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11896 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Dec 2001 at 8:21 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-13 08:26:41 AM  
eBay: great for deceiving people out of their money.
2001-12-13 08:27:26 AM  
i just bid on a toy yoda
2001-12-13 08:28:55 AM  
Bug is the box sold seperately?
2001-12-13 08:30:25 AM  
If the X-Box craze is so big that someone would pay $315 on a box, then so be it. Seeing that 27 people bid on it, you could say that there's a sucker born every minute.
2001-12-13 08:31:50 AM  
farkin' A, i can't wait to start selling boxes on Ebay!
2001-12-13 08:36:30 AM  
I paid $315 dollars for a box once - but hell, I was in Montreal, why not?
2001-12-13 08:40:19 AM  
Holy shiat. What kind of dumbass pays $315 for a box!?
2001-12-13 08:40:31 AM  
What *I* want is the Xbox box box. THOSE are hard to come by!
2001-12-13 08:41:50 AM  
Bid history is really strange.. the same person kept bidding against themselves... Either taking the piss or so stupid it hurts...

Maybe receipts are the next thing to be sold, along with carrier bags, and those twisty tie things that hold cables together.
2001-12-13 08:44:58 AM  
The Xbox box would go great with this empty bag of Fritos I have. I could pretend to play and pretend to eat junk food at the same time. Does anyone have an empty can of Coke I could buy? I'm virtually thirsty.
2001-12-13 08:45:26 AM  
In other news, Fb- announced today that he will begin auctioning off his used condoms. Drew has also announced that all future donations must be in beer form, and will fund FARK entirely with the sale of empty bottles.
2001-12-13 08:45:32 AM  
I sold a used disposable razor for $50 yesterday.

I'm putting the money towards my collection of boxes...
2001-12-13 08:45:48 AM  
The truly sad part is that eBay probably won't make the "winning" bidder follow through on the purchase.

The description was VERY clear as to what was being sold, there was nothing deceptive going on. A bid is a legal contract, according to eBay, and should be enforced.

If you're too stupid to read the description, I've got no sympathy.
2001-12-13 08:48:40 AM  
Sharv - Check out his feedback. This is the same guy who sold the last one, and the buyer not only paid, but posted positive feedback about the item he received.
2001-12-13 08:52:40 AM  
funny..but i think its just 2 friends messing aroud...
2001-12-13 08:53:20 AM  
I agree that if you didn't read the description and you are stupid. However I believe it is stupid that persons like this take advantage of unsuspecting people like this. Then again if you're really desprate a person will buy anything that has that name and thus be screwed out of some cash. I guess hype pays.
2001-12-13 08:53:20 AM  
"12-13-01 08:48:40 AM ChernobylOne
Sharv - Check out his feedback. This is the same guy who sold the last one, and the buyer not only paid, but posted positive feedback about the item he received."

I was just about to comment on the same thing.

" dsch1­[nospam-﹫-backwards]ygidor­p­*n­et (11) Nov-30-01 15:11:33 PST 1298877788 S
Praise : Very reasonable and good to do business with. Thanks!! "

This guy paid $265.00. I'm sorry, but this guy either REALLY wanted an empty box or it's the same guy that was selling it.

2001-12-13 08:57:03 AM  
315 $ for a XBOX Box....why not ! hey someone pay around 800 $ for Fark and the joke is it just for one day ...!!!!
2001-12-13 09:01:44 AM  
I expect you people to be somewhat sane and reasonable. Can we reason out that the seller and the buyer is one in the same, just a different alias. This is just to pump up a sellers and a buyers credentials, so when they do pull the big one, it will not be so obvious.
2001-12-13 09:02:33 AM  
Doormat: They're not actually bidding against themselves - it's called proxy bidding.... you set an upper limit on how high you are willing to go and if someone places a bid higher than your current, but lower than you're maximum, then the system automatically bids the next highest for you so that you are winning the auction. It only stops once the bidding exceeds your maximum set.

2001-12-13 09:04:36 AM  

Just what every kid wants for christmas. The Xbox Box. Forget playing video games, i prefer to play with cardboard. Also, what KIND of IDIOT, buys just the box for $315 bucks, when you could get the box and the damn system for an extra 40-75 bucks?
2001-12-13 09:10:34 AM  
I don't care if it's a joke, it's funny either way.
This is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen.
2001-12-13 09:14:08 AM  
After the 'PS/2 box fiasco', you think they'd be a bit smarter this time round... :)
2001-12-13 09:16:39 AM  
I don't think anybody's going to pay that for a box. I bet they just didn't open their eyes and think they're getting an XBox box + Xbox.
2001-12-13 09:17:02 AM  
There was an improper category listing (listed under x-box systems), which is considered a violation of e-bay rules.
2001-12-13 09:18:05 AM  
Bahahahahahahahahaha.......... What a Sucker... :)
2001-12-13 09:18:18 AM  
@#$%$ stupid people, damn it, can't these @$##% idiots read!!!!, we should take all the !@##$ stupid people in the world and put them their own island and blow it $#%@^ up
2001-12-13 09:19:57 AM  
Consumer Electronics:Video Games:Microsoft Xbox:Systems

By the catagory I would think the auction was for electronics not cardboard.
2001-12-13 09:36:15 AM  
Check out the retractions:

reynsilk (85) Retracted $110.99
Explanation:didn't realize it was a just a box. my son bid on this

se[nospam-﹫-backwards]x­i­n­ap*com (5) Retracted $50.00
Explanation:Misread description

dukeheas (0) Retracted $190.00

2001-12-13 09:42:23 AM  
Check out the other crap the buyer has picked up recently. Obviously someone with too much money and too busy to actually read the item description they're bidding on.
2001-12-13 09:43:38 AM  
Geez! The winning bidder even sniped it at four seconds remaining!
2001-12-13 10:00:59 AM  
TripleR: did that really have to be 650x657 pixels? It's the size of my entire damn browser window, and not even that funny.
2001-12-13 10:04:11 AM  
When is that "run Fark for a day" thing going to happen, or have I already missed it?
2001-12-13 10:05:15 AM  
Are you farking on your PDA or something?
2001-12-13 10:33:32 AM  
some people do collect boxes...there's money in it...about 50 years later.

just look how much cereal boxes from the 50's and 60's go's rediculous and stupid...but people do sell and buy boxes.
2001-12-13 10:34:05 AM  
Cost of an X-Box: $500
Having it delivered in time for Christmas: $15
Selling the empty box it was delivered in to some moron on Ebay for $315: Priceless!
2001-12-13 10:45:23 AM  
Sharv:Your right, my bad, it was only supposed to be 175x175, I'll admit it, I farked up
2001-12-13 11:19:07 AM  
I don't know what the big deal about Xboxes is--they're all over the place around here (San Jose, CA area). I just saw a bunch of them at Toys R Us last night and at Electronics Boutique and Target a couple of days ago. The one that's hard to find around here is the GameCube. So, what, did we get all the Xboxes that should have gone to the rest of the country, or are people worse idiots than even I suspected?

Wait--don't answer that. I just realized it's not an either-or question.
2001-12-13 11:29:38 AM  
xbox's are still pretty easy to find on the net for retail cost.

people are dumb
2001-12-13 11:42:54 AM  
I don't know what's worse: the fact some farking moron paid $315 for an empty box (as was clearly stated in the item description) or that there are 26 more farking morons who bid on the same damn thing.
2001-12-13 11:55:42 AM  
I have a Sega Saturn box, a Nintendo 64 box, a Playstation box, a Playstation 2 box, and a Nintendo Gamecube box. I'll sell all 5 for a low low price of only $500. Thats all 5 boxes people! Count 'em! !!5!! That equals out to $100 a box! WHAT A DEAL! Systems not included.
2001-12-13 01:12:56 PM  
I actually sold an Xbox box a couple of weeks ago. Of course, the high bidder wouldn't pay me. Not that I blame him.
2001-12-13 01:15:06 PM  
Xbox box is code for a bag of premium bud.
2001-12-13 01:53:33 PM  
I don't see what the big deal is. The local Kay-bee and Electronics Boutique can't give these things away. There's no shortage of them out here.
2001-12-13 02:44:24 PM  
xbox sales suck, who ever pays more than retail for one needs to be shot in the head with a shotgun at close range
2001-12-13 02:52:57 PM  
hell its allright... they can probly just re-auction again and make a profit. people are dumb. Its funny because its true
2001-12-13 02:54:35 PM  
i have a cardboard box that i keep my old nintendo in.. somebody gimme at least 100 for it.
2001-12-13 03:24:06 PM  
Girl at work won one in the Taco Bell sweepstakes. She doesn't even play games.
2001-12-13 03:32:40 PM  
If you work for the company though, I thought you cant win the prize, I know it IS like that for MCdonalds, cause my siuster and brother worked there....
2001-12-13 04:06:49 PM  
At least it says, "Console sold seperately" in this description.
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