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(CNN)   A rolling stone gathers no moss; A mouthy Moss gathers $15,000 fine.   ( divider line
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2001-12-14 01:13:34 PM  
He's a piece of shiat.
2001-12-14 01:13:40 PM  
He was just mad the Philadelphia Eagles kicked Vikings Arse. Just like they will do to the Redskins Sunday.
2001-12-14 01:14:56 PM  
*Waiting for Blast from Deadskins Fans*
2001-12-14 01:16:56 PM  
This guy is one over-paid biatch. I'm sure it's only going to get worse...the NFL is a sanctuary for this kind of behavior. You can't get rid of these guys if you want to. If he was the worste behavioral problem in the NFL, and you wanted to trade him, it would cost you so much $$ you'd have to get rid of 4 other players at the same time.

Watch for the NFL to get more violent, disgusting, and out-of-control.
2001-12-14 01:17:07 PM  
Fining him 15,000 has about as much of an effect on him as a 5 buck fine would have on me
2001-12-14 01:17:26 PM  
The Dennis Rodman of the new millenium. Talented, but stupid and lazy and spoiled.
2001-12-14 01:18:42 PM  
Over a seat on the bus? Did he take the sponsor's lunch money too?
2001-12-14 01:25:47 PM  
Slacker: That was pretty funny.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
2001-12-14 01:29:33 PM  
"...Moss was upset to find the seat he wanted occupied..."

Got your NAME on it, niger?
2001-12-14 01:31:25 PM  
He's not a football player because NASA wasn't hiring. When they get serious with the fines, the BS will stop.
2001-12-14 01:34:53 PM  
Randy Moss ruined my fantasy football! My father always said that the heart of a team is the WR. He also loses at fantasy football. I want my money back mr. Moss.
2001-12-14 01:40:47 PM  
Moss is also on my fantasy team. He was my first pick. My record this year? 6-7. Thanks, Randy.

Actually it's not all his fault. I didn't have a good QB for most of my games.

But still, the guy's a grade A asshole.
2001-12-14 01:55:08 PM  
From the second article

"The grand jury indictment, signed by Cuyahoga County Prosecutor William Mason, charges Chapman and Sellers with possession of cocaine and "criminal tools" -- money and cellular phones."

So how many of you have "criminal tools" in your possession?
2001-12-14 01:58:49 PM  
I pray to god he gets tortured by means of a hot soldering iron shoved up his ass. Overpaid motherfarker.
2001-12-14 01:58:55 PM  
hes a big ole jerkoff
2001-12-14 02:00:33 PM  
Silverlock: No shiat, I was just thinking the same.

2001-12-14 02:03:22 PM  
Farking arrogant, overpaid, egotistical spoiled biatch!

From now on, every payday, just hand him a sheet of paper that tells him where his money went this week.

Multiply the fines by about 20 or so, don't pay him for the time that he refuses to play, and I bet his attitude comes around in ond DAMN hurry!
2001-12-14 02:03:35 PM  
If those are criminal tools, then everyone in rap videos from the last 2 years, should be rounded up.
2001-12-14 02:11:33 PM  
I'm sure they said similar things about Rosa Parks.
2001-12-14 02:25:47 PM  
maybe they are only "criminal" when in company with cocaine. or maybe ashcroft changed the rules on this too.
2001-12-14 02:35:08 PM  
You don't want to mess with those corporate sponsors. They'll make you go sit in a corner and think about what you did.
2001-12-14 02:46:36 PM  
Makes me sick that people were calling him the next Jerry Rice. Rice had class and intelligence two things ole Moss'y will never have.
2001-12-14 02:48:42 PM  
Sports fines in general are a joke, and players don't get tossed from games nearly as often as they should, like when Moss spit on the ref. Some say that would hurt sports, but knowing that could actually happen to them would make them straighten up.
2001-12-14 02:54:12 PM  
Good observation, Catbrain. Moss is as talented a player who ever lived (far moreso than Rice), but the guy has the heart and attitude of a spoiled baby. Rice is the Nolan Ryan of football, and (like Ryan did to the batter) would give Moss a noogie if they ever tangled.
2001-12-14 03:05:31 PM  
What the fark???? I tried to submit this story two days ago! Mine had a much better title.

Moss yells at some corporate dudes....doo-dah, doo-dah
2001-12-14 03:32:42 PM  
This is why I don't watch football. Well, also all the homosexual undertones.
2001-12-14 04:27:46 PM  
Damn, I thought the article was referring to KATE Moss.
2001-12-14 05:08:24 PM  
Sorry BS:

My post was a better one, ohhhh, doo-dah-dayyyyy...
2001-12-14 05:21:28 PM  
The NFL needs to annouce they will start fining massive amount, like %'s of salaries. We'll see who acts up.
2001-12-14 07:26:35 PM  
I'm with Welstradamus, these fines should be a percentage of their pay. Most of these guys won't even notice 15,000 missing. a 5% or 10% cut would get their attention after about the 3rd one though, I would think. I realize that a lot of them make just as much promoting stuff, but if someone ends up taking away 1/2 of what your monster salary should be because you can't stop being a jackass, you're going to notice.
2001-12-14 07:28:22 PM  
Stephenv I am not familiar with that one team you mentioned, the Homosexual Undertones. Are they new??
2001-12-14 08:23:30 PM  
Bigpeeler: lol!
Speaking of the Vikings, ever notice how Cris Carter's face always looks like he just found out his puppy got ran over?
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-14 10:39:22 PM  
I am so ashamed. maybe Randy will grow up soon- before he rips my team apart.
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