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(AZCentral)   Turkish women win right to wear pants   ( divider line
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2371 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Dec 2001 at 1:37 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-13 01:39:21 PM  
And men win the right to ask them to take them off
2001-12-13 01:40:00 PM  
Now they need to find pants that will fit their fat butts.
2001-12-13 01:41:27 PM  
Dammit! I just submitted this exact link from the AP web site. I suck.
2001-12-13 01:41:44 PM  
Oh great, now you can't even go to a Wal Mart in Turkey without seeing 250lb porkers pushing their cars full of crap around wearing moo-moos and tight white spandex pants. Super.
2001-12-13 01:42:51 PM  
The wording of this headline must be tremendously amusing to our friends across the pond.
2001-12-13 01:43:38 PM  
Damn -- Drew changed my title on this article, I submitted as "Female Turkeys get to wear pants."

Damn you, Drew! :)
2001-12-13 01:50:38 PM  
meanwhile, my struggle to win the right to not wear pants continues...
2001-12-13 01:53:13 PM  
Hey ladies, you have the right to wear new Euro-cut jimmy hiked retro suspension pants. But only at Old Navy. Ya gotta get this look!
2001-12-13 01:53:41 PM  

Hee hee hee.....
2001-12-13 01:58:43 PM  
"Those demands include longer maternity leave, childcare in workplaces employing more than 50 people and stronger measures against sexual harassment, Kilic said."

You givem an inch and.......
2001-12-13 02:01:15 PM  

Those damn baby factories are always trying to screw the men out of their rights and possessions.
2001-12-13 02:03:11 PM  
Smelly Turkish women....Geez
2001-12-13 02:04:03 PM  
I hate eating Turkish women, Im always tired afterwards, and still hungry.
2001-12-13 02:09:15 PM  
Camel jocks with camel toes.
2001-12-13 02:10:37 PM  
Worldwide Pants!
2001-12-13 02:13:15 PM  
Farkeater: great post...LMAO!
2001-12-13 02:14:37 PM  
Hey, at least Vicoria's Secret still requires female employees to wear skirts.
2001-12-13 02:19:40 PM  
Here in the USA we often take rights like this for granted. So much so, the drunken hobos that live under the bridge don't even bother wearing pants.
2001-12-13 02:22:28 PM  
do these pants make my fat ass look big?
2001-12-13 02:22:57 PM  
Good call Adam
2001-12-13 02:24:57 PM  
Oh sure, they can wear pants and all. But can they vote???
2001-12-13 02:28:32 PM  
ZYLON, 'tis true! Even better than that is when Americans refer to 'khaki pants', the pronunciation suggesting to the ear of an Angle 'soiled underwear'
2001-12-13 02:32:06 PM  
dalyse: yes. i think they even had a female prime minister.
2001-12-13 02:48:07 PM  
You would think that the workplace would be happy to have all that hair covered.
2001-12-13 02:53:14 PM  
I can see the Gap Commercials now. Big Turkish women singing "Give a Little Bit".
2001-12-13 02:56:09 PM  
One of the demands;

Female barbers, because "it's just so embarrasing to get your back shaved by a man."
2001-12-13 02:59:53 PM  
the most hairy black lipped snatch i have ever had the misfortune of going down on. you need a laser to get thru that hair
2001-12-13 03:14:06 PM  
End womens sufferage NOW!
2001-12-13 03:20:41 PM  

It's not about women in general, it's about female state employees. So I guess they're better off now then a lot of women (and men) working at some US companies who have to obey dress codes...

Why is it that Americans seem so convinced that the whole world, except for the states, is living in the dark ages? Is it jealousy for missing that part in your own history?
2001-12-13 03:32:35 PM  
Next they will want to vote and then everything goes to hell.
2001-12-13 03:34:49 PM  
Turk broads = Grooming issues
2001-12-13 03:37:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-13 03:38:03 PM  
Yeah, but do Turkish men have the right to wear dresses?
2001-12-13 03:41:39 PM  
They wanna join EU and NATO while they wimmen can't even wear pants... kinda
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img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-12-13 03:48:07 PM  
Eatme, Wetorgazm: Not reading the article is one thing. Not reading the comments is an insult to your fellow farkers.

Apart from that, you're free to show off your ignorance!

Just for the record:

Turkish women have had the right to wear pants for ages.

Turkish women can not only vote, they can be voted for. There was indeed a female prime minister!

The world isn't as far "behind" as you want to believe in order to gain some self respect.
2001-12-13 03:53:12 PM  
After they get the pants, then voting, some woman will want to run for Prime Minister, then it will really go to hell.
2001-12-13 03:53:59 PM  
Any of you ignorants have a clue who this person might be?

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-13 03:54:23 PM  
Dido: They eat camels, they have death penatlty and they kill kurds like rabbits. fark em.
2001-12-13 03:55:27 PM  
Oh, and, Wetorgazm: They are in NATO already... maybe you should have paid attention during desert storm...
2001-12-13 03:59:57 PM  

What's your problem with eating camels? (Although they don't have that many of them...). Americans and other eat cows. Now that's sacrilige! (To some at least)

Yes they have the death penalty. They don't execute it half as often as the US does though... (And I do agree it's a bad thing they have it)

And yes, they do kill Kurds. That's very very very bad. I don't like it, and I'm glad it is becoming the main reason they are not able to join the E.U.
It has taken incredibly long though before anyone even noticed it was happening, since the Kurds don't have oil and things.

I'm not saying Turkey's so great. I'm just saying that some people display some utter ignorance.
2001-12-13 04:01:33 PM  
Dido: I don't care. Turks are the most racist ppl i know (except of course for us, the japs), Most of them think they are better than the arabs, the kurds, the greeks and everyone, and mistreat anyone who is not turk.
2001-12-13 04:03:11 PM  
Never been to Poland, I guess?
2001-12-13 04:03:24 PM  
Isn't that Ilkeleri (sp?)?
2001-12-13 04:03:38 PM  
2001-12-13 04:06:08 PM  
Most of them think they are better than the arabs, the kurds, the greeks and everyone, and mistreat anyone who is not ...

I do have some very obvious suggestions to fill in here...

Anyway, nice profile pic, and I'm glad to see you can self-criticise... Or was it like "we're most racist 'cause we are the best at everything we do!" ;)
2001-12-13 04:06:36 PM  
Hank nope
2001-12-13 04:12:52 PM  
Hank unless you mean devrimleri ve ilkeleri
2001-12-13 04:15:30 PM  
we are more racists becouse we say very bad thinks on chinese, koreans, thais, russians, americans, europeans, and large etc. all the time. but i'm not racist, i hate racists.

ah, and it is an objective fact that we are the best at anythink we do.. except at learning english.
2001-12-13 04:15:56 PM  
What is it with wearing pants??? I'm going to buy a kilt and wear it as though it were a pair of dockers! I wonder if the women will vote on weather or not men can wear dresses????
2001-12-13 04:23:51 PM  
Who cares about the Turkey, Thanksgiving is OVER!

Ataturk First President and founder of the Turkish Republic.
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