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(Boulder Daily Camera)   If you're going to expose your privates in a glass elevator, don't keep riding it up and down after people have seen you   ( divider line
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2004-02-29 11:17:08 PM  
That headline is confusing
2004-02-29 11:19:21 PM  
dont any of these "news" websites understand that you can put pictures in webpages?

"we have the technology..."
2004-02-29 11:24:01 PM  
Cheech did it!
2004-02-29 11:29:23 PM  
Good advice.
2004-02-29 11:32:25 PM  
Yeah, cause that would just be WEIRD.
2004-02-29 11:34:27 PM  
A 36-year-old man was arrested after he exposed himself to pedestrians while riding in a glass elevator, police reported.

2004-02-29 11:34:30 PM  
You shouldn't throw stones either, or am I messing up my metaphors again?
2004-02-29 11:35:17 PM  
People in glass elevators shouldn't show stones?
2004-02-29 11:35:26 PM  
George "Wawa" Bush? Isn't that special...
2004-02-29 11:36:03 PM  
Well, take your pick. Damn.
2004-02-29 11:36:28 PM  
2004-02-29 11:36:40 PM  
What, no pics?


/also wishes there were pics
2004-02-29 11:38:08 PM  
I enjoyed the news item just below.

"A 19-year-old Louisville man turned himself in to authorities this week after he was accused of telling a University of Colorado student to chug vodka for 10 seconds and then punching him in the jaw at a fraternity party."
2004-02-29 11:39:02 PM  
Kept riding the elevator up and down ? The moral of the story is, next time you want to push a floor button successfully, next time use your fingers.

That took a lot of balls to do what he did. Or two, to be exact.

2004-02-29 11:40:17 PM  
The other two stories were much more interesting. The guy who got the frat boy to chug and then broke his jaw?

So wrong. And yet I can't stop laughing.
2004-02-29 11:42:17 PM  
Police have released this picture of the suspect:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-29 11:42:58 PM  
"A 19-year-old Louisville man turned himself in to authorities this week after he was accused of telling a University of Colorado student to chug vodka for 10 seconds and then punching him in the jaw at a fraternity party."

I guess the Louisville guy was just surprised to see a Colorado student that wasn't raping someone for once.

2004-02-29 11:55:42 PM  
That story below about the asshat who broke a guy's jaw was a bit more interesting. It pisses me off for some reason, even though the jaw-breakee was just as stupid for agreeing to do something like that.

Must be something in the rocky mountain water.
2004-02-29 11:57:26 PM  
At least it was not a transformer.

2004-03-01 12:05:45 AM  
When Thomas got to one, according to a police report, he punched Boggie and knocked him off the seat where he was sitting.

Thomas apologized and then left the party after hearing that police were called, the report said.

What the hell? Apologized?

"Sorry buddy, no hard feelings?"
2004-03-01 12:08:14 AM  
Its just the newest craze in meat vending.
2004-03-01 12:37:39 AM  
variation of the blumpkin?
2004-03-01 12:45:03 AM  
WTF? I do it all the time and nobody complains!

/mushroom print on the glass
2004-03-01 01:16:22 AM  
Oh man, these stories are nothing. I lived in Boulder for years and this is standard daily fare for the Republic of Boulder!

I had a guy tell me (seriously) that his dog was going to drive him home when he was too drunk/stoned to drive, saw a woman crushed by a falling tree, saw a pack of racoons attack a college student...
2004-03-01 01:22:37 AM  
That sergeant should be court-martialed.
2004-03-01 02:01:09 AM  
Maybe he didn't realize the "UP" button referred to the elevator...
2004-03-01 02:46:37 AM  
I imagine he didn't know the other guy was going to punch him after he got to 1.
2004-03-01 04:49:00 AM  
Strange - life imitating TVGoHome's "Mick Hucknall's Pink Pancakes"... at 01h00am

(And for an explanation, at 12h45am)
2004-03-01 04:50:17 AM  
A warning - the links may be NSFW - sorry.
2004-03-01 10:05:05 AM  
"Mick Hucknall's Pink Pancakes." A classic, as is
2004-03-01 10:31:38 AM  
2004-03-01 11:09:54 AM  
That guy was pretty farking stupid if you ask me...but I agree, at least it wasn't a Tranny.
2004-03-01 12:02:02 PM  
Yeah, the thing at the Pi Kap house sounds more like FARK worthy material. I'll have to ask my friend about that.


Remember, this was at a frat.

/thank you sir, may I have another
2004-03-01 01:14:53 PM  
Cue Hank Hill mooning the (governor?) of Texas from a glass elevator.
2004-04-05 10:39:40 PM  
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