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(PakTribune)   Newspaper's stock photo of Osama bin Laden is a photoshopped image of him as a 7-11 cashier (see pic)   ( divider line
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67345 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Feb 2004 at 4:58 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-02-26 05:00:54 PM  
2004-02-26 05:00:56 PM  
Bomb 7-11
2004-02-26 05:00:57 PM  
Best use of AMUSING evar,
2004-02-26 05:01:24 PM  

"I ain't even hit da motherfarker yet!"
2004-02-26 05:01:31 PM  
Seems Farked already
2004-02-26 05:01:40 PM  
Wow, 4 or 5 comments in and it's already farked.
2004-02-26 05:02:01 PM  
"Database unavailable...."

What the fark?!

*wants to see pics!*
2004-02-26 05:02:03 PM  
"database unavailable".
That was a quick fark.
2004-02-26 05:02:04 PM  
300 hits and it's farked.
2004-02-26 05:02:05 PM  
2004-02-26 05:02:12 PM  
Link is insta-farked? Damn, THAT was quick...
2004-02-26 05:02:18 PM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link 27 times...
And the link is already farked. All I have to say is
"Thank you, come again."
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-26 05:02:24 PM  
The "pic" is probably hiding in a cave somewhere.
2004-02-26 05:02:26 PM  
c'mon, just post it.
2004-02-26 05:02:34 PM  
Fastest fark ever?
2004-02-26 05:02:46 PM  
"Database unavailable...."

That's what you get for using MS Excel as your site's back-end database.
2004-02-26 05:02:47 PM  
Now it's up past 500 in the few seconds since I posted 300. I guess that'll fark ya good.
2004-02-26 05:02:55 PM  
2004-02-26 05:02:59 PM  
I think websites have instant filters that rename a page if the link referreals have "fark" anywhere in the string.
2004-02-26 05:03:02 PM  
Database unavailable....

Behold the power of FARK!
2004-02-26 05:03:16 PM  
site registered in pakistan.

if they outsourced the hosting americans would get jobs
2004-02-26 05:03:44 PM  
Al Qaida'd!!!!
2004-02-26 05:04:07 PM  
Did anyone manage to get a screenshot?
2004-02-26 05:04:42 PM  
2004-02-26 05:05:02 PM  
Veni Vidi Farki
2004-02-26 05:05:11 PM  
That's pic has been on my fridge since the week of 9-11
2004-02-26 05:05:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-26 05:05:58 PM  
Remember the protesters holding signs with bin Laden and Evil Bert?

Good times..
2004-02-26 05:06:05 PM  

It's FARKED?????

2004-02-26 05:06:15 PM  
Yea.. The entire site is down. hehe.
2004-02-26 05:07:27 PM  
Database unavailable...

2004-02-26 05:08:11 PM  
That's how I became "Top comment" I tried to look at the article and it wouldn't load, so I went for the post.

I fully expected this thread to be pulled. Probably still will be.
2004-02-26 05:08:20 PM  
farked already?!
2004-02-26 05:09:33 PM  
The site said the database was unavailable, and since sometimes a webpage just needs a little coaxing, I hit Refresh about two, three, maybe six hundred times to see if that would help it come up. That didn't work, so I opened up ten DOS prompts and continuously pinged the site with 30K blocks, since sometimes a server can get "stuck", and the ping helps jar the network cable on the remote end and clear up the data blockage. Unfortunately, this method didn't help their server either. So, I guess I'm stuck not seeing the picture. Oh, well...
2004-02-26 05:09:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-26 05:12:11 PM  
you are all cyber terrorists

Its a good thing America is not currently occupied by mid-east peacekeepers.

They would be kicking down your door and making a mess of your entertainment area.
2004-02-26 05:12:22 PM  
Naw, they only pull posts that hit a nerve.

Like the teacher that suspended the student for using the Microsoft embedded message system to send a message to every computer in the class/school. As I recall the message was "hi", not "eat shat and die" or something. Farking mods probably pulled it cause farkers were trying to set the teachers house on fire with e-mails or something.

Or they will pull a thread and ban me if I say anything about the mods.

/banning in 3....2....1....
2004-02-26 05:12:31 PM  
The question is, who brought the site down, overzealous farkers or an outraged bin Laden..."Do me the courtesy of making me a carwash attendant, at least."
2004-02-26 05:12:59 PM  
Hey, is this mike on ? I posted the pic above, that's the one they show in the article. But to save you from scrolling ...
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-26 05:13:42 PM  
nice jacket.
2004-02-26 05:14:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-02-26 05:14:16 PM  
This is why media and printshops should avoid GIS for source.

2004-02-26 05:15:09 PM  
I wonder what costs 17 cents at 7-11
2004-02-26 05:15:28 PM  
I was at work once, and suddenly an Microsoft message came across every terminal.

"Hi, My name is Jimmy, I like to walk away from my computer while it is logged into the network, I'm a retard!"

They never did figure out which IT guy did it.
2004-02-26 05:15:30 PM  
He must work at the same 7-11 as Elvis.
2004-02-26 05:16:01 PM  
I remember hangin wit this guy back in the 80s. He was mad n***erish. I had to whoop his ass a few times though. He was a habitual line stepper.
2004-02-26 05:16:04 PM  
2004-02-26 05:16:48 PM  

Probably the same one who reads your email
2004-02-26 05:16:54 PM  
2004-02-26 05:17:21 PM  
It was farked before the Weeners. And BTW, regarding the use of the picture in the article:

humor = context
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