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(Some Guy)   TV station allows anyone to report business closings due to snow storm, broadcasts them on the news. Hilarity ensues (Link fixed - goes to screen shots)   ( divider line
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40482 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Feb 2004 at 5:41 PM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-02-27 5:07:31 PM  
The pics are farking hilarious!
2004-02-27 5:28:25 PM  
i'm dying laughing here.
2004-02-27 5:36:07 PM  
Saw this earlier and was LMAO. Thank god I was alone in my office.

My personal favorite:

"Watkins Family Reunion Service
Holla at P. Nis for more info
You know how we do"
2004-02-27 5:45:01 PM  
hee heehee
2004-02-27 5:46:26 PM  
Colonel Angus Chicken
Open from 6-9 Friday

Good stuff.
2004-02-27 5:48:25 PM  
whew! lotso mormon bashing today! gotta love it, heh.
2004-02-27 5:48:42 PM  
2004-02-27 5:48:59 PM  
holy shiat, we made fark.
2004-02-27 5:49:07 PM  
I don't get it... links to a message board.
2004-02-27 5:49:37 PM  
Nooooooo! You're FARKING it....!!!!!!
2004-02-27 5:49:43 PM  
OMG the first one is my favorite. Hilarious!
2004-02-27 5:49:52 PM  
Wow - for once hilarity DID ensue!
2004-02-27 5:50:07 PM  
Thats some funny shiat.
2004-02-27 5:50:45 PM  
What's hilarious is that I live in raleigh and I haven't seen any of this on news14.
2004-02-27 5:51:24 PM  
Nooooooo! You're FARKING it....!!!!!!

nah, ever since last spring, the influx of users has slowed it down.
2004-02-27 5:51:39 PM  
> 10 comments and it's farked.

Jesus Christ (Chainsaw Superstar) get a REAL server.
2004-02-27 5:51:57 PM  
yep.. now that there is some funny stuff
2004-02-27 5:52:06 PM  
Damn! Its being sooo slow. wont load here
2004-02-27 5:52:46 PM  
I have no words or handy-dandy acronyms to describe just how funny this is.
2004-02-27 5:53:23 PM  
Ok, whats PWNT?
2004-02-27 5:53:50 PM  
Read my post from earlier, it is not farked, the server, due to the already massive amount of traffic taht goes on there is slow already. You guys really didn't do anything.
2004-02-27 5:54:43 PM  
So, we are to assume that the station just set up an open database for people to post their "closings" to, and had nobody check them, just let them rotate on the TV?

And they didn't think people would abuse this? Very very nieve people.
2004-02-27 5:54:59 PM  
Ok, whats PWNT?

k, it is the simple passive of pwn, a ub4r l337 way of saying own.

2004-02-27 5:55:17 PM  
This is my all-time, all-time favorito!
2004-02-27 5:57:04 PM  
OH MY GOD this is the funniest SHIAT ever....and thus endeth the idea of posting your own closings and delays....

2004-02-27 5:58:10 PM  
Shoot, I wasn't paying attention this morning to News Channel 14, and have been at work in Cary since noon, so I'm missing the funny.

I'm sticking a tape in the VCR as soon as I get home to record some of these!
2004-02-27 5:59:11 PM  
The one with contact R kelly had me rolling
2004-02-27 5:59:12 PM  
I just watched the whole rotation.
(I live in the area where this is going on)

Every entry seemed real (except this one church that had an obscenely long name).

I call BS.
2004-02-27 6:00:04 PM  
That link is to page 18 of that thread, try changing the page number at the end of the URL to find other pics. My favorite was the Tom Tutone message that ended with "call Jenny at 867-5309"
2004-02-27 6:00:05 PM  
"Mike Hunt Enterprises" Classic...

This is so funny, i almost pissed myself! I gonna have a great time reading through this board.

/has no life!
2004-02-27 6:01:01 PM  
My favorite - the murder suspect's pic...

/think he moved Zig for great justice?
2004-02-27 6:01:25 PM  
Oh god, I should not be reading this while at work!!!
2004-02-27 6:02:31 PM  
"I call BS."

Maybe they caught on and cut all the fake posts out?
2004-02-27 6:02:46 PM  
awesome. it's worth waiting hours for the page to load
2004-02-27 6:03:44 PM  
I laughed so hard I started choking...and my wife who has no sense of humor about anything over PG-13 wanted to know why - what could I show her? Mike Hunt? Bring 'em Young?

Dear God in heaven that's some funny damned stuff.
2004-02-27 6:03:46 PM  
Here's a whole list of screen caps...
Links to new window

It's on a faster server... for the moment.
2004-02-27 6:05:13 PM  
Maybe, but you'd think with all of the submissions they are getting, some subtle ones would filter through.
2004-02-27 6:07:14 PM  
they started to place calls, and I feel bad for all he citizens of raleigh that received calls at 4:30 in the morning because of us.
2004-02-27 6:08:05 PM  
ohhhh that's classic!!! The IT guy (if you can call him that) is probably putting a fire hose on that server and wondering where he's going to work tomorrow.

/Behold the power of Fark...moron
2004-02-27 6:08:12 PM  
Pics can be found here.
They were taken off of someone TV. I like the windows error one myself.
2004-02-27 6:10:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

For my money, it doesn't get any better than this.
2004-02-27 6:12:14 PM  
Ok, can I just say...I have NEVER laughed this hard at something on Fark. Ever.

Jeez this was great stuff..holy shiat.
2004-02-27 6:14:43 PM  
Oh yeah. Should NOT read this while at work. I couldn't answer the phone, I was laughing so hard. I can't believe they got All your Base on tv!
2004-02-27 6:14:53 PM  
I saw this at Off Topic Forums earlier today.. I'd pay real money for a video of these closings scrolling across the bottom of the screen while the news people go about their business in a serious fashion.
2004-02-27 6:16:00 PM  
Yep, the murder suspect/AYBABTU shot is the winner amongst a host of classics!
2004-02-27 6:16:06 PM  
Damn you Tommy Tutone!


The best is the Watkins Funeral Service one, though. "You know how we do" absolutely kills me.
2004-02-27 6:16:28 PM  
This just made my day, that is the funniest thing i have seen in a while. Mike Hunt Enterprises..... Its like im in grade school again....
2004-02-27 6:17:50 PM  
All your base caused me to spit coke on monitor, time to buy new monitor.
2004-02-27 6:17:56 PM  
I sit across from my bosses bosses boss and he's been giving me the evil eye because I have been laughing so hard.
Thank you fark for getting me in trouble.
/at least its a friday!
2004-02-27 6:18:06 PM  
That is priceless.

[image from too old to be available]
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