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(Toronto Sun)   I know we asked you to come to the airport this morning so we could deport you, but we seem to have lost your file. Can you come back tomorrow?   ( divider line
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11530 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Mar 2004 at 1:54 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-01 01:57:38 AM  
Canadians sure are polite!
2004-03-01 01:58:47 AM  
hmm that is not what I typed....
2004-03-01 02:01:49 AM  
I'm not seeing much incentive to come back tomorrow.
2004-03-01 02:01:52 AM  
There are still people on Fark who don't understand how the "Boobies" thing works?
2004-03-01 02:01:54 AM  
I submitted this with a better tag.
2004-03-01 02:03:01 AM  

I hope you've learned your lesson!
2004-03-01 02:05:43 AM  
Just for the shiat they been thru we should let them stay to make nike shoes....
2004-03-01 02:07:07 AM  
There are still people on Fark who don't understand how the "Boobies" thing works?

whats worse is he's been around since last june....he either doesn't pay attention or is just really slow.
2004-03-01 02:09:57 AM  

Send me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, your homeless, tempest tossed to me.
I lift my lamp beside your golden door?

/The New Colossus?
2004-03-01 02:10:07 AM  
Heavy handed.

Completely agree with repatriating those who don't meet the visa-immigration-citizenship requirements, but this family appears to have done nothing wrong except overstay their permit.

Common courtesy should be extended.
2004-03-01 02:13:06 AM  
Does anyone know where to get a copy of Sim city 4? ive been looking on kazaa for like a month now..
2004-03-01 02:18:28 AM  
Only one that read the article?

On top of all that, they were told they could leave today if they paid $600 (Canadian I suppose).

Hmm...the choices. Pay for my own deportation, or let America Jr. pay for it tomorrow.
2004-03-01 02:19:04 AM  
But wait, I thought Canada was a liberal utopia, the true land of the free!
2004-03-01 02:22:43 AM  

Might I suggest Amazon?

It's twenty bones ya foo'.
2004-03-01 02:39:15 AM  
I was the thirst most

You are the cursed toast

We were the nursed ghost

But him, he was the Boobies!
2004-03-01 02:39:46 AM  
'America Jr.' Bwahahaha!!!
2004-03-01 02:44:22 AM  
canada sucks.
2004-03-01 03:05:48 AM  
i was about to blame this on bush.... whoops

asinine indeed. by all accounts it seems this family has a genuine interest to better their life; its the people that come here (referring to the u.s. again), syphon SS and take our jobs that SHOULD get a foot in the ass out the door.

/adhesives his tinfoil hat on
2004-03-01 03:07:51 AM  
glitch in the farktrix?

^^^ my post at 3:05 is above a post at 1:57.....
2004-03-01 03:11:20 AM  
Let me pay and leave
Your country is repressive
France has better laws.

2004-03-01 03:35:57 AM  
im noticing a pattern: uber-mod trick to make thrilla's 1:57 post stay at the bottom to razz him about his, um, primary correspondance attempt?
2004-03-01 03:45:33 AM  
How the hell can you get deported from canada?
2004-03-01 03:49:32 AM  
i've never been there, but Canada suxs
2004-03-01 04:12:04 AM  
lol, kudos to fark for preventing ppl from coming in first and writing that they were indeed, just that.
man its hard to talk about that without saying it
also, incase its not clear, they put u a day late if u come in and do that
2004-03-01 04:26:23 AM  
yea but i spent my 20 bucks on pot and now i wanna play sim city 4
2004-03-01 05:57:08 AM  
People should really read FArQ....

/my $0.02
2004-03-01 07:33:07 AM  
I don't even know what a Canada is, but it still sucks...
2004-03-01 08:12:07 AM  
When I look around me, I can't believe what I see
It seems as if this country has lost its will to live
The economy is lousy, we barely have an army
But we can still stand proudly cuz Canada's really big
We're the second largest country on this planet earth
And if Russia keeps on shrinking then soon we'll be
(As long as we keep Quebec)
The USA has tanks and Switzerland has banks
They can keep them thanks, they just don't amount
Cuz when you get down to it, you find out what the truth
It isn't what you do with it its the size that counts
Most people will tell you that France is pretty large
But you can put fourteen France's into this land of ours
(It's take a lot of work, It'd take a whole lot of work)

/not canadian
2004-03-01 08:29:07 AM  
"Then they said if you want to go today you have to pay $600," said Dominguez, who was personally commended for community service by MP Judy Sgro, now immigration minister."

It seems all that "more rightgeous than the US" canadian propaganda was bunch of b.s. I guess Canadians are a bunch of selfish rude jerkoffs after all as well! We need an [ASSHOLE] tag badly.
2004-03-01 09:39:07 AM  
What kind of name is 'Sgro?' She sounds really charming: promotion, apparent apathy, and to round it off, unavailable for comment.

2004-03-01 09:44:51 AM  
The Canadians are funny in how they deport people. Always so polite.

I had a co-worker who did not have the proper papers
(visa) fly into Canada. It was on a weekend so they ask
him to come back on Monday so they could deport him.

I went once without the proper paperwork for my test equipment. Canadian customs had me separate all my
personal belongings so they could seize only the
equipment. All very polite and nice.
2004-03-01 09:51:17 AM  

Only "kindve"? More like "entirly."
2004-03-01 10:27:13 AM  
I really don't get it.

On topic, I would have thought that they'd detain people they were going to deport.
2004-03-01 10:50:22 AM  
kindve_an_idiot: If you can't afford the 20 bux a legit copy of Sim City 4 will cost you, you probably can't afford the massive computer you will need to run the game at anything more than a crawl.
2004-03-01 12:21:12 PM  

More Like "Mrs Stench"

/implying you have no penis or testicles and whats left emits a foul smell
2004-03-01 01:31:46 PM  
Just rent a car, drive to Miami and tell everyone you are Cuban. Problem solved.
2004-03-01 01:57:33 PM  
I'll come back tomorrow, because I get the Boobies on this thread!!!
2004-03-01 02:08:08 PM  
When the guards didn't show up, the family hitched a ride with Toronto Sun photographer Dave Thomas.

[image from too old to be available]

Which one is that again?
2004-03-01 04:44:25 PM  
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