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(NewsMax)   Some folks think Bin Laden tape was 'faked' to distract from US actions in Afghanistan   ( newsmax.com) divider line
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2001-12-14 08:44:15 AM  
faked my ass.
2001-12-14 08:48:29 AM  
What in hell does this tape have to do with Clinton? Gotta love NewsMax. Then again, at least they're upfront with their bias, unlike "fair and balanced" FAUX News.

"Fair and balanced" hehe, good one, gimme another hit from whatever you're smokin'
2001-12-14 08:48:34 AM  
Or to distract from pulling out of the missile treaty.

It just keeps reminding me of that Goon Show skit:

Eccles: What time is it?
Bluebottle: 8.30
Eccles: How do you know?
Bluebottle: I've got it written on a piece of paper.

The US is like, "He DID do it! He did! Erm..."
*turns back and scrabbles around in inventory. Bangs, whirrs, sparks*
"Look, we've got him saying he did it - look at the bad gloaty gloater!"

I'm surprised wasn't shown rubbing his hands in evil glee and cackling.
2001-12-14 08:50:38 AM  
"Muslims around the world borrowed a page from ex-President Clinton's damage control handbook on Thursday, when they dismissed as "doctored" a smoking gun videotape featuring Osama bin Laden bragging about the 9/11 attacks."

The hell? Y'know, aside from this being NewsMax, it brings up the "why does Clinton stay in the news" mantra the conservatives biatch about. Here's a news flash: If you'd quit bringing him up yourselves... I'll let you figure the rest out.
2001-12-14 08:51:06 AM  
I would like to see some proof that that tape is authentic. Every computer hobbyist could have made that tape.
2001-12-14 08:51:28 AM  
well, i know i may get some hate mail for this, but on the tape, he says it was better than he expected. Now, if you rely only on logic, this doesn't necessarily mean he was involved. he could have heard about the plan before and not mentioned it to us, and when it occoured, it was better than he expected. I not saying the guy is the best person in the world, but this wasn't the smoking gun I was expecting. As far as the translation is concerned, who knows. I know everyone tends to shy away from 'conspiracies' but how many of us were there when the tape was made. As far as I'm concerned, the best outcome would be for innocent people to stop getting bombed
2001-12-14 08:51:47 AM  

The tape proves nothing. Except that OSB is innocent.
2001-12-14 08:52:32 AM  
Please everybody, before you start flaming: I did not say it was doctored, just that it could easily be done.
2001-12-14 08:52:37 AM  
It looks as if this video won't really change too many people's minds about this war and OBL's involvement. I guess if you beleve in "Grand Conspiracy Theories" you're gonna put this video into that box, if you're Saudi Arabia (et al), you're gonna have to step up the speed on your "We're your friend, but we harbor and blink at Militant Muslims", and if you want OBL's head on a pole at Ground Zero, you may get your Christmas Wish.

For me, he's guilty, always was guilty, and will burn in hell for his actions. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a walking Cranial Rectumlogy.

Start to sweat, Mr Ladin, 'cause die'in time is here.
2001-12-14 08:54:45 AM  
Some folks have jizz for brains.
2001-12-14 08:54:50 AM  
Goatman264 and the rest of the bin Laden fanboy'sare so preoccupied with trying to suck their own dicks I honestly think they haven't even found the time to watch the video yet.

Plenty of time to comment on it though. Dullards.
2001-12-14 08:55:30 AM  
Oh yeah, the US faked that tape.
From the quality of the fake, I'm guessing they had a class of 7th graders do it on a Macintosh Plus. No, they would never think of using the highest quality video and computer equipment available and take three months to come up a tape that could show bin laden taking credit for anything they ever wanted. Nope, that tape has got fake written all over it.
2001-12-14 08:55:48 AM  
All you Europeans and Americans claim to be so enlightened.


You all are fools.
2001-12-14 08:56:23 AM  
Just asking, but of what is OSB innocent?
I know that he has been found guilty of conspiracy against the Saudian royal family for starters.
2001-12-14 08:56:41 AM  
I don't need to such my own dick with you about, Fb-.
2001-12-14 08:58:30 AM  
The dude is guiltier than guilty. Who cares what some mophead's in Saudi Arabia thinks, their all brainwashed anyway. Kill the mother farker.
2001-12-14 08:58:35 AM  
Just a quote I found somewhere (Bangkok Post, dec. 7):

``It's God's responsibility to forgive Bin Laden...

It's our responsibility to arrange the meeting!'' _ United States Marines
2001-12-14 09:00:44 AM  
[image from usaweekend.com too old to be available]

Lame post.
2001-12-14 09:01:51 AM  
Ah, good old dependable NewsMax. They even mentioned Clinton in there. How nice.
2001-12-14 09:03:43 AM  
guys, on somethingawful.com, they reveal how it was faked. Funny stuff
2001-12-14 09:03:54 AM  
I dont know if it was faked or not, I dont know enough about how it could be done and the consequences of being caught out would be hugely damaging for Bush.

Its also difficult to understand why OBL would allow himself to be taped.

One theory put to me this morning was that the tape is real but its old, and that sections of the audio have been fiddled with. However as I said I have no proof either way.

Its always important to be sceptical about either sides propaganda in this nasty little war.
2001-12-14 09:03:56 AM  
hey you don't believe it's a fake, do you?

well, the tape was examined by these big brains and they point out (for you and I) all the doctored elements in the video.
2001-12-14 09:04:58 AM  
He didn't know he was being taped.
2001-12-14 09:07:51 AM  
Just before we, once again, plunge headlong into the guilty / not guitly/ who gives a sh*t fark him anyway debate, can we all try and remember that this tape, (real or otherwise.) is EVIDENCE and that EVIDENCE is used in TRIALS - It will be up to the 12 brave men, (or more likely the three high ranking military officials behind closed doors with no public acces to the records.) to decide wheteher or not this tape is worth the VHS its played on
2001-12-14 09:09:59 AM  
Did they mention Fark?
2001-12-14 09:12:50 AM  
Actually, it was faked: My uncle was a consultant on the project. And here's something interesting: he was called in on September 9th. Makes you think, doesn't it?
2001-12-14 09:14:33 AM  
WOW Dizzybunny ... it all makes sense now!!!
2001-12-14 09:14:54 AM  
This is more like OJ: overwhelming evidence discounted because of political goals.

But it's more than that. Let's not forget the USS Cole, the Khobar Towers, WTC1, the Embassy bombings. Bin Laden is a very wanted man anyway.
2001-12-14 09:14:59 AM  
"He didn't know he was being taped."

So he didnt notice that someone was pointing a camera at him?

Who knows.
2001-12-14 09:15:12 AM  
well no farking shiat. i am so goddamned surprised.

farking yawn.
2001-12-14 09:15:50 AM  
2001-12-14 09:17:53 AM  
Harmonia: "Its also difficult to understand why OBL would allow himself to be taped."

Allow himself to be taped? He wouldn't be the first crazy farker to insist that he is taped. Think Hitler... This is not a comparison of deeds.

OK, let's think about this. He has to have known for years that someone would eventually come after him hardcore. He has an agenda that well surpasses his lifetime; how can he teach their generations to come his wisdom???? Video tapes for posterity.
2001-12-14 09:18:22 AM  

How do you think they do those 20/20 exposes without the people knowing they are being taped?
2001-12-14 09:18:48 AM  
Well, since this story was on NewsMax, it must be true... I just read that Elvis bought a new house and George Harrison is gonna move in with him...oh and the have a pet Bigfoot.
Seriously though, if any of these people that claim this was doctored, speak fluent Arabic (or whatever Language this was spoken in) Please, the free world implores you, give us your expert translation. Your help just might save the world. Sorry about ranting...needed to vent.
Everyone out there in FarkLand, Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season
2001-12-14 09:19:09 AM  
The muslims claiming it was faked are the racist ones. They are like holocost deniers they will keep denying Bin Laden was responsible because he is someone of their own ethnic background. Even if Bin Laden goes on live TV and tells the world "Yes It was me. I masterminded the attacks." there will still be people who will deny it just because he is a muslim.
2001-12-14 09:23:55 AM  
Indeed, iy you haven't already done so, check out http://www.somethingawful.com/ (Thanks Shawn S Shields). That will probably show up on Doonsbury as "proof" that the video was faked (re " Bush's IQ).
2001-12-14 09:26:48 AM  
Since we are talking about hardcore conspiray, how many linguists who are fluent in Arabic do you think the CIA has? And how about other agencies? And how about help from non-USA agencies, e.g. Shin Beth?

Please do not misunderstand me, I am only pointing out possibilities.
2001-12-14 09:27:31 AM  
I mean its not like the US govt has ever lied to its own people now is it?
2001-12-14 09:29:53 AM  
Harmonia: Every govt lies to its citizens. That is the nature of the beast.
2001-12-14 09:30:13 AM  
I trust the US government (or my own for that matter) to lie to me and the rest of the world whenever they think they can get away with it or if it seems handy in any political way.
2001-12-14 09:32:20 AM  
It's not fake.

Also, George W. Bush is a farking corporate ass-kissing cokehead.
2001-12-14 09:33:24 AM  

Can you name a single human being on this planet that has never lied?

Can you name a single government on this planet that has never lied?
2001-12-14 09:33:38 AM  
Harmonia: get used to it. Governments suck. So does everything. Stop biatching about it like it's flavour of the month. We'll all be dead soon, so it doesn't matter.
2001-12-14 09:34:26 AM  
"He didn't know he was being taped."

According to an NPR interview with the author of "Holy Wars, Inc.," Bin Laden is taped quite a bit. He wasn't sure if this was for later after he is "victorious" or if it's ego, or what, but it happens a lot. Makes me wonder if we'll find a video cache when he's captured.
2001-12-14 09:36:11 AM  

Will 'All Hot XXX Llama and Goat fark Action Part V' be in that video cache?
2001-12-14 09:36:37 AM  
The tape proves nothing. Except that OSB is innocent.

Well, I don't think anyone ever blamed the attacks on oriented strand board, dude. Take it easy there.
2001-12-14 09:37:04 AM  
Note to NewsMax:

Dear Sirs,

I regret to inform you that the Clinton/Gore administration ended over one year ago. This means that you will no longer be able to use said administration as a scapegoat for your political rants. You may, as an option, use the current Bush administration or wait for the next Democratic administration, tentatively scheduled for 2004.

E. Normous Johnson
2001-12-14 09:37:49 AM  
Appie I certainly do not deny that the CIA, DIA or other agencies have very capable linguists,who are capable of translating most anything. My only point was, for those who insist this was faked, and are able, to give their translations.

This is kinda funny, from a FDNY member...
2001-12-14 09:37:51 AM  
That banner AD says "It takes a man to be a dad"...

I just found that funny....
2001-12-14 09:38:40 AM  
Sorry about the last post...my bad...forgot to link
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