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2014-12-29 2:49:24 AM  
This year, we're running the tab headlines first, and the Main page contest after, with the other contests (wordplay, context, etc) after. Just a heads-up that all of the subtab headlines are going up today: Sports, Geek, Entertainment, Politics, and Business. Each of them will show up both on the mainpage and also in each respective subtab. I'm going to keep each stickied to the top for a while for voting purposes.

Here are your final candidates for Fark's Sports Headline of the Year. These are the top 20 sports headlines as voted, with the top five from each quarter of 2014. Now you get to choose the one you like best. Enjoy.
2014-12-29 1:55:23 PM  
Matt Prater breaks Tom Dempsey's 43-year-old field goal record by half a foot
2014-12-29 1:55:42 PM  
Five things you need to know about womens' ski jumping. "The hell's that whistling sound?" inexplicably not among them
2014-12-29 2:02:18 PM  
Julius Peppers picks the Packers, pending papers
2014-12-29 2:09:10 PM  
Aaron Rodgers responds to gay rumors by f*cking some Bears
2014-12-29 2:10:17 PM  
Danica Patrick becomes the first NASCAR driver to get 1 million Twitter followers. Which is ironic since she's usually the one following all the other NASCAR drivers
2014-12-29 2:10:36 PM  
South Carolina football player Jadeveon Clowney ticketed for going 110 mph. No word on the fate of the other 20 people in the car
2014-12-29 2:10:51 PM  
Packers thrust Dix into secondary hole
2014-12-29 2:11:13 PM  
Yu Darvish throws a 55 mph eephus curveball to Torii Hunter, who can't believe his ii's
2014-12-29 2:13:49 PM  
Even Donald Sterling's prostate wants nothing to do with Donald Sterling
2014-12-29 2:14:06 PM  
Good: Cubs fan catches homerun ball. Bad: Loses wedding ring during celebration. Good: Grounds crew locates ring and returns it. Cubs players said they would have helped look but they have no idea what a ring is
2014-12-29 2:14:27 PM  
Michael Phelps announces that he is headed to rehab because he drinks like a ... um, he drinks a lot
2014-12-29 2:14:50 PM  
Library of Congress discovers near-mint-condition footage of Game 7 of the 1924 World Series, notable for it being the most recent footage of Senators in DC accomplishing something positive
2014-12-29 2:15:14 PM  
Husband calls his wife's cell only to have Derek Jeter answer. You'd better hope a gift basket doesn't show up on your doorstep, buddy
2014-12-29 2:16:07 PM  
Giants honor Robin Williams at World Series, presumably by making the Royals choke
2014-12-29 2:25:40 PM  
Spring officially arrives in Toronto as the sun shines and the Leafs are out
2014-12-29 2:32:58 PM  
The last time Netherlands beat Spain this decisively, Philip IV was forced to recognize them as an sovereign nation
2014-12-29 2:33:11 PM  
Jelena Jankovic snaps a bra strap during tennis match, almost loses her set
2014-12-29 2:33:29 PM  
After months of investigations, it only took one small tip in the end to arrest Jerry Sandusky
2014-12-29 2:35:33 PM  
2014-12-29 2:35:48 PM  
Germany eliminates France. This is not a repeat from 1940, 1915, 1870, get the drift
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