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(Seattle Times) Hero High-tech geek wins "Beerdrinker of the Year" contest, earns free beer for life   ( divider line
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11865 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Feb 2004 at 1:35 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-02-28 11:38:58 PM  
Truly a man among men. I wish theyd televise that contest on TLC or Discovery.
2004-02-29 12:40:35 AM  
Fark surrenders?
2004-02-29 1:38:51 AM  
That has gotta be the best "free ---- for life" right behind free sex and free money.
2004-02-29 1:39:12 AM  
Goodbye liver
2004-02-29 1:39:42 AM  
I could have won, but I was too busy rehearsing at home.
2004-02-29 1:40:15 AM  

I want free beer for life...
2004-02-29 1:40:17 AM  
2004-02-29 1:41:34 AM  
a truly fitting use of the hero tag. We all salute you, Mr. Geek.

Fark definitely surrenders
2004-02-29 1:45:57 AM  
Beerlarity ensues?
2004-02-29 1:49:01 AM  
sec -

with free beer you can get free sex.... duh
and money.. um, sell some of the beer? you'll get it back free anyway :)
2004-02-29 1:49:15 AM  
all your liver belong to us?
2004-02-29 1:49:46 AM  
Tastes like chicken?
2004-02-29 1:50:25 AM  
Your liver wants beer?
2004-02-29 1:53:10 AM  
What was that Miller Light (?) commercial again: "Real American Heroes" "Real Men of Genius..."

<seinfeld>who's the ad wizard who came up with That one?</seinfeld>

WA farkers-- what kind of beer does that brewer make? I'm assuming it's better than your average American "piss beer?"
2004-02-29 1:53:52 AM  
I, for one, welcome our beer-meister overlord?
2004-02-29 1:54:39 AM  
Drink beer. Wipe hands on pants. Repeat
2004-02-29 1:56:17 AM  
everytime you drink a beer, god kills a kitten?
2004-02-29 1:58:54 AM  
Here comes the hangover?
2004-02-29 2:02:56 AM  
Still no cure for hangovers
2004-02-29 3:00:43 AM  
sherman uber alles-
Wynkoop isn't a washington brewery. Olympia was, but that was certainly piss beer. There is a company that buys all of the defunct breweries/recipes up that still makes it, I believe, along with other local piss beers of old.
2004-02-29 4:08:11 AM  
your beer wants geek?
2004-02-29 4:45:36 AM  
Free beer for a year? His wife and kids might as well take a picture because they won't be seeing him for another year or so. On the bright side he'll resurface on fark with about 56 mugshots for our amusement.
2004-02-29 6:35:28 AM  
this should have a heronic tag on it, or beeronic...
2004-02-29 7:12:56 AM  
Drew can kick his ass.
2004-02-29 2:20:11 PM  
sherman uber alles, amnesiak is right, Wynkoop Brewing Co. is in Denver. Olympia was (and Rainier still is) made in WA, but both are pretty standard American yellow fizzy water with ethanol and soap. Rainier Ice is pretty good... for soaking grease off car parts. Not worth drinking, of course.

There are a number of excellent small breweries here though, particularly in and around Seattle. We're blessed with Pacific Rim Brewing Co. (AKA West Seattle Brewing), Elliott Bay Brewery, Hale's, Jolly Roger Taproom (Maritime Pacific), Elysian, Big Time Brewery, Fish Brewing (Olympia), Pacific Crest (Tukwila), Snoqualmie Falls Brewing (in Snoqualmie), Orchard Street Brewing (Bellingham), and of course Red Hook and Pyramid.

Washington state is (along with upstate NY) among the world's best hops-growing environments, so PNW beers tend to be a bit more hoppy than other places. That suits me fine. If you're ever thinking of visiting someplace just to sample the local beers, Seattle should definitely be on your short list.
2004-02-29 4:49:24 PM  
nothin like a nice cold beer after drinking so much beer your liver explodes...
2004-02-29 8:06:48 PM  
Stick it into my veins!!!

2004-02-29 11:19:08 PM  
I almost cried when, after turning 21 I tried to go to the rainer brewery and it was a farking coffee roaster. Seatle still sucks. While I am definitely a beer snob, (I looked today, prices for amber were quite close between michelob and my micro), Oly is a guilty pleasure, oh and canned bud was suprisingly close to all the prices. Anyhow I loved those old Rainer commercials, the motercycle reving one was awesome. One of these days someone should reopen the old Kessler Brewing compay here in Helena, I guess it was a huge brewery 100 years ago.
2004-03-01 1:13:46 AM  
FloydA, you're leaving out pike, which should be included just for the 5X, and of course mac 'n jacks. If you find yourself in west seattle, stop by for some furnace homebrew.
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