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3037 clicks; posted to Main » and Business » on 30 Dec 2014 at 8:41 AM (7 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2014-12-29 10:47:55 PM  
Last contest today, Business tab. Two more contests coming Tuesday morning
2014-12-29 10:48:18 PM  
Stock market traders say that the characters in "The Wolf of Wall Street" are exaggerated. For one thing, who is going to believe that the main character actually goes to jail for committing financial crimes?
2014-12-29 10:50:18 PM  
New U.S Olympic bobsled is designed by BMW. Although if the bobsled team wanted a vehicle that borders on being out of control down icy slopes with no chance of stopping, they should have gone with Chrysler
2014-12-29 10:51:17 PM  
Las Vegas to California porn producers: "Come here"
2014-12-29 10:51:43 PM  
Credit card hackers find an easy Target
2014-12-29 10:54:32 PM  
Sprint and T-Mobile are in talks to merge; what could possibly go
2014-12-29 10:54:53 PM  
Six signs you're in the wrong job. Well, it's Tuesday during business hours and you're hanging around here, so let's call it seven
2014-12-29 10:55:23 PM  
Banks now offer palladium and titanium credit cards. For $495 customers can choose either ore
2014-12-29 10:55:50 PM  
Samsung Chairman has a heart attack. Apple lawyers claim it looks a lot like the one that Steve Jobs was once rumoured to have had
2014-12-29 10:57:11 PM  
Comcast VP testifies that Time Warner merger will be good for customers. Also known as "perjury"
2014-12-29 10:57:32 PM  
Anthony Weiner to write a monthly business column called "Weiner". Once again, the pen is mightier
2014-12-29 10:58:46 PM  
New giant iPhone doesn't fit in most pants. But then neither do most Americans
2014-12-29 10:59:38 PM  
600 farm machinery workers get a Deere John letter
2014-12-29 11:00:46 PM  
Amway CEO arrested for running a pyramid scheme. Apparently it's slightly different from the normal Amway business plan
2014-12-29 11:01:11 PM  
Volkswagen recalls 189,000 SUVs that are Fahrfrumrunning
2014-12-29 11:01:44 PM  
Home Depot begins selling consumer products like toilet paper. Look for it in the do-it-yourself aisle
2014-12-29 11:02:07 PM  
Deutschland bans Uber alles over the country
2014-12-29 11:02:27 PM  
Johnson Controls CEO shows complete lack of johnson control
2014-12-29 11:02:48 PM  
Russia halts import of 550 tons of U.S. chicken. Sounds like someone got cock blocked
2014-12-29 11:03:09 PM  
DELETE FROM tblOracleEmployees WHERE strName = 'Larry Ellison' AND strJobTitle ' = 'CEO';
2014-12-29 11:03:43 PM  
♫ ♫ And I said, "What about missed estimates at Tiffany's?" And she said, "I think the shares have dipped, and as I recall we both found an investment unwise" ♫ ♫
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