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(Some Guy)   Ned Flanders is the name most associated with the word Christian   ( divider line
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5057 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Dec 2001 at 8:21 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-13 08:24:45 AM  
Makin' perfect sense so far.
2001-12-13 08:28:07 AM  
I would have thought it be "bigot"
2001-12-13 08:28:49 AM  
okaley dokaley, then.
2001-12-13 08:30:50 AM  
Hens love roosters, geese love ganders, everyone else loves Ned Flanders......Everyone who counts loves Ned Flanders!
2001-12-13 08:33:12 AM  
i'm gonna have that golsh durn song in my head all diddily doodilly day, tatsam.
2001-12-13 08:35:21 AM  
"it is a situation comedy about modern life that includes a significant spiritual dimension. Because of that it more accurately reflects the lives of millions of Christians worldwide than any other show in the medium'."

They are kidding...right?
2001-12-13 08:36:41 AM  
and star wipe......and cut.
2001-12-13 08:37:19 AM  
Gee.. I thought the name most associated with Christianity would be... Jesus??
2001-12-13 08:38:30 AM  
Ah.. Turns out I'm right.. Cursed misleading headlines..
2001-12-13 08:38:55 AM  
In other news...

Homer Simpson is the name most associated with the word Donut.
2001-12-13 08:40:13 AM  
'Round our way, the word most associated with 'Christian' is 'f*ckhead'.
2001-12-13 08:43:04 AM  
I remember seeing a story somewhere, where some religious group was praising the Simpsons for its religious content and spiritual diversity (Ned, Apu, Krusty, etc). But how do they advocate some of the blatant religious bashing in the Simpsons:

"I even did the stuff that contradicts the other stuff..." - Ned

"God, if you would like me to eat the milk and cookies, give me absolutely no sign.... Thine shall be done." - Homer

I would think quotes like this would have Pat Robertson claiming the Simpsons are a satanic cult.
2001-12-13 08:49:18 AM  
Meshman - i think "blatant religious bashing" is a bit strong. "irreverent," maybe. but i think the whole point is that most people who are church goers (like the Simpsons and Flanders) still get it way wrong sometimes.

mmmmmmmm. sacrelicious.
2001-12-13 08:50:22 AM  
Perhaps the author should remove his/her rose colored glasses and watch the Simpsons one more time. As a long time Simpsons fan I struggle to see how the show can be considered remotely Christian. God is constantly cursing Ned, destroying his house, killing his wife, and worst of all putting him next to Homer.....The shows writers time and time again make fun of ultra-christians.........This aricle is amazing in its utter ignorance.....Hi Diddly Ho
2001-12-13 08:53:16 AM  

Ned Zeppelin band helped things along with songs like Stand by the Man, and the anti-evolutionary version Hey hey, we're not monkeys.

Never let the facts get in the way of a good song, or indeed, religion.

2001-12-13 08:54:05 AM  
But. But but, don't they take the piss out of christianity many times in the simpsons!?
-When homer went smart briefly he found a way to prove that god didn't exist
-When Ned questioned his own faith he said he even does all the stuff that contradicts the other stuff!

Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't that kinda blasphemous? Especially in the constant want for PCness nowadays!
2001-12-13 08:56:43 AM  
Christians must really love Matt Groening's "Life In Hell".
2001-12-13 09:00:59 AM  
"Hmmm...sports on a Sunday? Maybe I'll just check with Reverend Love-"
"Just play the damn game, Ned!"
2001-12-13 09:01:05 AM  
Shutup Flanders
2001-12-13 09:01:24 AM  
'The Simpsons is not a show about religion ... it is a situation comedy about modern life that includes a significant spiritual dimension. Because of that it more accurately reflects the lives of millions of Christians worldwide than any other show in the medium'.

Does that mean they're admitting church is boring?
2001-12-13 09:03:40 AM  
I thought the most associated word with Christians was "You don't believe in our God, we're gonna' burn you on the stake." I can't remember, could that word of been associated with the Muslims or the Taiban?
2001-12-13 09:06:17 AM  
Does anybody remember the episode where the pastor of the church stopped listening to his congregation, due impart by all the phone calls from Ned Flanders????
2001-12-13 09:09:06 AM  
Church every Sunday... WHY? Why Sunday? Why not Monday, Saturday, or some other day??? Why Sunday? Why has that been named "The Lords Day?" I don't understand most religions. I believe a religion is someone's answers to lifes most difficult questions to simpletons. I do want to say that if you strongly believe in a religion and it brings you confort and joy, good for you. I just very kindly ask that you don't push your religion on me or the laws of this land I live in.
2001-12-13 09:11:15 AM  

I think your right.
I think most of the "wrath" Christianity gets in the Simpsons is aimed at fundamentalist (southern USA) and what I call comfy sweater Christianity. I feel both of these "sects" are well meaning but lack spiritual intimacy.
2001-12-13 09:13:37 AM  
Did anyone notice this little tidbit in there
the show has just been voted top children's TV show of all time.
What.... the.... potato.... When was this announced and who voted on it? 7 drunk guys at a bar?
2001-12-13 09:16:23 AM  
My favorite part of the week is right after's the longest possible time before more church.
2001-12-13 09:16:30 AM  
Why Sunday? Why has that been named "The Lords Day?"

It wasn't. Bible says it is Saturday.
2001-12-13 09:18:20 AM  
Did you say Southern USA?

Where does you type of person live?
2001-12-13 09:22:34 AM  
just remember everybody, no foot-longs.
2001-12-13 09:25:31 AM  
Damn that sexy Flanders
2001-12-13 09:28:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-13 09:31:20 AM  
Help me Jebus!
2001-12-13 09:32:31 AM  
I'm a Christian and I still like the show. Any Christian who takes their religion/faith too seriously is bound for trouble, Flanders and the religious 'bashing' just helps out in that aspect. I personally believe that as long as you get the core beliefs right, the other stuff is inconsequential, so be merry and laugh at it once in a while.
2001-12-13 09:35:25 AM  
Meshman - Pat Robertson et al *DO* think the Simpsons is a terrible show. (Try James Dobson, at focus on the family -- you'll be amazed at just how serious these people really are... It's kindof scary, really. (Read *the handmaid's tale*)

And freakinglashes -- don't forget though, Christianity is the one religion that's decidedly un-PC. Bashing christianity, while worthwhile in other respects I think, has the slight disadvantage of being a favorite pastime of (and therefore acceptable to) ultralefties.

And jujusteal - Most Christians worship on sunday because sunday is the day that, according to the legend, jesus came back from the dead. Previously, as Korzeniowski points out, it had been saturday, the day prescribed by literally thousands of years of Jewish tradition. (Jews and some christians worship/celebrate/do church stuff on saturday to this day.)
2001-12-13 09:38:04 AM  
Neddy doesn't buy insurance. He believes it is a form of gamlbing.
2001-12-13 09:40:25 AM  
"But Marge, what if we chose the wrong religion? Each week we just make god madder and madder." [Homer Simpson]
2001-12-13 09:44:29 AM  
Duh.. Insurance is a form of gambling.. One I choose is worthy of wagering on.. :P~~~
2001-12-13 09:46:05 AM  
"It's the rapture! Quick, get Bart out of the house before God comes." - Homer
2001-12-13 09:58:40 AM  
Anyone remember the episode where Ned is Satan and Homer sells his soul for a donut?
2001-12-13 09:59:13 AM  
"Bone to pick" with Homer: "All of us pull a few `boners' now and then, go off `half-cocked', make `asses' of ourselves. I don't want to be `hard on' you ... give the sailor talk the old 'heave-ho'"

Ned has a potty mouth
2001-12-13 10:08:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]HIDDIE-HO-NEIGHBO-RENOES!

[image from too old to be available]Nothing gets the heart ticking like a good jog!
2001-12-13 10:14:31 AM  
I believe Christians have worship services on Sunday, not to obey any particular command in scripture, but to continue the tradition of celebrating the resurrection of Christ, which was said to have taken place on a Sunday.

The Sabbath commandments were given to the Hebrew people and did call for different behavior on Saturday than on other days of the week.

It can be argued that Jesus was not a Christian but a Judean/Jew.
2001-12-13 10:23:51 AM  
Bwingrave: Christians use to celebrate the Sabbath on saturday up until some where around 67AD when the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, that's when it was believe to have changed to the above that you mentioned.
2001-12-13 10:30:32 AM  
Anabolicassassin said:
"God is constantly cursing Ned, destroying his house, killing his wife, and worst of all putting him next to Homer"

I'm not a Christian and never was one, but even I can see why these examples don't mock Christianity. Through all his troubles, Ned maintains his faith, "turns the other cheek", and (according to Christianity) will be rewarded in the afterlife. That's a pretty fundamental representation of what Christianity is about.
2001-12-13 10:44:43 AM  
Followed the link to the Ship of Fools Web site... pretty cool. If all Christians were like that, they wouldn't be so annoying...
2001-12-13 10:53:28 AM  
Of course Jesus was not a christian, it makes no sense whatsoever to call him that. Worshipping himself would have been contrary to what he (or if you like, the writer of the new testament) taught.

I'm just so glad christians don't celebrate on saturday, then I'd have to buy all my beer for the weekend on friday or sunday (at least here in the bible belt), and partying just doesn't cut it on sunday when you have to get up early on monday. OK, it does, but I'd hate to run out of beer on saturday.
2001-12-13 11:02:55 AM  
I want a Simpsons tag.
2001-12-13 11:11:23 AM  
I think the reason Christians see this show as a pro-Christian show is because it pokes fun at foibles without being mean. To help the non-Christian understand, here are 2 points:

No matter how "bad" The Simpsons has been at poking fun at some established dogma, it's still a worlds better/fairer view of Christianity than 99% of the Pop Culture trash out there that is ready to completely demonize Christianity/Christians at the drop of a hat. The rest of Pop Culturedom(tm) has established that Christians are all humorless, bigotted troglodytes of the lowest form and you have to buy that straw-man/prejudice as the truth about Christians so you can believe The Simpsons is an anti-Christian show that they must hate.

So when I see Homer Simpson... I see a "loveable buffon." And when I hear Homer Simpson getting into trouble and screaming "Save me Jeebus!" I laugh because I hear a loveable buffon trying his best... as do we all.
2001-12-13 11:16:23 AM  
You're going to heaven
2001-12-13 11:16:54 AM  
'Round our way, the word most associated with 'Moron' is 'Korzeniowski'.
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