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(ESPN)   Vote for 2001's Sports Jerk of the Year *cough* Bud Selig *cough*   ( divider line
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2001-12-14 01:13:18 PM  
boobies (time warp) weeeeeeeee
2001-12-14 01:14:34 PM  
WTF, it didn't work. Did somebody break the boobies time warp thingee?
2001-12-14 01:18:48 PM  
They missed:
Nick Van Exel-whining piece of shiat
and his lovely coach Dan Issel
2001-12-14 01:23:54 PM  

Ohhhh............, SPORTS Jerk... !!!

2001-12-14 01:24:45 PM  
its a toss up between moss and selig
2001-12-14 01:25:16 PM  
Its been said before.
Bud Selig is the owners' boytoy.
Bob Costas or George Will (not real crazy about Geo. but better than Bud) for Commissioner. He should have full dictitorial powers like Landis so he can biatch slap the owners and save themselves from themslves.
120 Mil for Giambi..give me a farkin break. Baseball will go bankrupt when TV decides to lower their payments and they will as the public will lose interest in it at some point in time. Its that un-American soccer as kids don't play baseball like they used to back when Brooks Robinson walked the earth.
2001-12-14 01:27:11 PM  
at the mention of Brooks Robinson
**removes cap and thanks Jesus**
2001-12-14 01:29:34 PM  
What? Aren't we all going to vote for wil? Isn't that the trend?
2001-12-14 01:36:15 PM  
Thankfully I think the market has been hit on salaries. Only a couple of teams can afford these $15-$20 million a year guys, and even they are done shopping for the year. The glut of players looking for that money is exceeding demand for their services and as any person who took some economics, more supply + less demand = lower prices.

Still F Bud Selig. The guy wants to fold the team next door to him and claims it won't benefit the Brewers. "Oh yeah, the fact that me TV rights will increase because it's the only baseball product in the area means nothing to me." What a scumbag.
2001-12-14 01:46:03 PM  
All of the nominees are worthy of the award.
2001-12-14 01:47:35 PM  
Retards. The XFL bias ESPN has shown since even before the league started was disgusting. Vince did not create the league for NBC's prime time TV, as they claim. He planned for the games to be broadcast on UPN and TNN before NBC bought into it.

If you're gonna bash someone/something get your freaking facts straight.
2001-12-14 01:50:38 PM  
Um, how about Michael Jordan?
2001-12-14 01:57:41 PM  
What's the biggest no-no in sports. Cheating. The Almontes qualify hands down as the most unsportsman like.
Selig is a capitalist and therefore will pay when the REVOLUTION comes!
2001-12-14 01:59:08 PM  
selig. Moss, et. al. will not kill their sports. Selig will.
2001-12-14 02:01:29 PM  
My vote goes to the cock biting soccer player.......
2001-12-14 02:04:02 PM  
I'll second the Jordan vote. Not sure what Bud Selig has done wrong. It's not his fault that the league is a disaster.
2001-12-14 02:06:29 PM  
My prediction: Contraction will be put off for a year, and the Twins will win the pennant, fill up the stadium, and Pohlad will still say that he can't make any money, a la Major League.

If we're going to talk sports jerks, let's talk Pohlad. "Wahh! I have billions, but I still want you to pay for a new stadium!" Maybe if the owners of the Twins and Vikings pooled their cash, they would have enough for a stadium. Put in on the U of M campus, and stick the Gophers in there, too, so we can have a rel college ootball atmosphere. Voila, problems solved.
2001-12-14 02:09:54 PM  
Prediction: The Twins will never ever compete under the current structure of the league. So either they should be eliminated, or the structure should be changed. Easier to eliminate the Twins, that's why he Selig chose to go that route.
2001-12-14 02:10:52 PM  
Selig isn't killing baseball. The players in general are. The owners ultimately gave them everything they wanted in the last strike and small market teams are dying because they can't fill the stands because they can't compete. That's not Selig's fault.

The guy who signs the $92M contract and then decides to play when he feels like it deserves this one.
2001-12-14 02:11:35 PM  
By the way, Brooks Robinson still walks the earth. He never died. I met him when I was little, and he is a GREAT guy. Signed my baseball stuff for free when I didn't have cash (I was like 8 yrs. old). (Sappy).
2001-12-14 02:13:12 PM  
He never died? I thought he died at least once.
2001-12-14 02:13:12 PM  
But, The unsportsman of the year is easily Bud Selig. This man kisses more owner ass, than anyone I've ever seen. I know this is beside the point,...but damn I hate the Yankees.
2001-12-14 02:15:29 PM  
still selg, mostly because he caved on issues. yeah, he's a stooge of the owners and that's why baseball will fail. capitalists don't know how to deal with workers.
2001-12-14 02:17:02 PM  
My first pick would be Nate Newton, but he is retired. Ray Lewis would be another fine choice. How about voting for the BCS, but they are an organization not an individual. Jim Morra for practicing James with a torn ACL? Oleary for lying about his biography? So many choices so little time........
2001-12-14 02:19:12 PM  
Got to go with the Almontes on this one.
2001-12-14 02:19:15 PM  
By the way FB,

I read that post you made about me earlier today. Get a life, loser. You stay on fark 24/7. Maybe if you actually removed yourself from in front of the computer, you would loosen up, and not be so uptight. Loser.
2001-12-14 02:20:10 PM  
Don't forget Jason "If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em" Giambi.
2001-12-14 02:21:10 PM  
Um, how about Michael Jordan?

Nah. I don't like the guy, myself, but at least he's not: actively cheating (like the Almontes), lazy and proud of it (like Randy Moss), attempting to gut his sport and profit from it (like Selig), concerned only with making a buck and creating as big a spectacle as possible while relegating the actual sport to sideshow status (like McMahon), an immature, whiny, extraordinarily talented and equally extraordinarily overpaid jackass (like Wallace) or a crackhead who refuses to take responsibility for his crackheadedness (like Glenn).

Jordan's just an old guy with a pirate earring who doesn't know when to quit and loves/is hooked on the competition of the NBA...arguably, he's actually even doing good things for the NBA, e.g. increasing attendance/TV revenues for a team so bad that you'd normally have to PAY people to watch their games.
2001-12-14 02:23:15 PM  
nah. still selig. he's killing his sport. almontes won't kill little league, oleary sure won't kill notre dame.

ps: why is everyone so down on fb-? I kinda find his comments insightful....
2001-12-14 02:25:04 PM  
Jordan deserves it for quitting twice (asuming he actually left on his own terms the first time), not necessarily for coming back. But you couldn't give it to him when he quit because you didnt know he would un-quit later.
2001-12-14 02:36:37 PM  
"Jordan deserves it for quitting twice'

The award is Sports Jerk of the Year. Jordan didn't quit (either time) this past year. Now maybe if they were giving out multiple Sports Jerks awards, maybe some sort of Lifetime Achievement for Sports Jerk Excellence Award, not just one to the biggest jerk of the past year, Jordan would likely have the honor of receiving one.
2001-12-14 02:47:54 PM  
what about Muhammad Ali? I'm tired of having to listen to everybody kiss that twitchy bastards ass all the time.

(Ok, confession, i love Ali, i just hate the pricks that are always swinging on his nutsack)
2001-12-14 02:57:10 PM  
New example for "asshole" in the unabridged dictionary: "SELIG"
2001-12-14 02:59:07 PM  
Newton isn't a jerk, just bloody stooooopid.
2001-12-14 03:12:08 PM  
Come on people, the moss is leading. Bud needs to make a great leap forward !
2001-12-14 03:36:08 PM  
What about Barry Bonds? The guy breaks the Biggest Record in Sports, and no one gives a shiat because he's an asshole.
2001-12-14 03:39:49 PM  
Why doesn't COngress just subpoena the farking financials from the players, look at them and go "Ooh! These don't say what Selig told us." Throw Selig (and, if possible, a substancial number of the owners/ownership groups that contributed to the falsified numbers given to congress - like the LA Times and Chicago Trib people) in jail for contempt of congress and appoint a special prosecuter to try them all for perjury.
I think that would pretty much take care of it. League might actually turn a profit without the owners there actively looking for tax write-offs. (Which is what sports teams are to probably half of the people with major interests in them.)
2001-12-14 03:51:44 PM  
Almontes. Disgraceful what they did.

And how exactly is Selig going to take down baseball, by himself?
2001-12-14 04:01:08 PM  
Shaftman3: I know , its just that team guys like Robinson, Ripkin, Puckett et al who are loyal to the fans of their teams are few and far between. And you're right, you never forget the class guys. There the ones that keep us in the game.

One avenue would be community ownership like the Packers in major league sports. Loyalty would develop and revenue sharing would probably develop as parity and civic pride would revolutionize the game again. Selig is not the cause, he's just part of the problem.

at the mention of Robinson, Ripkin, Kirby et al:
**removes cap and thanks Jesus**
2001-12-14 05:25:41 PM  
Those shysters known as the Almontes.
2001-12-14 05:51:32 PM  
From Mad Magazine's 50 Worst Things in Sports:
"45: Baseball owner-turned-commissioner Bud Selig and his SuperCuts haircut, his Sally Jesse Raphael glasses, and his $29.95 Don Knotts suit. Shouldn't any manly sport make sure they have a guy in charge who could take Bill Gates in a slapfight?"
2001-12-14 05:59:11 PM  
I chose the Almontes.
2001-12-14 06:01:58 PM  

Forget what I said about insightful comments.
2001-12-14 06:08:08 PM  
And how exactly is Selig going to take down baseball, by himself?

Well, maybe because he is isolating the fanbase, which means less people will watch games on TV or go to games. Less money from TV rights and stadium revenues, and suddenly teams are in the red again. Contraction is going to be far more damaging to baseball than the strike a few years ago.
2001-12-14 08:07:19 PM  
What about Gary Bettman? He is going to kill the NHL!
2001-12-14 11:46:23 PM  
The Almontes, hands down. They took advantage of little kids by cheating. The others are, perhaps, cheating in other ways, but not specifically to "take candy from babies (or young children)" so-to-speak.
2001-12-15 12:38:48 AM  
Roy Kramer should get an honorable mention for giving birth to the monstrosity that is the BCS.
2001-12-15 02:54:17 PM  
I'd just like to thrid the motion of Jason Giambi. As a hardcore A's fan, I am so disappointed in his decision. He wanted to play for a "winner". Well jackass, you not only played for a winner, you were king shiat of a winning team! Oh well, at least we've got some cash to go get a few great players that will help us tool the Yankees next year. Muahahhahaha.
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