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2014-12-29 3:35:57 PM  
Here are your final candidates for Fark's Geek Headline of the Year. These are the top 20 geek headlines as voted, with the top five from each quarter of 2014. Now you get to choose the one you like best. Enjoy.
2014-12-29 3:37:28 PM  
New 'soft robot' walks through snow, is undamaged by flames and can be run over by a car without being stopped. It's almost like they don't make scientists watch 'The Terminator' anymore
2014-12-29 3:38:14 PM  
Dallas Aquarium creates peanut butter and jellyfish. Success of the experiment has reportedly led a local zoo to try to create Rhesus Pieces
2014-12-29 3:38:30 PM  
Second code found in DNA. First reports have it as ↑↑↓↓←→←→ B A
2014-12-29 3:38:51 PM  
John McAfee is happy that his name is being taken off of his antivirus software, acknowledging that it was easier than getting the software off of a computer
2014-12-29 3:42:04 PM  
Recent finding show Leibniz was the 10th person to invent a binary number system
2014-12-29 3:42:23 PM  
Researchers find that cows who survive an encounter with wolves can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder-like symptoms. But, hey, at least you get beef that cuts itself
2014-12-29 3:42:43 PM  
Scientists find fossilized sperm in near-perfect state of preservation. They also suggest maybe you should wash that sock once in a while
2014-12-29 3:43:21 PM  
Scientists have figured out a way to turn astronauts' pee into clean drinking water, although it does have a certain tang to it
2014-12-29 3:43:41 PM  
Astronomer finds a star as cold as ice. No word on whether it's willing to sacrifice our love
2014-12-29 3:43:56 PM  
Miso soup protects against cancer. Miso horny increases risk of STDs
2014-12-29 3:44:14 PM  
Boy who was born without ears has a pair created from his ribs. Delighted mother says, "I've finally got my baby back"
2014-12-29 3:44:30 PM  
Rats feel remorse for making bad decisions, which puts them one step up from investment bankers
2014-12-29 3:44:51 PM  
Computer scientists decode birdsong, discover what the feathered little bags of shiat think is so important that they have to scream it at each other outside your window at 5 a.m. every day
2014-12-29 3:45:10 PM  
Google finally releases 64-bit version of their browser. When asked why it took so long they said that obviously Chrome wasn't built in a day
2014-12-29 3:45:32 PM  
Researchers find gorillas use their BO as a form of communication with others - much the same way IT workers do
2014-12-29 3:45:53 PM  
Unrest possible at remote Alaska volcano, but scientists caution it may just be an optical aleutian
2014-12-29 3:46:09 PM  
Microsoft goes right to Windows 10... because 7 8 9
2014-12-29 3:46:29 PM  
Snail thought to be extinct since 2007 found about three feet away
2014-12-29 3:47:02 PM  
Here's an in-depth article on why people procrastinate. Bookmark it so you can read it later
2014-12-29 3:50:08 PM  
Seven Star Trek technologies scientists are working on right now. Missing from the list: Lightsabers
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