thanks. Funny shiat, that cartoon.
2001-12-16 12:47:00 AM  
its not so much that Wheaton Sucks. I don't dislike Wil per se. I'm just tired of these farking wastes of good space articles.
2001-12-16 12:50:16 AM  
Code_Archeologist-- I've considered that myself but never been able to put it so succinctly.
2001-12-16 12:54:54 AM  
You know, judging from the posts under this article, no one seems to really like the idea of selecting out Wil articles just to post on here. That's great that we have our own pseudo-celeb on Fark, but I don't think anyone really wants to idolize him in the manner that is being done. Walken, on the other hand, would be the man (wait, he already is).
2001-12-16 12:56:01 AM  
I dont hate Wil Wheaton. I dont like Wil Wheaton. Fact is, I dont care one way or the other about Wil.

Now, usually someone will come into one of these fandom threads and go on and on about how dumb everyone else is for liking whoever. It is then that someone intelligent says something like "If you dont like whoever (in this case Wil again), then just leave the thread for those whose drool cups are overflowing with the young man."

With that in mind, see ya in another thread on another day.
2001-12-16 12:56:52 AM  
Photoshop. Now.
2001-12-16 12:58:32 AM  
I have my moments... that just happened to be one of them.

Actually I do not really mind the number of trolls on Fark, I just wish we had a higher quality of trolls instead of the bargain variety that we appear to be plagued by.
2001-12-16 12:58:54 AM  
I agree with both Argh_Dammit and Wintermute.
2001-12-16 01:01:10 AM  
We need more Walken articles dammit.
2001-12-16 01:03:04 AM  
I agree with Argh_Dammit, Wintermute, CIA Mole, and Code_Archeologist.

Now the important question. Is there a Photoshop (of quality) forthcoming???
2001-12-16 01:04:25 AM  
I agree with Bigpeeler.
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